fat movement

chapter 1

"Look at this belly. Just look at how fat I've gotten." Christy poked her plump little belly with her one hand, while the other held a large cupcake. "It's not surprising considering our line of work."

"It's not like you're the only one that's put on weight," said Janet. "I've gained almost 20 pounds since we started the business."

"I wish I had only gained 20 pounds," replied Christy. "I'm over 30 pounds heavier than when I married Jim. I'd already gained a few pounds when we opened the baking business. Sampling our goods has gone right to my belly. And my hips. And my butt."

"Well, we're good at it. We're making good money because everyone loves our pastries."

Christy and Janet were next door neighbors on Willow Tree Lane, in the subdivision of Forest Park East. Two years before, they were both in jobs they hated. After much discussion, they came up with the idea of opening their own business, making specialty pastries and delivering them. They were both good at baking, so good that they had to restrain themselves to keep from getting fat. Well, fatter. They had both put a few pounds of marriage weight on, but nothing serious. Their husbands hadn't gained any, mostly because they played in a basketball league after work. When they had the idea of opening their own baking business, they experimented with recipes to create pastries that didn't require any expensive ingredients, kept well, and most of all, tasted wonderful. Their husbands had good jobs, and seeing how unhappy their wives were in their old jobs, encouraged them to take the plunge. The girls called the business, "Sweets To Your Door" and set up an internet site. They operated out of their own kitchens, which were adequate to the job as they both had double ovens and six burner stoves.

The business started slowly the first few months, but as word spread, business picked up quickly. As local businesses would have special events, they would place orders for pastries that would impress everyone who attended. Since the "Sweets To Your Door" pastries were far tastier than anything the chain shops had, and since they delivered directly to the event, the business found a profitable niche.

As they got more business, they also got special requests for specialty pastries. The girls always made sure that whatever specialty was requested was absolutely perfect. That required trial and error, which also required eating their experiments. There was never a bad batch, just some that were not quite right and needed another attempt. But they were all delicious, so it was no surprise that both ladies put on some weight.

Christy was about five feet seven inches tall. When she had been in high school she had been slender but with good curves. Thirty more pounds had brought her weight to about 165 pounds, and made her plump and cuddly. Her boobs had gone from moderate to full, over a round tummy, and full hips. Janet was almost as tall, about five feet six inches. She had also been slender, but with a great, curvaceous butt. The twenty pounds that she had put on made her about 155 pounds, and went mostly to creating a bubble butt, that stuck out even farther than before, with a few pounds left over to fill out her hips and thighs.

"Has Jim said anything about the weight you've put on?" asked Janet.

"No," replied Christy thoughtfully. "Either he likes it or it doesn't matter to him, because the sex is as good as ever. Maybe a little better, actually."

"Same with me and Ed. My big butt doesn't seem to bother him, in fact he grabs it a lot when he comes up from behind me. But anyway, we're getting fatter and sooner or later our husbands are going to have something to say about it. So what are we going to do, go on a diet?"

Christy made a face like she had tasted something disgusting. "I've always hated dieting. The only thing that kept my weight down was that I was in gymnastics and I only baked on special occasions. Now that baking is our business, I never go to the gym, and I sample our goods before they go out."

"So what should we do? Just keep getting fatter and hope our husbands don't mind?"

Christy got a thoughtful look on her face. "Well, we could fatten them up some."

Janet laughed. "You're kidding, right? You really want your husband to get fat?"

Christy smiled a slightly devious smile. "I wouldn't mind Jim having a little belly. Even a big belly would be okay. And if he was fat, he certainly couldn't complain about this," patting her round tummy.

Janet giggled, "I can just picture my Ed with a belly. I'll bet it would be fun to fatten him up. But how do we get them to put on some weight?"

The girls paused, picturing their husbands in their minds. Christy's husband, Jim, was five feet ten inches, moderately broad shoulders, around 175 pounds, with brown hair and eyes. Ed was more of a beanpole. Six feet and an inch, no more than 170 pounds, a slender build, with reddish hair and green eyes. They thought about how different they would look with fat bellies sticking out in front of them. The thought gave them both a flutter of excitement.

Christy broke the silence. "We'll just feed them more, and get them to quit playing basketball."

"Just like that." Said Janet skeptically.

"Well it's not like we're going to tell them that we're going to fatten them up," Christy responded. "We just need to get them to sample as much of our baking as we do. And get them to stop playing basketball every day."

"And just how do we do that?" asked Janet.

"The same way women have for centuries," said Christy. "With a combination of guile and sex."
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LoopsnBloops 7 years
every story this person touches is gold. Absolutely amazing
Hurgon 7 years
As usual you don't disappoint! Great idea and a fantastic start. I sense tasty days ahead for Jim and Ed! smiley