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Chapter 1 - failed fitness test

Hi I'm Anna I am 17 an for as long as I can remember I had always liked guys to have meat on their bones. I didn't want to meet them and them be fattened up already, I wanted to be the one that made the man fat. This is where my dad comes in. Firstly by the way I am in no way sexually attracted to my dad !!! That would just be weird. But I saw my dad as my new project. He had always been skinny at 6'2" and only 150lbs he wasn't the weight I imagined he could sturdily hold. I didn't want him to be immobile but I did want him to at least double his weight.

I thought and planned it for ages before doing anything. I wanted to make sure that I had everything sorted so that he could never find out what I was doing to him. My mum lived in New York and I was still at school in England I ha been to New York a few times and I didn't like it, so seen as my mum and dad were separated I decided to live with my dad. This is why it would be so easy to do. My dad must have had the highest metabolism going because he already ate quite a lot, he also still has to this day a chair that he sits in and he fell asleep every day in that chair, he was the heaviest sleeper ever the only thing that could wake him up was the horrible sound of the alarm clock beeping, or me turning the TV off which usually followed by me saying time for bed.

My dad was a police man which also gave me the impression that this was going to be a lot harder than I thought because of all of the takeaways and doughnuts (yes he was the stereotype of a police man only without the huge gut) one of his work colleagues I am very good friend with it was only he who knew about my plans for my dad. I swore him to secrecy. Anyway I told him so that I could ask him to make me a list of everything my dad ate and drank for a week. He did a really good job. Unfortunately I found out getting him fat would be very difficult. These are the results Brian gave me :
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
L big mac meal doughnut doughnutx3 Doughnut x4 doughnut Doughnut x5 doughnutx3
Doughnut doughnut doughnut doughn ut doughnut doughnut doughnut
doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut
d oughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughn ut doughnut
doughnut 3 full plates at chinese buf doughnut 2 foot long subway doughnut 2 fried cheese + sausage toastie 20oz steak 1 xl portion of chips
doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut dough nut doughnut doughnut
L big tasty meal doughnut doughnut 1 supersized oreo sundae 40 chicken nuggets 1 supersizedtriple choc sundae 1 supersizedtriple choc sundae
doughnut doughnut doughnut Doughnut x2 Doughnut doughnut doughnut
doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut
I was do shocked he could eat so much and not add a pound to his toned body ! I so much as look at a doughnut and put on a stone. Brian also has a cool little app on his phone that somehow works out calories here are the calories :
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun total
4225 374 2 2860 5100 3947 4936 5853 30663

Add breakfast and dinner onto any of those numbers and your way over your daily calorie allowance. I was amazed. There was one problem. Some police lead very active lives, my dad doesn't go running or to the gym or anything that is exercise (except walking around... obviously!) but I thought that the police were keeping him fit. He had been bragging for ages that there was a police fitness test in 3 days an that he was going to sail through and pass with flying colours. But I had other ideas. I knew that the police got 2 chances at the fitness test. If you pass the first one you have passed and nothing else is said and you can resume normal life, if you fail the first all sorts of health checks are done and then you are put through to the second fitness test, if you fail the second you are paid a large sum of money an sacked. The money is to keep you and your family supported while you get a new job. If I could get him to fail both tests the majority of jobs you can do after the police are sat behind a desk.

I thought if I could make him so full that he felt bloated then he wouldn't be able to do a lot for the fitness test and he would then go through the tests the police would then find out that there was no excuse for him not being able to complete it properly put him through the next test and if I can stuff him again he will fail the second one and be sacked and they will all think he couldn't be bothered and will put a ban on him joining the police so that he wont ever be able to get a job in the police and will be forced into a desk job.

So the day before the fitness test I set off baking because I am the only one who cooks my dad had no reason to go in the fridge in the garage so I baked a chocolate cake and bought ice cream condensed milk and creamy chocolate icing for the cake. While I was in the shop I realised "how was I supposed to get all of this into him." I took all of the items back to the car located in the supermarket car park. I sat in my car thinking "I can't tie him up I can't feed him because then he'll know what he's in for" and the it dawned on me "I don't have to do any of that with all of the things I bought I could go home quickly and put the cake, the icing, the ice cream, and the condensed milk in the blender and make a few jugs of it and what I didn't manage to get into him I could freeze and get out for next weeks test all I had to do was leave the TV on while he was asleep get some hose pipe and put it down his throat then get the kitchen funnel and pour the cake liquid into him while he was asleep. Then I would tidy up and turn the TV off so there was only just enough time for him to get ready and fly out of the door hopefully before he realised how full he was.

