fattening the frat

chapter 1

I was so thankful to get a job offer back that I hadn't even put two and two together that I'd be working at a Frat house. I had just finished culinary school in May and I was hopeful to get right into the industry. I applied at the fanciest restaurants, the high end bakeries, at wedding venues, but nothing. There wasn't much demand for chefs, so I found myself posting ads online for chefs, including personal chefs. One of my friends had gotten a job as a personal chef to a rich family and was making some money already, so I was hoping for a similar outcome. The whole summer I couldn't get any listings, and found myself working at the same grocery store in my hometown that I worked at in high school, just as miserable as I was the first time working there. So when my phone notified me of an offer, I nearly quit on the spot.

I read the offer. It was from the president of a fraternity at a university about 30 minutes away from me. The fraternity wanted a personal chef to cook for the brothers, and I was a bit confused as I didn't think this was that common. Being the neurotic person that I was, I googled the Kappa Alpha Sigma fraternity at the university's chapter to see that a personal chef was part of the recently-elected president's campaign promise. On that page I saw a picture of the president and his officers, and I shamelessly thought every single one of them was hot. Going straight from high school to culinary school, I never got the college experience and found it to be enticing. It also paid way better than the grocery store so I accepted the offer.

School would be starting back up soon, but I was to head to campus a week early to start for the president and his officers while they began whatever fraternity presidents had to do. They were nice enough to offer me a room in the house, which I gladly accepted to save me on gas money. When I arrived on campus the house was a bit bigger than I was expecting. The university was not that prestigious and known to be a party school, but it had enough rich kids attending in order to support the nice housing. I walked up the steps with my bag and knocked on the door.

One of the officers opened the door with a stern face, which I recognized from the frat's webpage. He was tall with brown hair, and his chiseled face connected to a thick neck that made it obvious he played sports in high school. His biceps bulged out of his t-shirt, and I quickly realized I was staring so I introduced myself. "Hey! My name's Luke, I was hired to be a personal chef for the Kappa Alpha Sigma house," I smiled. Immediately the brother's face smiled wide. "Awesome! It's great we're going to have a personal chef this year. My name's Cody, I'll show you your room." Cody grabbed one of my bags - how romantic - and walked me through the house. It was what you would expect a frat house to be down to the last detail. Flattened beer-can boxes to decorate a wall, a "Saturdays are for the Boys" flag, and three couches that didn't even match. Walking through the house Cody introduced me to Tyler, another officer. Tyler was just a bit shorter than Cody with long blonde hair, but a similar athletic build. Cody was telling me all about the fraternity, and that there'd be 25 guys in-house this year. I learned that this was the "party frat" of the campus, and that nearly all the guys in the brotherhood were former athletes that bonded over love for fitness. Just on que, he showed me a large in-house gym, where I met Brendon - just as tall and just as handsome - lifting weights. Finally we made our way to my room where we dropped my bags, and he lead the way downstairs to the kitchen. To my little-chef-wannabe heart, the kitchen was huge. It had two ovens, two refridgerators, and bunch of cabinets for storing food. I guess my face gave away my excitement with the kitchen, and Cody said he'd leave me to get adjusted and that they'd be meeting for lunch around 1 where I could meet the rest of the guys.
"Oh and, I just wanted to say, I don't mind that you're gay, but I don't swing that way." Cody did his little straight-man exit and left the kitchen, me just laughing that my voice had again given away my sexuality.

I was 24, just 2-4 years older than most of the guys in the frat, but I quickly saw that I was the smallest guy of the officers. I was only 5'8 and 150lbs, meanwhile I noticed Cody was right in these guys' dedication to fitness. I felt like I was surrounded by models! Each over 6 feet tall, and muscles nearly tearing out of their shirts, which I guess was intentional as the guys bought smaller clothes to show off their gym gains.

I saw that it was 11:30am, and I wanted to make a good impression on the officers and president by making them a nice lunch for everyone. I had brought some groceries with me to the campus to make some burgers for the guys. I quickly got to work cooking the burgers and cutting potatoes to make some fries, and some of the guys walked in and introduced themselves while I cooked away on the first meal. I was so excited to be cooking for people, I hadn't in such a long time and was eager to make the food taste good, preparing the beef with spices and a special mayo sauce that would make the mouth water. 1pm came around and I heard the 7 guys walking toward the kitchen. I hadn't met the president yet, but seeing him in person made my heart skip. He was taller than the other guys, around 6'5, with short but styled blonde hair and thick dark eyebrows. He had a chiseled, shaven face and had an amazing body, better than the other guys. If he had won his presidency based on his looks I wouldn't be surprised. His tight t shirt outlined his muscled pecs and biceps, and the shirt was cut just long enough so that when he raised his arms, a dark happy trail covering his abs was exposed. I was struggling to find the words when, in presidential fashion, the president took the lead. "Alright guys, this is the personal chef I was talking to you guys about, Luke! I'm Wes, the president of our chapter!" Each of the guys nodded and smiled at me in welcoming, and I did the same back. "It's great to meet you guys, I made some lunch for you guys to get things started!" The guys weren't expecting me to be cooking so soon and were excited to get some home-cooked food.

Being completely honest, I didn't have too many straight guy friends, so I didn't know how much to make. My circle usually didn't eat that much, but seeing that these guys worked out and probably had all those protein shakes and such I figured I'd make 4 burgers for each guy and a few plates of fries. The burgers came out just I had hoped, with the melted cheese seeping into the spiced-up sizzling meat and meeting with my favorite secret sauce. I spread the food out in a buffet fashion, and the guys dug in right away, ravenously chowing down on the burgers and shoving fries in their face while the guys joked around and told me about themselves. While cooking I was worried I was making too much, but sitting there eating some fries I worried I hadn't made enough. Soon enough the guys slowed down, and all the food was gone. I was about to speak up and apologize for the small amount of food but the guys began to thank me, saying how delicious the food was and how full they were. I thanked them back, and the guys began to get up to go on about their day, as I made note of the ever-so-slightly distended bellies from their meal. Wes, who was sitting next to me, stayed behind, and once they all left the kitchen he turned to me with an intoxicating smile.

"Luke, lunch was amazing. Listen, I wanna really prove to these guys and the rest of the house that they made the right decision choosing me as their president, so if you keep cooking up delicious meals like these, it'd be so amazing."

"Totally, you chose the right guy, and I'm so stoked to have gotten the job!" I smiled back, and We got up and patted his large hand on my back. I watched from the corner of my eye as Wes stretched his arm, again lifting his shirt, to see a slightly bloated belly from the lunch, and I took another mental picture.
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Kaka 1 year
Please post again you make the best stories
BulkBrit 1 year
Absolutely brilliant story. Thank you for your hard work.

I would pledge to that frat without the slightest hesitation. Maybe a real world version could happen if a few of us clubbed together?
S1234567 2 years
Tolle Geschichte.....hoffe das die beiden ihren feeder schön durch die Gegend jagen....das er nur noch sie füttert
AshBear 2 years
This just keeps getting better and better!
AshBear 2 years
Azismiss 2 years
Normally I like weight gain to be focused on one person, but this story is crazy hot.
Please keep writing!
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Soooo good!
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best story for months here, keep on this good work!
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Loving the romance between Luke and Zach, but also LIVING for the background action of the rest of these hungry hungry himbos stuffing their faces! Sexy af.
Algoalgo 2 years
This story is amazing.
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Loving this story. Can't wait for more
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