euro magic

Chapter 1 - it begins

Mike looked up as Katarzyna...Kat to her friends...walked into his office. Immediately, the smell of her perfume filled the small room, causing Mike to smile.
"Hello, Kat," he said, sounding almost like a giddy teenager as the perfume wafted around him. "What can I do for you?"
"Good morning Mr. Mike," she answered, her Slavic accent resounding in his ears as well as his mind. "I stop by to give you this."
She put a small plate on his desk. On the plate was a rich-looking pastry. The delicious aroma of the pastry overwhelmed that of her perfume.
"Is home-made," she continued. "From recipe of great-great-grandmother. Very delicious."
He looked at the pastry and smiled. "Thanks, Kat. I'll try it as soon as I'm done with these reports."
She picked up the pastry and held it to his lips. "No, is best if you try it now." She pressed it against his lips, forcing him to take a bite.
It was delicious. It seemed to melt in his mouth. As he swallowed the morsel, he opened his mouth to tell her what he thought. Before he could say a word, she pressed more into his mouth. This continued until the pastry was gone. He looked up at her and smiled. "That was the best pastry I have ever had," he said.
"Glad you like," she smiled, patting his cheek. "Great-great-grandmother was good cook and baker. People used to say her food was magically delicious."
All he could do was nod. It sounded like something people would say in the Old World. As he looked at her, he noticed that his mouth was still alive with the delicious flavors. His mind raced, thoughts of more pastries filling him with a longing.
"I bring you more tomorrow," she said, as if privy to what he was thinking. "And day after that."
Mike could just nod again. His mind liked the thought of more pastries. A faint rumble indicated that his stomach did as well.
"Sounds like you will be enjoying that. Is good. I will like to know that you enjoy," she said quietly.
She turned and walked out of the office, leaving a dazed Mike sitting at his desk, thinking about pastries.
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Garfield 6 years
I like it. Where to find such a women?
FrecherTyp 6 years
Oh a lovely sweet beginning :-)