father son weight gain

chapter 1

Everything was normal I woke up got dressed ready for college and went to get my breakfast in the kitchen. I'm 19 6ft4 and about 190lbs of muscle. My mums a short scrawny horrible woman and my dad is my height and about 190lbs of muscle with the tiniest but of pudge to his stomach. He didn't mind it though, mum hated it but there was really no point there was a maximum of 5 lbs that had settled round his waist but it infuriated her. He had him on diets and all sorts we all knew he cheated on the diets since we all use my dads car there's mcdonalds receipts and wrappers and crisp packets and chocolate wrappers all over the car.

I started walking down the stairs when my mum screamed "THATS ANOTHER 3LBS YOU FAT BASTARD!!!"
"I know I'll lose it I'm sorry"
Your not sorry I'd you were sorry you wouldn't have gained those 3lbs or the other 5 before them!" My mum sneered
"It was an accident I'm sorry" my dad pleaded
"I can't be with a fat man joe do you have any idea how embarrassing that is for me?"
"What!?!? Your embarrassed to be with me?" My dad asked sounding perplexed
"Yes!! Exactly!! Infact I've been thinking for a while we should end this I'm sick of you!"
"Joe were done I can't do this anymore"

"That was fucking disgusting" I said as I entered the kitchen glaring at mum and going over to hug my dad

For about a week dad went to live with his parents till he could find a place to live of his own. I decided I wanted to live with him because my mum had got even nastier since my dad left. I hadn't seen my dads since mum left him and I was going to his new house tomorrow with all of my stuff to star a new life in a new town away from everyone. I couldn't wait.

I pulled onto the driveway of my new home in my dads car he'd left it so I could still get to college and he was driving my grandparents car. They house was nice detached and cozy. I walked up to the front door and my dad opened it and gave me a big hug. As he pulled away I noticed there was more of him to pull away from. It looked like he'd done nothing but eat since he left mums house. He must have gained another 5lbs since I last saw him!! His button up shirt and dress pants looked tight on him the shirts buttons didn't have long left before they would start to gape. There was no more room for him in that shirt it was even tight across his back. He caught me staring at his larger gut as we were talking and he patted it and said
"I know I've gained its been a rough week I promise I'll slim do..."
"No no it's fine do and eat what you want I'm not mum you can get as fat as you want to and I'm not gonna complain." I stated
"Thank you Jake" he hugged me again

We sat down to watch a movie on the TV dad brought snacks and layer them out across the coffee table there was various different types of crisps chocolate and sweets spread out across the table the movie started and we both started picking at the sweets chocolate and crisps. Just as the film was finishing I reached for another bar of chocolate, only to realise there wasn't one or any sweets, or any crisps. The only evidence of there being food there was the wrappers strewn across the living room and the 2 bloated men rubbing their distended guts

"That was good" I said
"The film? Yea it was"
"No I mean eating all that food makes me feel good"
"Oh what do you mean?"
"Feeling this full feels so good!"
"Yes I know"
"You do? I asked shocked
He nodded "now do you see why it's so hard for me to lose weight?"
"If this is how good it feels then yes I see exactly why!!"

I looked up from my bloated stomach and looked at my dad his shirt buttons were gaping and he'd unbuckled his belt and undone his trousers. We sat there talking for a while and then it went quiet. I was thinking.
"Yea""I don't like my six pack"
"I didn't like mine either"
"Dad this is gonna sound crazy but I think I want to get fat"
"It's not crazy jake that's exactly how I feel"
"You know the feeling of being really full makes you feel good?"
"Well that's how I started, it felt amazing to be so full. So I'd do it again and again and again. Soon the food started to stick and I gained a bit of weight. Your mum very quickly picked up on it and put me on diets. But that just made it better! Eating loads of food in secret when I wasn't allowed to made me feel even better, because I couldn't do it at home I had to do it at buffets and fast food restaurants which have a lot more calories so I gained weight even faster. It felt amazing and I loved it but your mum hated it. Then she left me and this week I haven't tried being healthy at all. I've been eating cakes, fast food, crisps, chocolate, sweets, anything I could get my hands on and I've gained another 5lbs just this week! I love my body getting fatter."
"I want to get fatter too I love having this bloated gut I want it to be there all of the time."
"Pizza for dinner?"

