fat shaming

chapter 1

I was plump in high school, about 240lbs at 5'7. My hair was red, my face was full but featured still. My belly was soft but not so large and I sat on my thick floaty thighs. My boyfriend at the time was also fat, he was 6 foot, brown skin, cute Hispanic accent, and he was a whopping 300lbs. He was fairly fit looking, he had thick toned arms, and firm muscular legs, and just this belly that hung so perfectly over his pants.
His belly always peeked out a bit underneath exposing some hanging belly but he didn't care. He knew he was fat, others knew he was fat, it wasn't a big deal.
This one day however we were at McDonald's and we were in the lineup, I was feeling extra bloated from my period so I wasn't that hungry. I excused myself to the bathroom and when I came back out, there he was. My chubby bunny looking all fluffy and happy with two orders of food.
"Oh babe, I'm not hungry hun." I exclaimed apologetically as I pulled up a seat next to him.
"Really? Not at all?" He asked. I shook my head no. Immediately after he scarfed down 2 meals in 20 mins or left, that's two big Mac combos.
My eyes lit up, he eats so much, he isn't even aware. He just keeps getting fatter and fatter, I love it. I want to see him get even bigger.
But he noticed the light in my eyes.
"What?" He questioned.
"I loved seeing that." I told him quietly, my thunder thighs were rubbing together violently under the table as to create stimulation for my clit. Oh boy I was turned on.
My boyfriend who is sitting there now looking bloated, his belly almost pushed all the way out to the table, looks at me with concern.
"I'm not into getting fatter, you know that right." He says sternly.
"Oh yea for sure, it's just you are getting fatter, you were maybe 275lbs before we started dating, so... yknow what, I'm sorry. Let's not bring it up again." I said squeamishly. After he brushes it off I snuck a quick picture of his big blubbery teenage belly. It was shocking to me, we were on the verge of turning 17 years old and we were both morbidly obese.
That night I went home and jerked off to the picture, mid jerk off I was mesmerized by my more medium sized chubby belly jiggled. And I started to wonder what would happen if mine too could be that full, that lardy, have all those stretch marks and stamina to eat.
A few months later he started losing weight which was about the same time I started gaining.
Examining my body before and after binge eating in high school was always nice. I liked the idea of getting huge. I would put on a pair of jeans that would barely fit creating a muffin top while wearing my Moms flannel that just almost didn't stretch around me. Then I would order a party size pizza and have to finish all of it before my parents got home.
This one day I was doing an extreme stuffing, on my way home from school I bought two 1 Litre buckets of ice cream, the ones with the highest fat content, sent in the order for my pizza. When I got home I got started on the ice cream, it was taking me forever. It took me 25 minutes to finish the first and the pizza had arrived. My belly bloated and stuffed, was gurgling begging me to stop.
How am I gonna explain this fatty food to my parents? So I took my ice cream and pizza and left, got to the nearest park and texted my mom I was going out for dinner.
Lonely enough my ice cream melted, so it became a nice thick drink.
Only bad side is I felt like I was going to explode and I vomited about twice.
I came home later still bloated. My belly looked twice the size and I felt like shit. I came home and my parents were shocked.
I looked ill, so my mom and dad sat me down and asked me what had happened.
I probably should've mentioned this earlier but this was supposed to be a light hearted story. My moms been on my ass for years to lose weight, and she's been devastated by the amount I've gained. If I told her the truth she would be so mad.
So I lied like any other 17 year old would. "I got food poisoning" I muttered. My parents rubbed my back and told me to go get rest. I began walking up the stairs until I feel something being pulled from my back pocket. I turn around and my mom is holding the receipts for the pizza and ice cream.
"Huh? That's funny, I didn't see either of these in the kitchen." She scoffs. A tear runs down my face, i got booked.
My mom booked me an appointment at a boot camp for the next weekend. But next week I'd be graduating. And with all the money I had saved I could afford to move out.
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