even skinny girls love to eat...

Chapter 1 - even skinny girls love to eat-1

Desiree was the girl every teenager, male or female, always dreamed of. Guys dreamed of laying her and girls dreamed of being her. She was a tall girl, and carried her lean, slender figure with grace and a certain arrogance that displeased others. However, you could never hate Desiree for long. That angel face was too enchanting, too remarkable for one not to be sucked in. Now, Desiree had her share of boyfriends, none of them lasting very long, as she quickly tired of them and moved on to the next, but her latest man had motives his perfect princess girl would never suspect.
After all, who WOULD suspect Ryan? Ryan Mannigan was too much of a gentleman to ever want to hurt anybody. He was the type of boy you wanted to take home to meet Mom and Dad, the kind of guy who picks flowers for grannies and makes friends with the little ones.
Wrong. So wrong.
Ryan was seated at Desiree's table in the cafeteria, tuning out the gossipy garbage surrounding him and tuning in on Channel Desiree's Stomach. Not a single girl enrolled in this high school could boast a flat, non-existent belly like that. Desiree prided herself on her excellent physique and was completely content with nibbling dainty romaine leaves while other girls could care less as they shoveled chips and candy down their throats. Often times the high-maintenance bitch would ridicule her friends if she "thought" one gained a pound. You could tell she enjoyed it, mocking other girls. No one was a bigger (Ha!) body-shamer who walked these halls.
Today, however, Ryan was going to switch things up. He wasn't dating this stuck-up trust-fund princess for the hell of it.
"Des, babe, I brought some low-cal cookies. Want some?" Ryan asked. Desiree shook her head no. "You can fatten yourself up, Rye, but I choose to stay skinny." Ryan showed her the package, which had been opened and filled instead with regular cookies, unbeknownst to her. Desiree couldn't beat 40 calories per cookie, so she ate five of them. Ryan pouted at her and told her he'd brought them all for her, that he was trying to be a nice guy, and Why doesn't she just have the rest?
"You're so damn skinny, a few little cookies ain't gonna dent your figure, Des. Okay babe?"
Desiree sighed and consumed the rest of the cookies, which meant she'd eaten twenty total. In reality, each cookie was 100 calories, so she'd ingested 2,000 calories. 2,000!
"Ugh, I'm not eating for a week. What was I thinking?" Desiree complained. Ryan feigned a look of hurt feelings. "Des, weren't they good?"
"Yeah, they were good, but not worth getting fat over. And, of course, now I'm thirsty." Ryan quickly solved that problem by purchasing his whiny girlfriend a regular Fanta, which itself was 270 calories of nothing but pure sugar. Ryan smiled inside as he detected the faintest rounding of Desiree's belly as she willingly chugged the soda.
After school that day, Ryan proposed that he and Desiree hit up McDonald's and go to a movie afterwards. "Mom's not home, she said I could do whatever," he told her. Desiree looked disgusted.
"Ew, no. Not McDonald's. What do you think I am, a goddamned heifer?" Ryan barely concealed a smirk.
You will be, soon enough, he thought.
"Come one babe, please? I haven't been to a Micky D's in a long time, and besides, there are other things on the menu, you know. Salads, parfaits, yada yada. It's my treat," he whined. Why not be a whiner like his girlfriend?
"Ugh, fine. Let's go. I'll kill you if there's nothing decent to eat."
When the couple arrived at the golden arches, Ryan shamelessly ordered a Big Mac, large fry, and large soda.
"Ryan, what the hell? You're gonna get fat if you eat all that! Jesus H. Christ," Desiree commented.
The employee lady smirked as she witnessed this. Ryan decided he'd had enough of Desiree's bitching, so he ordered for her before the lady could ask.
"Des here would like the Grand Mac with a large fries and large soda, please."
Desiree's mouth dropped open. 'What?? Are you serious? No! I would not like no 'Grand Mac!'
The employee ignored her and typed it into the system. "Your total is $18.07 today, sir." Ryan produced his wallet and swiped his card with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing he'd sealed the deal on this meal.
When the food was ready, Ryan brought it over to a booth and informed Desiree she was to eat all of it.
"Who the hell said you were my father? You don't give me orders, prick," Desiree snapped. Ryan hushed her by stuffing fries in her mouth, which she chewed and swallowed without resistance. When she lifted the lid on the box of her Grand Mac, he noticed a glimmer of pleasure in her eyes. Even skinny girls love food. Diligently Desiree consumed all of her burger and most of her fries, and even put a good dent in her soda, too. A Diet soda, yeah, but a sweetened carbonated drink nonetheless. When she was finished, Desiree moaned and wiggled the front of her jeans a little.
Trying to find breathing room for her expanding tummy, Ryan thought. And indeed, it was very expanded. That poor round potbelly was struggling profusely to break free, trapped in the tight fibers of size zero skinny jeans. Looking around her first, as if making sure no one would witness what she was about to do, Desiree groaned and hiked up her pants, a teeny tiny muffintop just barely riding over the top of them. Then she sat back down and finished off her fries and soda. Ryan, not yet satisfied with his growing girl's appetite, ordered a large milkshake for Desiree as dessert. Desiree complained about it, but when Ryan gave her the pouty face, she surrendered to him and downed the thick, creamy, fattening dairy that added girth to her swollen tummy. Now, a soft gut rested gently in her lap, and it wiggled a bit when Desiree burped loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear.
"There, now that's a good girl. See? Isn't that food delicious?" Ryan asked.
Desiree narrowed her eyes in disgust. "Good GIRL? What the fuck, Ryan? Does obeying you please you or something?"
"No, no, I just don't want you to starve is all. You're so fricking SKINNY! It's not healthy, seriously," Ryan said, all the while his eyes fixed to her gut which was just beginning to peek out from her frame...
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