faith & fat's rewards

chapter 1: paradiso

Faith’s don’t live or die. They simply get bigger or smaller. So long as an idea or a belief has been spread to any extent there’s always going to be someone who believes it. Belief systems aren’t even truly affected by this as they’re self-contained ideas. But thousand-year-old organizations tend to do much worse with sudden fluctuations in size. When they get too big, they inevitably crumble, weighed down by their own scope. When they shrink down in size, they often struggle to adapt to not being as big as they once were. Such was the case with a certain organization, in a certain country in the late 2000nds.

Pertaining to a certain nunnery. They had it huge a monument to their excellence but found a severe shortage of nuns to send to it. So, it turned out that every young new supple minded bride of god was sent to this monastery in an attempt to keep it populated enough to self-regulate. They sent a single more experienced Nun along to act as the mother superior and educate the young uns. But the old woman eventually quit in light of a tremendous culture clash between their age groups and what they felt was acceptable.

By all reports the group of young women were much too prone to violating the rules for the old mothers liking. Yet nevertheless they needed managing. So the church sent a new woman to act as their mother superior. That woman was me. I made sure to settle in nicely before I addressed any of the long list of problems that the former mother superior had informed me of. I got my time to know the place inside and out, comfortably settling in my quarters. It was a nice place. It was stoic and built out of stone as was the typical style for a convent. But as it was new it had many of the amenities one couldn’t dream of in an older building. I didn't introduce myself to the girls, though I made sure they could see me going about my work. I wanted to make sure they didn't get too comfortable before I addressed some of the problems on the agenda. To ensure that when I did address the first of those problems. They would go in with a correct degree of reverence to my authority.

Sister Elen didn't just look reverent she looked practically paralyzed with fear. The short blonde was practically quivering in her boots. Her big blue eyes gazing across at me looking like a doe caught in the headlights. Or perhaps more accurately, like a nun caught sexting her boyfriend. I had already seen the pictures she had sent him. It was important material evidence of course. Underneath the disguising effects of her habit, she had quite the body. Limber, with tone and conditioning and a rather blessed chest. I was surprised she could maintain such a nice body without a gym in the convent. I couldn’t help picturing her hidden body quivering with the same fear that she was so clearly displaying while fully clothes. “You have nothing to be afraid of, why don’t you sit here and tell me what happened?” I asked her, patting the other half of the soft couch I was seated on. Her tredepation broke slightly at my soft quiet words and slowly she approached. Tensely lowering herself next to me. It wasn’t quite a wide enough seat for the two of us. She could half fit on it. But I felt the physical closeness was important.

“I have been maintaining, an online relationship with a man outside the convent” she said her voice close to breaking. I began to gently massage her shoulder. She seemed surprised but nevertheless continued. “He messaged me on a account from before I was sworn, and he said such kind things about me” she murmured. “About my body” she added her voice cracking. I made sure to massage a little deeper. “I don’t want to sin mother, I know it is even If I am not doing anything physical with him” she explained, her words beginning to flow with the rhythm of my kneading calming fingers. She had been so tense when she had first sat down. As she was speaking it was easing up. “But I have urges...” she finished her confession, and I could feel her thighs tense a bit. I chuckled softly and ran my hand through her hair a little. “It’s a serious matter of course, but it’s a problem that’s easily solved” I explained. She glanced at me in surprised. “Those urges are just natural, and you don’t need a man to fulfill them” I told her with a chuckle. “But I was always taught it’s a touch yourself...down there” she said sheepishly. For a woman who had been sending the pictures she had been sending she was quite innocent. I couldn’t help but find it rather delicious.

“You don’t have to touch yourself either” I told her unable to keep a smile from forming on my face. She looked rather stunned to say the least and I brought up my thicker legs and raised it over her slender one, I gradually used it as a lever to widen her stance. I felt the tension coming back but I didn't let up on my massage. I could tell she had certain ideas about where I was going with my words. I could even feel her readying herself to comply with that. I could’ve taken her right there. But that would’ve been a sin of course. I could hardly do that as Mother Superior. “This is the phone” I said opening the drawer on my desk and removing it. She hadn’t even password protected it and when it opened it opened straight to their previous conversation. A screen full of filthy smut and poses from the two of them. I suspected she was the only woman alive to ever happily request pictures of a man's genitals. I could feel her breathing sharpen as she inhaled and her inner thighs tensed up again. Her engine was firing up again. She was like a starved animal. “Are the urges coming back?” I asked her rhetorically and she nodded. I pulled a plate that was on my desk and brought it to the tables corner. “Then have a cookie” I told her, my massaging turning into a very gentle push towards the direction of the plate.

