fat worshiping aliens

Chapter 1

No to all this is my first time writing a story like this. Feel free to comment.

The most beautiful woman in the world, a 21 year old named Sarah, had been living a normal life until one day she was abducted by aliens. She woke up to find herself restrained to a strange machine with force-feeding tubes attached to her mouth, her belly button, butt, and vagina. She was terrified and had no idea what was happening.

The machine started force-feeding her a hyper fattening liquid that quickly began to fatten her up to over 1000 pounds. She was horrified as she felt her body changing and her weight increasing. She tried to scream for help but no one could hear her.

The aliens had altered her genes so that the fat she was gaining could not be burned off and all the food she ate only became fat, but with no health risks. She was trapped in her own body and could not escape.

After what felt like an eternity, Sarah woke up in her own home. She looked in the mirror and was shocked to see her new body. She was now over 1000 pounds and completely immobile.

The aliens had done this to her because they worshipped women that had been fattened up to extreme weights to the point where they were helpless. They had done this to the most beautiful woman in every planet they went to, and eventually caused every woman of the planet to fatten up to the point where they could not move.

Sarah was devastated. She had been reduced to a helpless blob of fat, unable to move or do anything. She was now a prisoner in her own body, unable to escape, and soon this is the fate of every woman on the planet forever, to be fat and helpless. Sarah is the alien’s favorite so she is taken back to their home planet as a trophy to represent earth to be displayed in their grand temple, fattened the point where her limbs and head sinks into her body. Her face has gotten so fat. She can no longer open her eyes and all she can do is open her mouth. And she’s put back on all the tubes that she was hooked up to when she was alien. Ship it with an addition of a breathing tube and she was injected with a special serum now maintain her age of 21 forever. The aliens gave her a special helmet so she can see what her life was like before she was fat and up against her will to remind her. This is her life now. The End
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