f**k my fat girlfriend

chapter 1

"F*** My Fat Girlfriend" was the name of the website. Surfing the net after a few beers in search of something to provide a pleasant end to a boozy night, I assumed this was just another chubby porn site, and clicked on it to see what recycled free clips it might contain. But something about it rang curiously true.

It looked kind of amateurish, and although the photos were high quality, they were clearly all of the same girl - the shape of her round paunch, the little tattoo on her ankle, the wavy auburn hair were all identical. Her face wasn't shown, and the pictures weren't pornographic exactly - mostly just scantily-clothed sexy poses, shots of her cradling her stuffed-looking belly, and some of the girl holding cakes or other half-eaten food. The conversational tone of the words, too, was out of the ordinary - I'll reproduce the text from the main page:


I cordially invite you to come and f*** the fat girl you see on these pages.

I stopped banging her six months ago after she busted through the 80kg mark - I've told her time and time again that I have never f***ed a chick who's heavier than me, and I don't intend to start now. But now fatty won't shut up (except when she's eating!) about how horny she is - so I figure maybe you can shut her up with your cock in her mouth!

Click on the link below for details.


I clicked on the hyperlink out of curiosity - and to my surprise, instead of a virus alert or a page asking for my credit card details, there was a short web form entitled "Apply Here to F*** That Fatty" and asking for just my name and email address.

Below was a paragraph claiming that the author would select a random applicant every two weeks and give him the physical address, so that the lucky winner could 'enjoy' the guy's girlfriend. With the winner's permission, the video would then be posted in the 'Members' Area', access to which was available only to past winners (referred to imaginatively as the 'Fatty-F***ers Club').
It seemed like a no-brainer. Even if it was nothing but a spam list, all they would have was my old email address which was reserved exclusively for junk. I made my application.

I had almost forgotten about it a week later when I received an email to my spam address, from a normal-looking address registered at a popular free webmail site. Again, I'll reproduce it in full:

"Hello lucky chubby-chaser,

Thanks for your application to F*** My Fat Girlfriend. I'm happy to tell you that you have been selected, and can drop by any time in the next week to give that chunky chick her dose of dick. She's looking forward to seeing who's going to f*** her this time!

You're the one providing the service here, so there's no need to bring anything - but if you want to pick up some food, she'll probably smell it and be all over you even quicker!

Anyway, here's the address:

Number **,
******** Road,

Thanks for volunteering to f*** a fat girl in need!

That's your good deed for the year.

The Boyfriend

P.S. I hope you like 'em big, because greedy-guts has gained some weight since the latest website photos..."
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Potbellypimp 6 years
Thanks for the comments. Not sure why FF censors some of the F-bombs and not others... I will edit for consistency!
Waitingforth... 6 years
This is incredible! Please write more
Akwolfgrl13 6 years
That was amazing! !!!!!!!!!!!
Startnew 6 years
He should Just kidnap her and Take her away from her bf so They could b together