The poor girl was clearly deeply confused. I had wound her up, made her think she was going to get release and then put a plate of cookies in front of her. I suspected they were very different from what she had expected I’d tell her to eat. But as the woman who had gone out of her way to bake her own private recipe, I almost felt the urge to ensure her they were just as delicious. I was her superior, so she complied. Daintily at the first bite, I felt her entire body shudder at the taste. The second bite quickly followed, and the last one. Practically spraying crumbs down her habit as she indulged. She even went back for another one her eyes alight with surprise at the quality of my food. As she put it in her mouth, I put my hand on her arm, she paused. The cookie dangling from her soft lips. Wordlessly I brought the phone up and held the salacious images in front of her face. She gulped down a mouthful of cookie as she stared. Her thighs quivering. She made another two bites and finished it off. Her hand started drifting downwards but once more I intercepted her. “The cookies are good aren’t they?” I asked her and she nodded her cheeks flushed with desire. The hand that previous moved with sinning in mind moved to the cookie instead and she brought it to her lips with intent.

She began to eat with her gaze turned away from the phone as if to avoid the distraction but I couldn’t allow that either. Softly I wrapped my hand around the scruff of her neck and directed it back towards the screen. I held it there as she ate. Looking at the phone screen I felt her battling between her two hungers. Between the two, her stomach beat out the other thing needing to be filled. She practically stuffed the cookies into her mouth wholesale. In a replication of what she no doubt wanted to do to what was below her waist. That meant that she was only going through the cookies faster. The more she stared at the phone the faster and more aggressively she ate. Crumbs began to crumble and cover our legs and her body as she forced down more and more of my delicious baking. Her whole body had only been shaking harder and harder. As much as I love my baking It was likely the phones doing, the sight of those nude salacious images drove her. But she knew she couldn’t touch herself to relieve it with her ass half sat on her Mother Superiors lap. So instead, she ate, cramming cookies into herself as the pleasure built.

She was starting to fill up, I had baked a big plate, but she was gobbling them down with hardly a crunch. Her pace was quickening, her gut was filling and her attitude had slowly shifted. Her previous pleasures from my baking had only come about in her body language. But she was starting to moan with each bite, letting out a little grunt as more was added to her no doubt taxed tummy. It was only building as well, her pleasure and the pressure in her middle. Habits are designed to conceal a womans body. But with her gorging herself basically on top of me, I could feel the swell and distention of her stomach as it was filled. I noticed she began to thrust slightly with each bite, I could feel it in the vibrations of the chair. Her chewing was getting faster and so to was the thrusting. As her tempo and what was beginning to happen became more obvious, I could almost swear I could see her stomach shaking. With her mouthful of cookie and her fingers in her mouth. Sister Elen climaxed next to me. Going slack she leaned back In awe the process presenting her overfull middle into a prominent view. I released my grip on her neck and brought it down to her middle. “See, you don’t have to touch yourself” I explained knowingly as she practically drooled In shock. “And if you don’t touch yourself, it’s surely not a sin” I told her and she slowly nodded as control seemed to be returning to her body. I knew it would be a while before she could get up both because of her quaking legs and the overstuffed tummy situated above it. But nevertheless I placed her phone into her hand so she knew she could keep it. Of course she was only the first problem to be solved.
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SpiritOfACar... 1 year
Very interesting, I like the foundation of this story and already I'm loving the protagonist. Looking forward to more from this and all your wonderful works.
Rogue 1 year
This is amazing. I look forward to seeing a lot more of all the sisters, especially if they're being punished smiley
Eleena CoOwO... 1 year
You're storytelling as always is impeccable! 🥰
PearlyPaleBBW 1 year
Will there be a nun for each of the seven deadly sins or is it just a coincidence the first was lust and the second was greed? Will the next chapter be called Purgatorio?
Bebops 1 year
Oh shit, new story! Why didn't my notifications let me know when this came out?

If I have any ideas I'll be sure to let you know, Adsein!
AndiFive 1 year
I hope to see much more of Sister Lilian
Chillzones 1 year
Looks like another great story! Wish I had ideas, but I'm not exactly a religious person. I was sent to catechism but it has been so long now my knowledge on church-esque stuff is slim. 😥