fattening milk

Chapter 1 - main chapter

Pat loves big boobs. He was sitting in a fast food restaurant when she came in. He immediately stopped eating because he was stunned by the figure of this woman. She was quite voluptuous and got curves in all the right places. Thick thighs, wide hips and big boobs. She showed a lot of cleavage and her boobs jiggled with every step.
She ordered and when she got her food she went to find a seat.
Pat couldn’t take his eyes off her and after a few minutes she noticed him staring at her. She kept on eating without any reaction. Some more minutes went by and when she looked up to see if he was still staring she started smiling. She already noticed before that he was pretty cute. His chubby face and little belly told her that he loves to eat. Pat smiled back, took his heart in his hands, took his tray and asked if he could join her. He introduced himself and she said her name was Sandra.
One thing led to another and they became a couple.
They really felt connected and moved in together. Their Sex was amazing because they gave each other what they wanted. She loved to grab his belly and feel his weight on her. He loved to grab her hips and play with her boobs. What really makes him come each time was to suck on her nipples. She loved it and often pushed his face into her boobs. He loved to suck for many minutes and she felt it going down between her legs. After Sex they were always hungry, so they mostly ordered fast food afterwards. She loved to see him eat and so he gained a few pounds. She also gained a little and her boobs, thighs and ass got rounder.

This was her routine until that special night he sucked her tits again, what he didn’t do only in bed anymore but at every occasion life offered. So she mostly walked around topless when they were at home. They sat on the couch. He was lying in her lap sucking on one of her nipples while she was stroking his big belly and watching her favorite TV-Show. Her tits were very firm and suddenly he felt more in his mouth than his spit. He stopped sucking and opened his eyes. Sandra asked „Why do you stop, honey ? Is something wrong ?“ He did not reply and sucked once more. No doubt about it - it was milk ! He let it run out of his mouth and she couldn’t believe her eyes. They both were aroused by that and were happy that their little sucking game got sweetened by this surprise. „I heard that it happened to some women without being pregnant but I didn’t think that it could happen so easily“, she said. Pat just said: „I love it…“ and kept on sucking. From now on he really sucked hard to get more and more milk while she felt that the pressure in her boobs rose with every week. So he had to drink a lot of her milk to ease up the pressure. Soon it was so much that it was enough to replace a meal but before they noticed this fact the kept on having lunch and dinner like before. That means that he gained more weight more rapidly. „Pat, my darling, seems like you have gained some pounds again.“ „Yes, I know. I think I have to watch what I eat.“ „Not for me. I actually like it. You look so sexy with this big round belly.“ „You think so ? To be honest it feels quite good being bigger.“ They both smiled and hugged, her boobs pressed against him and his belly pressed against her. So the days went by and he steadily gained more weight. „you know, I think maybe your milk is the reason I gain more and more. I know it sounds weird but I don’t have any other explanation.“ „It could be, chubby, and I think we can take advantage of this fact. I love your bigger body and you love to suck my tits. Keep on drinking my fattening milk so you can gain more weight. What do you think ?“ He was thinking for a few seconds before he started to smile and nod without saying a word.

In the next few weeks they focused on his weight gain and sometimes used the need to ease the pressure in her tits as an excuse for him to drink her milk. It kind of was their role play. He was her servant to suck her nipples whenever she wanted him to.
He loved to drink her fattening milk and accepted his weight gain as a side effect that he did not hate. She wanted him fatter and loved the fact that it was her milk that made him gain.
He was 283 lbs when her milk started flowing. Now he weighed 303 lbs and both wanted more.
Often she would call him in urge to drink because her milk was spraying out of her nipples randomly. „Honey, come quickly. My milk is spraying out of my boobs. We should not waste any of it. You need it to get fatter.“ He rushed to her and while he did his fat belly jumped up and down which caused her to get wet. He then immediately started to suck and drink. He felt her milk running down his throat. She was holding his head, pushing his face into her boob meat. He had to suck quickly because the other nipple was leaking, too. Soon they were fucking. She sat on top of him letting her huge boobs hang in his face so he could keep sucking and sucking.
Months went by and he was getting fatter and fatter. Sandra and Pat loved it so much that they planned everything around his fattening. After a few months he was tipping the scale at 346 lbs. His belly was big and round and started to hang. She loved his fat and wanted him to drink her milk as often as possible. When he did he felt this warm greasy fluid going down is his belly and got a boner for the thought that it would make him fatter.
His meals got bigger and he could eat bigger portions. Only when he was stuffed to the max she stopped pushing him to the limits. He still had to drink her milk after each meal. Both boobs had to be emptied. After his stuffing they had Sex, but he could do nothing but lie on his back with her riding him. Her boobs were jiggling with milk spilling out landing on his fat belly. He was moaning but she was so horny that she could not resist feeding him Donuts.
„come on, Pat, eat, eat ! You have to get fat !“ „But I am fat already.“ „This is not what I call fat ! You have to be huge.“ „I thought 350 lbs to 370 lbs would be a good weight to stop. I love to be big, too, but I think we should not exaggerate it.“ „You are my fat private hog…and remember, you love sucking my milk. It is not my fault if you keep on gaining. If you don’t want to gain anymore you just have to stop drinking my creamy, fattening milk.“ „I can’t stop sucking your nipples. I cannot resist. I just love it too much !“ „ok, then be prepared to get even fatter.“
He couldn’t say anything more…
Like predicted - he gained.
More and faster.
Her huge tits didn’t stop producing milk.
She helped him drink more milk by pressing her boob while he was sucking.
It was hard for him to swallow as quickly as her milk was pouring into his mouth. 2 months later he weighed 374 lbs.
With all the food she made him eat and all her milk he hit 400 lbs only one month later.
They celebrated with a huge meal and lots of milk.
She had the idea of making big fattening weight gain shakes using her breast milk. They were rich and creamy and filled him up to the brim.
His belly was huge and hung quite a bit. He also developed man boobs which she liked to grab when she rode him.

He kept on gaining, 423 lbs, 437 lbs, 450 lbs, 480 lbs…
She was happy that he was close to 500 lbs and she told him that they would celebrate even bigger than his achievement of reaching 400 lbs.
By now it was hard for him to do anything.
Walking was not easy. Tying his shoes was impossible. When he drove his car his belly pushed against the steering wheel.
Now he got to the point where he had to finally admit that he loved gaining. He loved to be this fat, walking around with such a big fat belly and feel all his fat jiggle when he walked.
So he thought „well, whatever… 480 lbs or 500 lbs does not make any difference. And since we both love me getting fatter I might as well gain even more and get even fatter.“
When they lied in bed, he on his side and his belly between them, he told her about his thoughts and made her the happiest and horniest woman on the planet. „I will feed you my milk until you cannot move anymore. I want you to be my huge fat milk feedee. You have to suck my tits every time I want you to because they often hurt from all the pressure.
So it would be…
He kept on gaining and they celebrated his 500 lbs with lots of weight gain shakes of her breast milk.
By the time he hit 600 lbs he was so fat that he gave up on everything and devoted himself to gaining and pleasing Sandra.
So they lived happily ever after…
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Blobby_man 4 weeks
I love this story! It is my ultimate fantasy to be fattened up on breast milk 24/7, thank you 😍
Sem Nenhuma 1 3 months
Milkfedfeedee 3 months
yay! would love more breastfeeding feederism stories on here.
CustardCream 3 months
It's like you knew what was in my mind as an ideal life when I was young!