family chooses to have a fat life, and loves it

Chapter 1 - the beggining of everything

I'm starting to get fat now, and that beginning is part of my story, if you want the story to conclude in real life, send me a message to motivate me.

John since childhood liked fat women, met the feedee world very early and always excited the idea of ​​getting fat and getting fat. John was athletic, weighed 145lb and lived with his mother who was a thin woman, and his first fantasies were with her becoming a fat woman and taking him the same way. Her mother's age was already around 40 and she was leading a sedentary life, and she ended up in a cycle of gaining weight and dieting with diets that never worked. She began to create a taste for food and was letting herself be carried away ... She began to speak for many times "I am very fat" "almost no pants enter me" "look at the amount of cellulite in my leg" "I think now you can not have that body before. " She gave up on dieting and got fat, and without realizing it I ended up going along. She stopped buying healthy foods and liked to see me getting fat, before long I was already overweight (170lbs) and registering my gain with pride on the internet, with that weight it was still possible to shrink her belly to her friends, but John was getting fat and his summer vacation had just begun, perfect time to spend days lying down and eating junk food, and that's what happened. On a holiday, John's friends called him to play basketball, and everyone was surprised and told of his winnings that he could no longer hide and laughed at his lack of breath. John began to think about what he had done with his now 180-pound body, his life was totally sedentary and he was angry with the comments he made, took all his anger off his weight in the food, and got addicted to spending all day at couch lying down and eating. After John became fat, his mother ended up losing some of the "guilt" of being the only fat lady in the house and was also fattening faster with me. On this vacation a friend that I had not seen for 3 years called Sara came to my city and wanted to see me, she maintained a lean body and remembered me with the same body, by message I said that my body had changed a little at that time because I had no time to exercise, on the day of leaving with her my jeans did not want to close and I ended up going with a big pants that I had, which was now very tight and was the only one that fit, now with 190lbs had no more like to hide my belly and she was clearly impressed and began to recommend me to go to the gym, eat healthy and lose weight urgently, it was good to see her and at the same time exciting, these humiliations started to excite me very much and as soon as I left I ignored all their recommendations and I went to eat a McDonalds because he was that now, a fat slacker, he hates academia and he hates healthy food, he imagines they'll find in pig college that John became when the summer break ends rem. Next chapters will be continue...
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