That night I went to bed with a nice round full stomach I'd eaten so much it hurt, but it felt soooo good. I had eaten 1 and a half large pizzas and a tub of ice cream. Dad ate 2 pizzas and a tub of ice cream. I was gonna love this I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

New chapter.........

I woke up the following morning excited to eat. I got a shower and got dressed and went downstairs. My dad said before we eat we should do a weekly weigh in today as it was Monday. I finished college last week and needed to find work now so I was going to apply for some jobs after breakfast. Gaining while working would be lots easier than at college I thought because I wouldn't have to walk to each different lesson.
We went upstairs to weigh ourselves. Dad took his shirt and tie off then unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers. He looked quite a bit fatter. His gut hung over his boxers when he bent over to turn the scale on. He hopped on and waited for the numbers to come up. 208.4lbs/14.9stone/94.5kg.
"4lbs more than last Monday" he said happily.
I stripped off all my clothes and walked over to the scale and stepped onto it. I looked down my abs had returned. I frowned. 192lbs/13.7stone/87kg.
"2lbs more but lately I haven't really been watching what I ate so hopefully I'll gain lots more now"
"You will jake your metabolism will be high coz your young so you won't gain as fast as me"

We went downstairs to get some breakfast I had 2 bacon and egg sandwiches and the other half of the large pizza left over from last night. Dad really surprised me, he had 2 bacon and egg sandwiches a bowl of cereal with double cream on instead of milk, 4 donuts and a coffee with sugar and more double cream. He couldn't sit down without his buttons gaping but he told me he wasn't buying any new shirts till he either burst out of the ones he has or can't button them. That day I started an office job at my dads work. I had my own office and the vending machine was right outside it. Me and dad went out for lunch at McDonald's and we had 2 meals each with mcflurries after. Then in the way home we stopped at Krispy Kreme to get some donuts. We got a dozen and by the time we got back to work I'd eaten 5 and dad had eaten 7. My shirt was getting tight now but nothing compared to dads, the buttons were really straining to keep his gut contained.

I was really enjoying my new diet, I could eat anything I wanted and enjoy the effects it had. I loved it!

The next few weeks saw mine and my dads weight climb
Week 2 - dad - 214.8lbs/15st3/97.4kg a 6lb gain
Me - 197.9lbs/14st1/89.7kg a 5lb gain
Week 3 - dad - 221.3lbs/15st8/100.3 a 7lb gain
Me - 204.6lbs/14st6/92.8kg a 7lb gain
Week 4 - dad - 231.8lbs/16st5/105.1kg a 10lb gain
Me - 213.9lbs/15st2/97kg a 9lb gain

Overall I had gained 23lbs and dad had gained 27lbs since our starting weight. Dad now had quite a large belly and he wore it with pride he purposely didn't upgrade his wardrobe till the last minute so that everyone knew he was gaining. That week my dad and I got invited to a BBQ at one of his friends. He hadnt seen either of us for a while and we were both excited to pig out on all the BBQ food.

We arrived at my dads friends house and he hugged my dad and poked his belly and said
"Joe your getting really fat"
"Haha yea I know it's only a few lbs it's fine"
"A few lbs? More like a few stone!"
"Ahah yea maybe"
He then turned to look at me
"It's a good thing I bought loads of food you look like your catching up to your dad!"
"Mmm yea been working a lot and not had enough time to fit the gym in"
"Oh well at least your both enjoying yourselves!"
"Yea haha" me and dad said in Union

I was starving so we went out and started eating over the course of the night me and dad cleared away all of the food that his friend had barbecued for us all to eat. It all tasted amazing. All of our clothes were really tight and I was so full it hurt to breathe. But I loved it. As we were leaving we were told the weight looked good on us and not to worry too much about it. This seemed to ignite something stronger in us and by the time we got home we both wanted more food. On the way home dad bought 12 donuts that we both finished on the way home and then ordered a pizza each when we got home. We both felt like we were going to burst when we had finished.

If you like my story so far please comment give me ideas on what to do with them next, should the mum run into them in the street? Give me ideassss
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Gainergayboy124 4 years
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