erwin the warlock

chapter 1

Hey there! My name is Erwin and today, June 7th, I turn 18. Now you may think that's insignificant and not really care, after all everyone turns 18. But what I can tell you is I come from a family of Warlock's and when a male turns 18, it skips a generation, he inherits those powers and I'm ready! What is also significant, I am a FA and I've watched many large women suffer at the hands of other skinny women and I've dedicated my Warlock powers to avenge those beautiful large women that have suffered.

I love my mom but what I didn't understand, as a child, is my mom is considered a SSBBW pear. To me, she was just mom. I loved sitting in her large cushy lap and napping on her huge thighs. There were so soft and inviting. But what I did notice is that when our neighbors came over my best friend's dad would watch how my mom's hips and rear sway every time she walked. On the other hand, my friend's mom looked at her with utter contempt.

I remember one time all the moms in the neighborhood went to a pizza parlor that had an indoor playground and all the moms ordered salads, except for my mom. She ordered a loaded meat pizza and ate every bite. My friend's mom watched my mom eat and she didn't hide her disapproval. After my mom finished eating she announced that she is going to get some ice cream. My friend's mom blurted, "Are you sure you really need that?" It embarrassed my poor mom to no end and she sat back down turning red with embarrassment. That was the day I avowed my revenge.
So today is that day. This is the day that I take vengeance on my friend's mom and the best thing is, she will never know how it happened. I walked over to my friend's house to see if he was home and his mom, Janice, answered the door. I knocked and Janice opened the door, "Happy birthday Erwin! You turn 18 today, such a milestone birthday!" she said. She must have just returned from the gym for she was wearing her skin tight spandex workout uniform that she always wore. She very proud of her body and always wore clothes that accentuated her trim figure.

She continued, "Rick isn't here, he went to play golf with his dad. But I'll tell him you dropped by."

That's when I looked her right in the eye and placed the spell on her. "Erwin, why are you looking at me that way?" she asked.

"No reason, I was just thinking" I said.

I watched her entire body shudder as the spell took hold. Like I said, she'll never know what happened to her. Now, to complete the spell, I need to plant the spell within her husband. So I sat on our porch and waited for Rick and his dad to return from playing golf.

After about an hour of waiting their call pulled into the driveway. Rick and his dad were laughing and joking about their golf game. I walked over and Rick's dad, James, saw me first, "happy birthday Erwin!" he called out. I thanked him, walked over and shook his hand. Then I looked him in the eyes and telepathically told him, "Your wife is under a spell. Every time you have sex with her she grow and become fatter. In fact, she will eventually grow into what is considered a colossal pear shaped woman. You will desire her and she will desire you and both of you will constantly desire each other." And with that I broke eye contact. James entire body shuddered as the spell took hold.

James looked at Rick and said, "I need to go find your mom" and with that he headed straight into the house where he found Janice taking a shower. James pulled off his clothes and joined his wife in the shower. They were like two rutting animals as their hands ran all over each other's body.

When James and Janice weren't at work they were in the bedroom screwing each other's brains out. As time went on the spell slowly but surely added pounds and inches to Janice's body. She didn't understand what was going on and increased her time at the gym. Consequently, as Janice gained James was even more attracted to her.

I had the entire summer to watch Janice expand and become frustrated with her growing rear and rounding thighs. Like I said, she had no idea why this was happening to her and her doctor told her to cut back on her eating and to increase exercise. Janice had already done those things and she was becoming more and more frustrated as she had to buy larger pants to cover her expanding ass.

By the time I left for university her gain had become obvious and Janice was no longer able to hide her gains. Her friends started to abandon her for they didn't want to associate with someone who couldn't control themselves and Janice started to warm up to my mom. Janice was confused as to why only her ass, hips, and thighs were gaining weight but not the rest of her body. My mom, being the great person that she is, welcomed her friendship and told her that we cannot control where our extra pounds go and that she would have to accept that fact.

I was away until the Christmas break and couldn't wait to see how Janice had gained. The afternoon I returned home I was out clearing snow from the sidewalk and I saw an exaggerated pear shaped BBW walking done the sidewalk. Her shape was remarkable! Her large ass swung and her thighs rubbed together as she walked towards me. Janice looked at me and said, "I heard you were back in town. You'll have to come over and tell me about your first semester at university."

I said, "Sure, I'd be happy to do that."

She blushed and said, "I guess you've noticed that I've gained some weight. Not sure why, but James sure does like it."

I smiled and told her that she looked really good. She grinned turned away and walked towards her house. Her ass was amazing I thought as she walked away from me.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of bacon and pancakes and I hurriedly dressed and trotted off to the kitchen. I stopped short for I heard Janice and my mom talking. Janice told my mom, "I'm serious, the bigger I get the more James wants to have sex with me. He's like an animal. But I do enjoy the attention and the sex is absolutely amazing. I just wish some of this gain would go to my boobs. I'm glad my belly has remained mostly flat, but having bigger boobs would be nice."

It was at that point I decided that the spell needed some revising. Janice's gain was not progressing fast enough and if she wanted bigger boobs, she'll get bigger boobs.

I walked into the kitchen and told them good morning. Once again I locked eyes with Janice and I updated the spell. She shuddered after we broke eye contact and the revised spell was now locked in. I could hardly wait to see the results on her body.

The Christmas break lasted for another 3 weeks and the new spell was showing promise. Janice had noticeably expanded. Her ass had plumped up, her hips were larger, and I noticed she was taking up more room on the couch. Her thighs were larger and more round. She was wearing one of her old tops that was now struggling to contain her enlarged breasts. Apparently Janice and James were humping like rabbits. I couldn't wait until I returned home during the summer break.

The spring semester flew by and it was time to go home. I kept thinking about Janice and what she must look like, I could hardly wait. Anyway, I arrived home to the delight of my mother and we talked for some time. She finally told me, "Wait until you see Janice! She is enormous! I have no idea what happened to her but she is more than double her size from when you were last home. Anyway, you'll see what I mean because we're all going to the beach this weekend."

I was sitting in the car waiting to leave for the beach when I saw her. She was almost unrecognizable and my mom was right, she is now a massive woman! The door to their house opened and I watched Janice turn sideways so she could push her way through the doorway. James was behind her and you could see his hands working to push her fat in so she could fit through the door. He reached up and helped her hold her overflowing breasts in so they wouldn't scrape on the door jamb. Finally she managed to squeeze her mountainous body through the door jamb and she heavily waddled to their new truck. As she stepped into the truck it listed to her side. Man that was a lot of woman!
Anyway, at the beach I was soaking up some sun by myself when, all of a sudden, a shadow came over me, "Hey there Erwin, long time no see" Janice told me. I opened my eyes and took in Janice and her new body. If I thought she was huge from a distance, up close she was inexplicably massive! My mom was right, she had more than doubled her size and had even surpassed what could be considered a colossal SSBBW pear shaped woman. She was absolutely beautiful.

After we talked for some time I headed back to my room and I noticed the door to Janice and James room was ajar. I went to close it and noticed she had her clothes laid out for when she returned from the beach. I opened the door and walked in. They had a king size bed and the dress she had on it took up over half of the bed. Moreover, one cup of her bra easily fit over my head. I turned to leave and noticed some paper on the dresser with some writing on it. Turns out, it is her measurements. I couldn't believe what I was reading! Her measurements are off the charts. She weighed 580lbs, her ass and hips measured 105", and each of her thighs measured 63" round. Her custom made bra was 44PP! This is an enormous woman.
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