fatter every day

chapter 1

You wake up late in the morning after a big party at your friend's.Your eyes are still not fully open so u go to the bathroom wash your face and brush your teeth.
You then reomve your bra and panty and proceed to take a shower

Your eyes suddenly fall on your belly,your once flat belly has now gotten a bit bigger and pudgier.You get shocked and poke it with disgust.It is very soft and starts to jiggle.You decide to work it off after taking a shower.

While showering all you think about is your belly amd what people will think if the see your belly.After shower u sit down and and squeeze your fat.You are kinda liking it.

You think that it wont be any harm to keep a little tummy.You then do some research about your weird kink and found out a whole new world! Bbws,bloating,inflation,force feeding and much more!

You get turned on a lot and decide to try it all and get fat.You rush to the mall and buy lots of food,air pumps,clothes 2 sizes smaller and lots more.

You head home and first try coke and mentos bloat.
You chug a liter of coke and gulp down a packet of mentos.Slowly your belly starts getting bigger and after some time it becomes like a beach ball.You love the belly and start rubbing it playing with it.

After some time the effect goes out so you decide to try air inflation.So,you take the air pump and insert the hoe in your ass and start pumping.You pump until you feel like bursting.You can feel the stretch.You are totally loving it and measure your belly,You get shocked by finding out that you can inflate till 40 inches!

After some time of playing everything becomes normal and now you want to get bigger from every side and not just belly,so you start stuffing yourself everyday.

Its been a week of stuffing and you have totally packed on the pounds.Your belly is now rounder and softer,boobs are a size bigger,ass has gotten huge and thighs are all soft and rub with each other while walking,you also have a slight double chin!

You are loving it and decide to get as fat as posible.
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