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chapter 1 open marriage moving in together day

The choosen empress of the emperor scouting moving in open marriage draft list of a polygamy nude group are to weight at lowest average of 229 pounds, then average of 240 to 250 pounds, to high average of 350 to 370 pounds, extreme high is 425 to 604 pounds, and high limited immovable of body is 630 to 840 pounds before marriage. This open marriage of moving in group is for every twenty six yrs of getting together of empress fatting polygamy extreme royal nude class of marriage force silent auction dowry trade in contract of marriage settlement by emperor secrecy deals of myth spells of wishes of love with good luck spells of royal power with 2311% for 71 yrs.
Then after a measurements of before and after on each empress of class draft stock list by the emperor, before doing the force feeding fantasy feeder drills for 19 hours and forty five minutes long at the emperor house in Vernon, texas. Then after each inside house drills of emperor scouting empress combined, for the outdoors drills, then later for the scouting combined tournament drills of training, later dance fighting royal empress drills, then the sumo marital art fighting UFC women boxing drills.
Later all groups are divided into senior of first group, sophomore, junior senior, junior sophomore, freshman, junior freshman, the rookie and minor sub groups of empress class love levels by emperor heart.
The moving in day was on March 7, 2021 to 2047 for each group class of empress, that will changed their lives forever, by being in control of the emperor powers for love. The engagement parties are held at the lotus hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada each year by class group of the unlimited empress list for 26 yrs after the two yrs of living together before wedding as a open marriage. All the empress must wear and do what the emperor tells them what to do because of no acceptance of answer no on anything until the emperor is high self happiness inside and outside life circle all day long until the empress can't control them self any more as hopeless and helpless self control until contract is broken with myth magic spell earth life revenage by the high holy lord goddess of Styx of promise of any oath bound contract between the royal emperor heart of love and the choosen unlimited royal empress heart to the emperor control for all eternal under zeus power forever.
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