fat love

chapter 1

(This is a fanfic I did a bit ago and finished today, this is sort of my first and official fat fiction, the characters are from My Candy Love a game I play and some aren't, and it has my own twists and turns. Some things in here may be a trigger for some people I don't know, if you have had struggles with body imagine and all of that and maybe eating disorders I advise you to read with caution. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy the story, if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment them below :)
P.S I forgot to say that this story does have some intense if you wanna call them that, sex scenes, and this story is also completed)

When I was a young kid I was pretty chubby, and adorable as hell if I do say so myself, I was about 6 years, I was still so when I got to about 8 or 9, then I started feeling ashamed of myself when I hadn't before, it started with this guy who would poke and praud at me, saying stupid little names, it didn't bother me at first but then the number of people doing that grew, I may not have showed it, but it hurt, eventually it hurt, and that hurt grew, one day I had gone into the boy's bathroom in the stall during lunch and sat on the toilet and cried, trying to keep myself quiet so people wouldn't hear me blubbering in the bathroom. All throughout 3rd grade this happened to the point where when I went to talk to this girl that I had a crush on to ask her if she would like to hang out sometime, her response pretty much broke me, "Ew no your fat and ugly go away!", I remember those words exactly, I remember her disgusted expression, I remember her friends laughing at me, I remember some people who were staring, wnd I remember myself walking away, fast as I could until I broke out fully into a run for the bathroom to hide in my embarrassement, I remember people saying while they laughed "Oh look the pig can run"! While I was in the bathroom I guess somehody heard me because someone knocked on the stall door, I was crying and hitting the walls, so of course someone would hear me. "Hey, you okay in there?" said a male voice, "I'm fine!" I snapped at the stranger, "You don't sound fine." he said, "Leave me alone!" I said to him angrily, "I saw what happened out there, if it makes any difference you may be big but your not ugly." he said, "Oh that makes the world of difference." I said sarcastically, "Just trying to help." he said, I heard footsteps and sniffled, before I knew it I opened up the stall door and saw him going out the door, "Hey!" I called to him, and saw this kid who was maybe only a few inches shorter than me and slim, he had dirty blonde hair that was a little wavy and brown eyes and freckles, he looked back at me, "..Thanks." was all I could say, and he gave me a nice smile, "No problem." he said and left. I saw him only a few times that year, and we talked a few times, I found out he was moving soon to New York, his mom got a better job there and it was agreed by everyone to go, sometimes I still kick myself for not asking for his info to keep in touch but ya can't change the past I guess. When I got to highschool I was no longer fat and kinda the bad boy at my school, ya know breaking rules, doing whatever I wanted type shit? One blonde dude was mad at me and annoyed for that, I didn't care though, not after what he did, or rather what I thought he did, but that'll come later, I lost weight obviously, but not in the way you may think, again, that'll come later, oh my name's Castiel by the way, nice meet cha.
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Edxl 5 years
Interesting enough to have gotten me to page seven so far, but the lack of paragraphs has me exhausted. Will try to find my way back another time to take in some more.
GayVeganAbroad 5 years
It's a great drama. I like the narrative takes form as a stream of Castiel's real-time thoughts. You did the first-person perspective nicely. I'd recommend adding paragraphs, as I often lost my reading position in a sea of words, and some proof-reading t