fast food fatty

Chapter 1

Carly didn't look like the manager type. A short young woman, 5' 1", with a friendly freckled face. Her hair short and curly, a fiery red that complimented her pale skin and green eyes. She was the manager of the local McDonald's nonetheless, and despite her shy and friendly appearance, she could have run the restaurant with her eyes closed and her hands behind her back. Naturally, any long-time fast food employee would be a little heavy, and that she was. 250 pounds, and at her height, it showed. She didn't have a very conventional body type either. For a chubby girl, her boobs were quite small. She had a little bit more of a butt, but her double belly was her biggest characteristic. Carly was into fat girls, but had never been particularly motivated to become one herself. All of her excess weight was just a byproduct of working in fast food for 5 years. Eating the food was her favorite part of her job. For Carly, work was easy, especially when able to snack on greasy food at all hours of the day.

Every day was the same for her. Come in to work, eat burgers and fries whenever she didn't have her hands full, and go home. Today was different.

When Carly got to McDonald's on March 5th, she had assumed it would be a normal day. And for the most part, it was. After the dinner rush, Carly sent her employees home. She always closed the store on her own. Right before closing time, Carly heard the door open. She approached the counter, and saw a very voluptuous, and very heavy brown-haired woman walking towards her. The woman had to have weighed at least 350 pounds. She was huge. Her hips had to have been at least two and a half feet across, and her ass stuck out like a shelf. She wore a pair of jeans that look like they could have fit her if they were a size or two larger. She wore a black sweater that, despite its' efforts, left a portion of her overgrown gut exposed. Carly was turned on just looking at this woman.

"H-h-hi there, welcome to McDonald's! What uh, can I get for you?" Carly was scrambling to find words in the presence of this goddess.
"Five big macs, two twenty piece nuggets, four orders of fries, and a large coke. Remember that order, 'cause you'll be seeing a lot of me." The woman said.
"Coming right up!" Carly exclaimed as she scurried to the kitchen.

Carly returned with the bag of food for the woman, and set it on the counter. "Here you are! Thank you!"
The woman looked at Carly confusedly, and then leaned onto the counter.
"I was gonna ask why you didn't make me pay for the food."
Carly's face started to turn red, as the woman's look of confusion became a devlish smile.
"But I've already realized why." The woman stated. She reached forward, put her hand under Carly's chin, and raised her head upwards.
"I'll tell you what. You go make another bag with this same order, and I'll let you come home with me."

Carly's face was beet-red. She stepped backwards, nodded her head, and scurried back into the kitchen.
When she came back out with the second order, she had already finished her meal.
"My name's Maddie, by the way."

*** This is my first story on here. I wrote the story for myself, and I'm by no means a real writer. Can't promise consistency on updates, but as I write them I will post them here. Might revise and edit later, hope you enjoy 🙂***
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