experimenting with weight gain

chapter 1

Looking at myself in the mirror, I could actually see some pudge. "Finally!" I thought, excited about the chubby roll of fat that now covered my once thin belly.
As I poked and jiggled I became a little turned on. "Why do I like this?" I thought to myself. Would I really enjoy being chubby? I mean, what would my family & friends think? "Ignore those little voices May, this is something you have always wanted." I confidently told myself.
As I walked downstairs in my size extra small pjs, I noticed the pudge pooched out over my pj pants. Which were extremely too tight. My butt did look nice and jiggly though. Before I make my way to the kitchen I stopped by the bathroom to weigh myself. I pulled out my weight gain journal which I kept hidden under a huge stack of magazines.. exactly 6 months ago I weight 115 pounds. I haven't weighed myself in 6 months because I wanted to see how much I'd gain.
As I went to step down on the scale, I noticed my belly did look bigger than I thought. It could be because I have on size extra small pjs when I probably could go with a medium.. but I did look big. I turned to the side and looked in the mirror. I never would've thought I'd become chubby, but I'm getting there.
"Okay time for the grand finale.." I slowly stepped on the scale & watched as the hand flew past numbers, almost like in slow motion. "125..130..143." I stood there & before I knew it my hands slid across my poochy belly. "This is it, I've started it. Can't go back now.. I've gained 28 pounds in 6 months. I think I'll set my goal to 40 pounds in 5 months now."

My belly let out a huge growl. Thank goodness my roommate is out of town for a week. I can pig out without feeling watched like a hawk. My roommate, Evie, is a workout-aholic. For real. She is going to freak when she gets back if I'm lying around stuffing my face. But who cares it's what I want to do. To reach my goal I need to each non stop, which will be easy since I'm off work all week :)
After I changed into my jeans & a somewhat tight plain t, I made my way to the kitchen. To start things off I made a protein shake that'll fill me up with fat since I don't work out, at all. I made 3. As I finished the second shake my belly began to press hard against the button of my pants. I kept going. As I gulped down the last shake I let out a huge belch. About the same time, my button popped and flew across the room. I looked down and my belly was bulging out on top of my lap. I grabbed it and began to rub it.
After my shakes, I grabbed my bottle of weight gain supplements and took 3. I'm only supposed to take 1, but surely it'll be okay. Then I stacked 7 frozen pancakes in the microwave. Somehow, even after 3 shakes my mouth was still watering as I waited for my hot cakes. I shoved them down within 10 minutes.
Lying on the kitchen floor I rolled over onto my belly. "What happened? Did I fall asleep?" I grabbed my phone "TWO PM!? I slept for 5 hours on this floor!" I said to myself, "How did I just fall asleep, did I even finish my hot cakes?" As I looked over, all 7 hot cakes were gone. I looked down and my belly looked as if it had grown 4 inches! It pooched out as I was lying on my side. The cold floor made me shiver.
I slowly pulled myself up, went to the fridge and grabbed a gallon of chocolate milk. I chugged half and then rubbed my stretched to the max belly for a little bit, then finished the other half & let out a massive belch. I continued eating the rest of the day & then called it a night.
The next morning I rolled out of bed and went straight to the bathroom. As I was sitting down peeing I rubbed my eyes and saw my massive jiggly belly lying on my flabby thighs. I was in such disbelief that I continued rubbing my eyes for at least 3 minutes. I looked down again and yepp it's true, I think I gained weight overnight. I immediately jumped up and plopped on the scale... "ONE SIXTY?!?" One hundred and sixty pounds!? This cannot be right." I looked in the mirror and turned to the side with my big belly sticking out. "I cannot believe this, I have gained almost 20 pounds over night." As soon as I heard those words come out of my mouth I grabbed my belly, which was a lot more to grab than I'm used to, and shook it. I kept shaking it, it's almost like I zoned out. I was staring at myself in the mirror shaking my big belly, which now hung over my pjs and touched the middle of my bikini line.
I then ran to my room and enjoyed feeling the flap of my belly smack up and down. I've never felt that before and it made me feel so excited. I grabbed my new pair of jeans that I bought last week & attempted to put them on. With a massive struggle I finally buttoned them. They felt too tight so I dug my hand down into my pants and pulled out my belly. "Ahhhhhhh that's much better."
I then looked in the mirror & what I saw was something I thought I'd never see. Me with a big pot belly hanging over my jeans. I even have jiggly love handles. I stood there for an hour jiggling my belly and tryin on clothes that didn't fit.. I can't wait to keep gaining....

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Theswordsman 4 years
I think she should reach a weight she likes but realizes that she cant stop herself from gaining more