family feeding time

chapter 1

Mary scanned the yard, basket in hand. She ticked off the hiding places which she remembered from years past. Her son Leonard would check those first. She didn't want the hunt to be too easy.

At 16, Leo was proving to have a rather photographic memory when it came to food. Easter eggs were no exception. Hers were quite special, and she was always delighted to see him rooting through the grass on his quest for the spoils.

It was no wonder he was so enthusiastic. She hand-crafted each one to be unique and delicious, having long ago discarded the basic plastic Easter-egg shells in favor of a more personalized and calorie-laden treat.

Filled with gooey caramel surrounded by a thick chocolate shell, Mary's "eggs" were truly a work of art. They were also fragile and melted easily in the spring sunshine, so she was forced to arise early on Easter Sunday to hide them.

She knew that the rest of the family was still snoozing away. Leo was likely to sleep until someone rousted him these days, and her hubby John was the same way ever since he'd started working from home. Alice could be up and out running, but Mary wasn't sure. It didn't matter.

She never hid the eggs particularly well. It was all a balance. If the sun rose too high, they would be ruined. The hunt should take no more than an hour, after which her two children and her loving husband would be quite peckish and ready for breakfast.

So, around the yard she waltzed, bending over swiftly and confidently to plant the treasures in their respective hiding places. She knew that the family tradition of the Easter egg hunt would soon become obsolete, with her children nearing college age.

They would no longer be interested in the hunts like they once were. Indeed, Alice's attention was already waning--Mary had detected a hint of exasperation in her eldest daughter when she had mentioned that she was preparing the eggs, though Alice was far too kind for an eye roll. Her little angel.

It was no matter. Even if this year was one of the last years, Mary was determined to enjoy it with all her heart. And the rest of the family would as well.

Satisfied with her work, she marched back inside the house to hang up decorations and get started cooking breakfast.
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years
How in the heck did I miss this wonderful story! Chapter 10 -- DAMN!!!
Lily Delicious 4 years
Hi! Thanks for the comments, guys. I am planning to continue it, just haven't had the time yet.