fa to the rescue

chapter 1

We arrived at the apartment block following a 'girl stuck in bath' call. It seemed all very 1970's sex comedy but as a fireman I was used to the odd unusual callout.

Jo one of 2 fire-women at our station entered the apartment first to try to conceal the poor girl's modesty.

Me & John waited outside for the OK. As we went into the bathroom I noticed Jo smirking & then saw what I guessed to be the biggest, fattest girl I'd ever seen. Jo had covered her with a duvet so her real size was very much hidden. She had short, dark hair, big blue eyes filled with tears. Her plump lips were closed & her chin (or should I say chins, as her neck was wider than her head & folded into at least 3 fat chins) quivered as she was nearly in tears.

I was annoyed at Jo finding this poor girl's predicament funny but didn't say anything as not all my colleagues knew I was an FA. In this situation I could hide my excitement as good customer service. I frowned at Jo and she stopped smirking.

Jo said " Melanie, here, let out the plug before getting out and her, ahem!, weight...errr.. gravity has got her stuck in the bath." "Let's get some lubricant to see if we can't help poor Melanie then shall we?" I said. Then to Melanie as my colleagues left to get the lubricant "They do make these baths so small in these apartments, just to fit more in don't they". Melanie smiled, holding back tears."I'm so sorry" she said "I don't know how this has happened. I'm so embarrassed!" "Don't be" I said " We see situations like this all the time.

John & I left Jo to apply the lubricant around Melanie & told her to call us if she needed help. After around 10 minutes there was a loud squelching, Jo grunted & Melanie gasped. "All OK" I asked. "Fine" said Jo.

Melanie came into the bedroom wrapped in her duvet head bowed, eyes looking at the floor "Thank You all so much, I'm really sorry" she mumbled. As Jo & John cleared up the bathroom I asked Melanie to sit on the sofa in the living room. I could tell that this poor girl was huge but the duvet gave no indication of how big or of her shape. She was about 5 foot 4 inches tall & I could see tiny feet with plump little toes, I guess a size 5 as she padded into the living room. The duvet bulged provocatively as she sat down.

"Look Melanie" I said "I need to complete a report & offer safety advice but I can see that you're upset & shaken, is it OK if I come back tomorrow when you've relaxed a bit?" "That would be very kind, yes please" she said. Not exactly protocol but not against the rules either.

When we got down to the truck Jo said "You should have seen the size of her! I can't believe how anyone gets that fat!" "A proper beached whale" said John. "Enough now guys" I said "She can't help it, a bit of sympathy please."

The next day I planned to follow up with Melanie on the way home. Dave who knew I was an FA as we'd been out many times & knew the sort of girl who caught my eye had heard about Melanie caught up with me on the way out. "Wink wink nudge nudge eh? Boss?" I smiled & said "Only wink wink so far mate!"

Melanie sheepishly let me into her apartment. "No need to be embarrassed Melanie" I said. "I don't know what I was thinking. I don't usually have a bath just a shower but felt like a good soak. It was fine last time I had a bath."
"How long ago was that?" I asked. She looked down & said "6 months & 8 stone ago." My eyes involuntarily widened & I could feel my groin stirring at the thought of her rapid gain. Not that the sight of this gorgeous, obese girl hadn't excited me as soon as she opened the door, even though she was wearing not exactly enticing clothes.

She was wearing what I later found out was men's 6XL sweat pants & 5XL hoodie. These appeared a little loose & gave no indication of the fat underneath. She just looked wide & round. The clothes didn't take away the fact this enormous girl had an extremely beautiful face. Her tiny, sexy little feet were bare & I noticed small. fat hands with pudgy fingers & lovely nails.

I was here to make a report & offer advice but there must have been something about me that made this very big & very beautiful girl want to open up to me and I wasn't going to stop her.

"It's comfort eating. Since he left I just want to eat all the time, I'm sort of disgusted with myself putting on 8 stone in 6 months! I'm massive! 402lbs, 28 stone 10 pounds! My bum is huge, my belly hangs half way to my knees AND I get stuck the damn bath! But at the same time while I'm eating I'm 'in the zone' and think of nothing else. And I feel so content with a full bloated stomach, it even turns me on a little. I think I must be insane!?" She started to sob.

I felt aroused & excited but overwhelmingly sorry for this lovely, obese girl. "Oh Melanie" I said "Don't be upset. There is nothing wrong with you. There are hundreds of women like you. Eating & being fat is nothing to be ashamed of. It's not wrong to enjoy food & being fat. As long as you're healthy. You're a beautiful, intelligent girl".

She attempted to stop crying "Thank You. I don't even know your name?" She said. "Paul".
"Thank You Paul but no man in his right mind is going to want to go out with me when I'm this fat are they." "I would" I said. She raised her head, wobbling her chins. "You aren't just saying that because I'm crying are you?".
"No" I said "I think you're gorgeous. I've never been more attracted to anyone. You are my ideal girl. Beautiful face, clever, emotionally open with a great big sexy body."

"I've heard of guys like you who are into fat girls. Is it BBWs? But I never thought I'd meet one, thought there can't be many men like that." I guess technically she was an SSBBW but I said "That's right, I'm what's known as an FA, Fat Admirer. Not he best or most flattering of terms but...."

"Would you go on a date with me Melanie, it would make me happy & it might even cheer you up. You never know!" I joked. "Oh I couldn't" she said "I haven't been out of the apartment for 6 months. I only have these clothes that fit me". "I'd be happy to go clothes shopping with you or there are some fantastic plus size clothes you can get online now." "I don't know" she said. "OK" I replied "I'm not giving up on you but if you want a shopping companion or when you have some clothes you are comfortable going out in you could give me a call?" After she agreed we swapped mobile numbers.

I wanted to make this big, blubbery sad girl happier & by doing so it would make me happy.
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