epicureanism erotica: eating for me., eat from me, eat to please.

Chapter 1

Have you ever had a loving partner make you climax so intensely that the tension builds up beyond the so oft described arching of back and curling of toes; more than that clenching feeling, where you feel the build up of pressure and pleasure to release to that feeling of complete euphoria? For me it brings the intense pulsating thrum that starts in my clitoris then spreads, somehow rushing, gushing and edging, all at once through my whole body – from the tip of my head, down the flush of my collar bones, the sweet pink swell of my erect nipples, the concave little gasps as my stomach muscles tighten and my breath catches – from toes to finger tips my body begins to writhe in want of you. With such a partner it is almost unimaginable in the anticipation and pleasure that moves through your body at varying speeds and with varying intensity. I both want to give into the feeling and release to the sweetest of paradise and clenching to hold ever more to the feeling. Edging. Building. The accretion to ecstasy that only exploring the most wonderful, lustful fantasies with someone who truly knows your body can give. From the very the beginning such pleasure is exciting and then in the throes of an orgasm, everything is tight and wound up, heightened but with a euphoric edge. At the completion of it all, it’s akin to the moment at the end of a massage—every nerve-ending is soft, every muscle relaxed. There’s a moment of just pure pleasure and peace. Whether its two, or three or ten times I find myself wanting to explore with you all over again.

It comes from more than knowing the anatomy of your partner – more than realising where and how to touch my clitoris, or the slow build from a deeper penetrative play. A partner who’s words, who's actions - even their incidental stroke of skin to your skin - who even the sight and touch of is enough to make you tingle.
To share your deepest fantasies with a lover and go know that they share them, and that in indulging you they are indulging themselves... oh your poor waistline!

How many times you have brought me to the edge of this bliss? While I have delayed gratification just long enough for your desire for me to grow so fierce you feel like you're going to burst, and yet you please, you have indulged me. Or should we say over indulged? A glutting of your little feeder that has left a swollen, lingering belly on your slim frame. And yet you still eat to please. Together we are insatiable. And you are only growing greedier.

Its a thought that passes through my mind as I undress for your arrival. A long day at work, where I know your mind has wondered. I made sure that it did. This morning, making sure to sit astride the swollen little mound of your belly. Asking with my thighs, for you to eat for me... You know its coming.

I can feel the cool metal of the measuring tape pressed to my nipple; a sensation heighted as I close my eyes and roll my shoulders, arching my back as I rock my pelvis forwards, making my body into a sensual curve, and causing my breasts to swell – upwards and outwards. I may be naked aside from its lengths, which I have looped around my neck, and down my back, around my ribs so that it draws attention to the slight width of my waist; before being drawn upwards to disappear into the soft depths of my cleavage and emerging into a neatly knotted bow – ends dangling downwards into my lap. Its cool and cold against the warmth of my skin.
I try my hardest not to feel a little self conscious… what will your eyes take in first? The hugely overloaded table ready to fill you up… or your neatly wrapped feeder. Its time to take your first measurements…
I want to stuff you until a belly protrudes from your slim, toned body. A great bloated ball that may belong to a fat man – certainly filled with more calories than perhaps even a fat man cold hold. I have truly never seen anyone eat like you.
I want to fill you until you are tight and swollen. Until running your hands over your belly – you get that tingling ache. Tracing down your body – its as if your skin feels foreign, like an ill-fitting costume you are forced to wear. A disconnect that this is your body. A slim, strong man growing fat. A thick, growing gain sat around your middle. Should I be teasing you for growing into my fat feedee? My slim stuffer.
Looking back at your belly – a disassociation that this, this big bellied, view is of your own body. And let me record every inch. I am here to study your gut, after all. A scientific experiment of how to stuff your face. An excuse to gorge and grow.

How to please your feeder... in 10 thousand calorie increments.

The bond we hold was a harmonious blend of contrasts, where the exuberance of youth finds solace in the wisdom of experience. Together we create a dance of opposites that created a harmonious balance… and I intend to tip the scales. Literally.

The door opens, and I feel it begin. The wave of nervous energy that surged through us both at this acknowledgement. To me, it felt as if a thousand miniature butterflies had taken up residence in my stomach, their wings gently tickling from within, whispering tales of excitement and anticipation. For you, I imagine it must be even more intense...

Have you noticed the funnel behind me? Its on a platter in the middle of the table. Of course, it is surrounded by so many other dishes. Perhaps it is too hard to see with the table is set with elegant porcelain plates, polished silverware, and sparkling crystal glasses, reflecting the soft glow of candlelight. the centrepiece, aside from my funnel in its pride of place, is a decadent chocolate cake, adorned with fresh berries and dusted with powdered sugar. Platters of assorted pastries, such as flaky éclairs, delicate macarons, and creamy tiramisu, tempt that sweet tooth. And of course Freshly brewed coffee and a selection of fine teas are served alongside, there to serve to adding warmth and comfort to the sweet finale of the feast. A contrast to the litres upon litres of soda you will consume.

The air is filled with mouth-watering aromas, as the tantalizing scents of various dishes waft through the room. Its intensified by the opening of door makes it surge around the room... even I find myself a little hungry.

Now is my turn to tease as you stand there. Drinking in the sight. Your petite, lover, perched before this decadence, dark hair curling behind her shoulders.

Now is my turn to tease... I pull the bow; standing, as the measuring tape unfurls and slips from my body. Have you realised its twice the size of a 'normal' or standard measuring tape? Probably not. It was wrapped so expertly around me. Twice my body. Three times wrapped around. Four.... I step out from it, an end dangling to the floor and dragging behind me as I step towards you.

There it is. Once more. As you catch my eye, and I know you have felt it also. The wave of nervous energy that surged through us both at this acknowledgement. To me, it felt as if a thousand miniature butterflies had taken up residence in my stomach, their wings gently tickling from within, whispering tales of excitement and anticipation. For you, I imagine it must be even more intense.

I feel first the thick muscle of your neck, the toned lines of your climbers arms, as they wrap around me. Bending your knees, so that you can gather me up, the strength of your calves and thighs from miles pressing forward as we ride proving useful as you stop. And there. The soft Paunch in the middle; your sides spilling softness over your waistband. I can feel my thighs sinking to your body a little. For now its our secret...

"I can feel your fat" I tease, as I drape the measuring tape across your shoulders, letting you carry me to the table.

For me, touching and playing with a stuffed belly is intoxicatingly sexy. And you know the reaction it will give. Even now as you show me your strength, here I am, finding your secret fat.

Its difficult to find a space for me to perch between the plates, for the swell of my hips, and I find myself having to shuffle... Nudging the first of many servings with my body.
"Soft, but strong... Eat all this and you might struggle to carry your belly... a belly heavier than me."

There are so many ways to say eat for me... but how about we let My muffled moans beneath your increasing weight do the talking. One... more... bite.

Eat to please. Until I find pleasure for my insatiable, hedonistic hog

But first... I think there needs to be an appetiser? Don't you agree? But fist... your measurements. My stuffer study.

Eat me. Turns to Eating for me...
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GrowingLoveH... 1 month
Just so deliciously erotic. I love how this is not just about him filling himself. She fills herself with the joy and anticipation of his arrival and arousal. When a feeder has a 120” measuring tape!
Pd500 3 months
I love the updated first chapter! I can so imagine this happening! 🙂🍔🍕🍕🍕🌭🌮🧇🥞🥞🥓🥩🫓
Pd500 3 months
I love this!
Built4com4t 3 months
you never disappoint