I quickly drove round to the garden centre and bought a cut off a hose pipe I then raced home and blended everything I then put the mixture in the fridge in the garage and waited till the morning.
That morning I woke up bright and early to make sure everything was ready. After I had one that I went over to my dad to make sure he was asleep. He was luckily. I went back into the kitchen and shook the cake milkshake because all of the cake sunk to the bottom then one by one I took the 4 1.5 litre jugs into the lounge and set them down on the coffee table. I then went back to the kitchen to grab the hose and the funnel and searched for some tape. I found the tape and took everything else into the lounge. For the first time I felt nervous. I taped the funnel to the hose and started to slowly ease the hose down his throat when I felt the hose pipe hit the bottom of his stomach I lifted it back up slightly. I was amazed that he still hadn't woken up yet. I grabbed a 1.5 litre jug and began to pour it into the funnel half way through the jug his stomach began to swell but his shirt was still slightly loose so I carried on. I got to the end of the jug and his stomach was pressed up to his shirt I was so happy his shirt was button up I thought I could get his buttons to gape maybe. His stomach would allow me to fill it until I wanted to stop because the hose pipe was in there so I started on the second jug. His stomach growled. Halfway through the second jug I stepped back an looked at him. His stomach had swelled up so that his buttons were parting I decided that I shouldn't undo any buttons in case he noticed something was up, but I think I pushed it too far. I made him finish the remainder of the second jug an 3 of his shirt buttons popped and his jeans button popped off out of the window. It was nearly time to wake him up so I washed everything.

I went back into the lounge and looked at him. I took a picture so that I could compare. I have lots of him unbloated which is why I didn't take one earlier. His waist measurement was 30" and his hips were 32" and I decided that if I was successful in making him gain weight that I would measure his waist and hips every 50lbs he gained. I turned off the TV and said "I'm so sorry I was applying for jobs and lost track of time." then I got worried as he looked at a button on the floor he then looked at himself so I quickly looked at him funny and said "what happened to you?" he looked at me shocked that I could see it too. "I-I..I'm not sure" he slapped his belly and rubbed it passionately.

Dads Point of view

"This was so sexy I was getting a belly" I thought I carried on caressing it as Anna stared at me in disbelief. Then another thought crossed my mind I was getting hard. I needed to get out an away from Anna before she saw I liked it. I promised myself that I would full fill my dream of having a big hairy belly pouring over my trousers after Anna had moved out. I decided I wanted to talk to her about it. I really wanted to be fat now this has happened. I was getting up but as I did I didnt realise my button had popped and my zip unzipped with the weight of my belly pressing on it so when I stood up my erection was clearly visible. Uh oh she saw. Her mouth dropped open. I turned an started walking but a hand on my shoulder stopped me. "you like it?" She asked. I said "I will speak to you about it as soon as I get home from the fitness test" no more was said I left the house and climbed in the car. As I was driving I thought "hold on, how did this happen? I don't remember stuffing myself." I then thought "Maybe I ave started to sleep eat I had read about it on my favourite sites for weight gain and it was common for people who really wanted to be fat but refused to let themselves go, their bodies made the decision for them" as I drove down the road I said to myself "all I know is I am no longer In control. I arrived at the fitness centre where the tests were being held. I got out of the car and wend into a disabled locker they always have mirrors and I wanted to check out my new body that I would be welcoming with open arms unfortunately I wasn't as big as I hoped I was just wearing one of my sl
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Bigboyproject 6 years
Definitely waiting on a next instalment 😀
Belliesoutthere 7 years
Random but how old is the daughter, just got ti the part where the dad's age is and he seem way too youbg to have a daughter in her late teens. Sorry issues with suspension of disbelief thats why I ask. Other than that great so far
Bugmenot 7 years
Anyone reading this now please don't be shy comment and let me know how I can make this better
Bugmenot 7 years
might put more on tomorrow if not definitely saturday
Bugmenot 7 years
I have nearly finished the next few chapters check back soon
FrecherTyp 8 years
oh yes it does ;-) i am thrilled to read more ^^
Bugmenot 8 years
he has another fitness test to come yet so he will struggle with that. Ill get him drunk at some point. and maybe add the fear after the test ??? sound any good ?
FrecherTyp 8 years
hmm and suggestions ....: what about him getting a little fear about how easy he gains and how fast things change cause she feeds him while sleeping cause he mentioned that wish one when drunk ^^ oh and please let him struggle to do exercises ^^
Bugmenot 8 years
haven't got a clue but she did it before his fitness test
FrecherTyp 8 years
oh pleae continue i loved the line on his legs hehe and the question should i feed you awake or asleep was hot would that really work asleep ???
Bugmenot 8 years
should i continue? or give it up as a bad job ???

i am open to suggestions but bear in mind not all of them will be used ;-p