fat susan

chapter 1

The hardest part about social distancing was saying goodbye to her boyfriend for a while. Susan had started dating Jack about 6 months ago, and although their relationship was beyond perfect, she was not ready to be away from him.
As she hugged him for the last time before locking herself at home, her firm body hit against his muscular frame. He picked her up and hugged her tightly.
Susan had long black healthy hair, beautiful big blue eyes and nice full lips. Her face looked almost like a doll, perfectly put together. She was small, about 5,4 and 110 pounds. Her tits were small and her stomach as flat as it can be.
She hugged Jack and went inside her house, seeing him leave.
She sat on the couch and cried. She could not imagine not being able to see him. He was medicine for her, not only made her feel loved but also calmed her anxiety. After crying for almost an hour, her anxiety was hitting her hard, almost making her lose her breath, she went into the kitchen and grabbed some ice cream. "It's only today, I need to calm my anxiety," she said as she grabbed the tub of chocolate ice cream and a spoon.
She sat on her couch, still crying but not as much, and ate spoon after spoon full of ice cream, making herself bloated and extremely tired. She then laid there, with the empty tube of ice cream on her stomach, and slept all through the evening.
That same night, after her 4-hour nap, her anxiety had not gone away and she needed something to calm it. Away from Jack, all she had that could help her was food. She went back into the kitchen, took some cheese out, and some bread and made herself a grilled cheese sandwich. Then another one. And another one, and only after 5, she actually felt like she had killed her anxiety. She could not believe she had eating all that in less than an hour, and she could not believe her body could chug all that. She went to her room, laid on her bed, and fell asleep in no time, with her stomach pocking out of her black pair of leggings, bloated.
The following day was no different, Susan woke up feeling okay, but as soon as she realized she could not live her house and she had to spend all day alone, her anxiety went right back. So, to try to make it go away, she went back to what worked the day before; food. She started by eating some peanut butter toasts, but after the second one, she still needed more, and so she started making herself more, with more PB each time, consuming about 6 and making her stomach as full as it could be. Almost finding it hard to move on her now tight pants, she went into the living room, turned on the TV a binge-watched Netflix until it was lunchtime. She decided it was time to have something cooked, so she cooked herself some pasta, well not some, pasta for about 5 people. Looking at a big bowl full of carbonara pasta with cheese, she sat on her dining table and thought " This is just going to be this way for a short time, just until the pandemic is under control, then I will go back to normal" and then took her first bite of pasta. Bite after bite, Susan was losing control over herself and setting herself on a path of overfeeding herself and gaining weight.
Day after day, meal after meal, Susan was putting thousand of calories into her body and expanding her petite frame. After just one week she had lost all definition on her abs and legs and was already showing a small potbelly over her pants. Binging was her way to keep anxiety away and she was getting so used to it, she no longer thought about as something bad, she just thought it was like medicine for her. Also, thinking of it as something temporary made it easier for her to just roll with it and not think much about the effects it was having on her.
Another week went by and all the newly formed fat on her body was showing. Her belly looked undoubtedly rounded and soft. Her pants were now tight around the waist at all times making her belly poke out over the waistband and accentuating her gain. She came out of her room on her 15th day of the quarantine, opened her closet, and took a pair of sweatpants out. As she put them on, she noticed her belly, soft and round tight under the waistband. She pulled the waistband and placed it under her belly, showing her full belly out. She then looked in the mirror. Her belly was already hanging a little and had red stretch marks that covered the bottom part of it. She could not believe her eyes as she grabbed her belly and started crying. She has gained around 30 pounds of fat in 2 weeks from binging and binging for every meal and not moving at all. She then turned to the side and checked her side profile, seeing her belly was devastating for her, but her anxiety kicked back and she started to lose control, once again, going to the kitchen and grabbing food again. She took bread, PB, ice cream, and some cheese, and took it all to the couch. She sat there, with her belly sticking out and started binging harder than ever. Crumbs of bread all over her body, PB on the sides of her mouth... She ate and ate until her stomach hurt too much to take any more bites. She then passed out on the couch, rubbing her gut and surrounded by food packages.
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