family fatties

chapter 1

Since birth, Jackie was a heavy girl. Since her family was also huge, she was been eating solid foods and eating a lot since her first few days of life. At the age of 5 she was 90lbs. Her short stature made her belly huge, even for a prepubescent girl. It dagger as poked out of her shirt.

She waddles into her parents room one day and asked if she could attend school. Nervous that the kids would make fun of her, the mother was reluctant. The pudgy girl climbed onto her mother’s belly and asked again. “Mommy please burrrrp. I want to go!”
When she threw her arms up, the bed broke from all the pressure. The mothers huge boobs, massive belly and log like legs weighed about 700lbs. She was about 30 and her husband was even heavier. At 750 lbs. their Ben was holding over 1500 lbs. neither of them could move. The only way she could even get to school was if her older sister. Also obese but not as heavy, she was 18. She was slim but sturdy with huge tits and a juicy ass. Jackie was awoken by a huge breakfast of over 15000 calories. The 2 girls squeezed into a small car. The sister, Bridgette, sat in the drivers seat and her butt flowed into the passenger seat. Jackie climbed in and was squeezed against the door. Her shirt hiked up on her belly and her shorts ride up on her flabby thighs. Jackie climbed out of the car and waddles her way up to the classroom.

Jackie’s first day was full of kids making fun of her. She sat in a desk everyday and she could feel it getting tighter everyday. She ate at least 100000 calories everyday and was creeping up on 100 lbs before October. Her teacher came to her house one day to say her concerned. She opens the door and calls into the seemingly empty house. She wanders into the bedroom and finds over 3/4 ton couple eating and growing. “Oh my god! You’re massive!” Jackie and Bridgette grabbed the teacher, Ms. Forman, and throw her onto the bed of whales. The parents grabbed her and forced her clothes off. She was surprisingly sexy with fairly large breasts and a shapely bottom. Jackie and Bridgette grabbed her and threw her into a chair, naked and alone.
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