fat is happiness

chapter 1

She left. She just walked out the door. My girlfriend, who I thought to be the love of my life, was gone. I didn't care though, she wasn't too great. We had a long distance relationship for about a year, but living with her was hell. She made me work out with her, giving me a flat stomach that I hated for some reason. I lifted my shirt after she left my house. I ran my fingers on the muscle. I pretended to love it. She pretended to love me. I walked over to my fridge, only healthy food. I called a pizza place and ordered five pizzas with pepperoni and extra cheese. I deserved this. It took a while for the pizza to arrive. I paid the man and went back inside. My stomach growled loudly, causing desire to spread throughout my body. I bit into the first slice. I savored the warm feeling of the pizza in my mouth. I felt the warmth from the fresh pizza go down my throat and into my stomach. This was just the beginning. I took another bite and soon, the first slice was gone. I had asked the pizza place to make the slices big. After four slices, I looked down. My flat stomach was gone, replaced by a bloated belly. My belly stuck out a little and I could no longer see the line of muscle. It looked like a small pot belly. I picked up another slice and continued eating. I ignored the voice in my head telling me I'm full. I loved feeling the food push up against my belly, causing it to bulge out even further. I unbottoned my pants. My fat belly rested in my lap as I kept eating. My shirt began to ride up. I could see my perfect fat rolls on my side. It took me a very long time to fit all the pizza inside of my belly. I picked up my new fat and let it drop. It looked so beautiful as I tickled the inside of my belly botton. I called a friend of mine to come over. I wanted to see her reaction. She arrived. I had put a big shirt on to kinda hide my belly. Her name was Maggie. I fell for her a while ago, mainly because of her belly. She went out to eat today and sent me a video. In the video, she moved her phone camera around her belly. She was bloated and wearing a tight shirt. In the background I could hear her say: "Laura, can you hand me my jacket? I need to hide my stomach." She had sent me the video on Snapchat. The caption she used read: "It's a girl." Her belly always looked so soft and comfy. When she came in my house so immediately noticed my belly. She came over to me and patted it. I loved feeling her hands. She asked me what happened and I told her. She pulled my shirt over my head and removed it. She got on her knees and kicked my full belly. I ,add her take her shirt off. Her fat was so much softer than mine. It jiggled as she walked. She picked up a handful of her fat and jiggled it for me. She started rubbing my full belly again. She lifted up her belly to show me the stretch marks under it. I licked her belly and lightly bit it. Her fat was so warm and soft. She ticked under my belly. I kissed her belly as she grabbed the fat on my sides. I squeezed her fat legs. Maggie pulled me closer. She lead my to my bed. She wanted me to sleep so my fat could stay. I rested my head on her belly, which was softer than a pillow. I fell alseep, listening to her belly working hard to digest all of the food she ate. Her stomach growled a little. "Hear that?" Maggie said. "My belly talks to me. I think it's trying to say: 'thank you, for all that yummy food.'"
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