enabling kelly

Chapter 1 - the new place

Moving to college was a little more haphazard for Kelly than it was for most people. As a late entrant, she was already almost a month behind everyone else and had to take a room, sharing a house with a bunch of college guys whom she had never met before.

Kelly could see instantly that the six guys, all jocks, were nothing like her. Their heads turned as she walked in, each one brazenly sizing her up and checking out her tight ass. She sighed, having fought off plenty of these types of jerks in high school and systematically shut down any of their pitiful advances; making it quite clear that she wasn't there for cheap sex or to be gawked at. Then, as typical narcissistic jocks with bruised egos, they seemed to arrogantly and mistakenly assume she was a lesbian, leaving her well alone.

Kelly became practically invisible to them all, which wasn't a bad thing. All they wanted was beer, women and football; none of which were high on Kelly's priority list; for Kelly carried a secret desire she had wanted to enact for many years.

Kelly didn't know where the desire had come from. As far as she was concerned, it had always been there; a deep urge to know how it felt. She would stare for hours looking at large, hefty, big-bellied women and wonder how they did it. How could they look so fantastic wile she remained so desperately skinny? That's why Kelly had known for the longest time that as soon as she was out on her own, she was going to grow her own soft belly. Kelly was going to force herself fat.

The guys in the house were noisy and riotous, not giving much consideration for her. Kelly's room had been empty for the last month since they all moved in and they weren't about to start tiptoeing around now. Yes, they were all handsome in their own way, Kelly admitted, getting a sneaky glance of a couple of them walking around in only their underwear. But while their toned shoulders were pleasant enough, their trim six packs and skinny butts were more of a turn off. Kelly never wanted that for herself, nor any future boyfriend, still far off on the horizon.

It wasn't easy, starting college and trying to pack on weight, but Kelly took to it with the same attitude she did her studies; finding the best and cheapest ways to pile on the pounds to her slim body. She concocted the perfect gainer recipe and was sharing it online with other gainers she had come across. It was cheap, easy to make, and when all the calories were added up, it made quite a considerable dent in a fattening girl's daily calorie goals.

But Kelly only had one problem. As soon as she made it and put it in the shared refrigerator, it would inexplicably disappear overnight. She grunted crossly each morning upon seeing the empty void where the shake should have been. One of those stupid jocks was helping himself to what he thought was a delicious milkshake.

She tried the usual tactics: leaving a polite note and reminders, but all to no avail. 'Were they so dumb that they couldn't even read?' she moaned to herself.

That was when Kelly knew she had to get sneaky, setting up a small camera behind a bowl of fruit that was, literally, never touched; pointing it directly towards the refrigerator. And so, that night she downed her shake as usual, prepared a batch for the next day and set off upstairs to sleep, whilst the camera slowly watched from a distance.
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Austin Micha... 3 years
Would you like to do story based on enabling Kelly like set in between chapter 15 and chapter 16 enabling Kelly?
Feeder862 5 years
Thanks for the feedback Legion666. I'm often asked to write epilogues for stories as there is interest in this. I can see you didn't like it. However, please may I ask that you consider how you write comments as you sound a little rude and entitled here.
Td0057 5 years
Really enjoying your story. Please continue. You write very well and create scenarios we all wish we could enjoy.
AndiFive 5 years
Will history gain male weight gain?
Womansbellyl... 5 years
Most excellent story thus far!!