faye's bakery

chapter 1

"Shit, shit, shit...!" After car troubles that morning, Emma had to resort to running…Well, light jogging, to work. It wasn’t too far but for a 300lb, wildly out of shape short woman it had left her with sweat forming across her brow and heavy panting coming out of her lips. The worst of it all was that she had to skip out on breakfast, her growling stomach only adding onto her current mess of a situation.

She swore there had to be some kind of food establishment on the route she was heading down that she could pick up a quick bite to eat, yet they were either not open for business yet or considerably further out of the way than she thought. Emma had to pause for a second, clutching her chest as she plonked her ass down on a bench to catch her breath. “I should have gone to the gym all those years ago…” She grumbled to herself, poking at her belly fat in dismay.

Those thoughts didn’t dwell on for long however as the smell of baked goods filled the air. She turned her attention to the source of it, to which there was a brightly coloured and almost hypnotising entrance to a bakery labelled ‘Faye’s Bakery’. She could of sworn it wasn’t there when she first sat down, but her stomach growled loud enough it caught the attention of a man passing by and so she knew she had to get at least something to eat, even if it wasn’t the most healthiest breakfast in the world.

The scent only grew stronger once she stepped through the doors of the bakery, almost like it wrapped her up and washed all of her previous worries away. She no longer was thinking about her weight or being late for work for that matter, just how hungry she was.

“Welcome to Faye’s Bakery! Owned and run by the one and only Faye, at your service. What are you looking for today then, Miss?” A voice snapped Emma out of her initial trance and made her turn her attention to the counter. There was a petite looking woman stood there who was presumably Faye, offering a cheerful smile and almost an eagerness to serve her.

"O-Oh--Yes!" Emma waddled her way towards the counter to be served. "I just want a... Uh...Huh. You know what? I actually don't remember why I came in here..."

Faye merely chuckled at this, “We get that a lot here. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you take a seat and I’ll bring our products out for you to try?” Before Emma could respond, Faye had already disappeared around the back. She could hardly complain as her feet still ached from…Whatever she had been doing before walking in here. She made her way into one of the booth’s, noting how nobody else appeared to be in here. Both staff and customers.

The booth was relatively snug, the chair itself was small and though it was designed for two people she filled it up easily. The table was digging into her stomach, making it overflow a little onto the table. Faye couldn’t help but ogle at her customer as she came back with four large pies to begin with, each of different flavours. Faye then handed Emma a fork, knowing for a fact it wouldn’t take long for her to ditch it.

Emma seemed a little hesitant. She knew she had quite a large appetite, but four pies the size of these seemed excessive. Still though, this kind bakery shop owner was giving these to her based off of her own recommendation, it’s not like she could say no. Taking a relatively large forkful of the first pie, Emma’s eyes widened as a burst of flavours hit her tongue. It was easily the best pie she had ever tasted, shoving three more forkfuls into her mouth before throwing it aside and using her hands instead (just like Faye had predicted).

Faye herself took a seat in the opposite side of the booth, leaning her chin on her hands as she watched Emma eat. It had been a while now since she had gotten any…’Business’ and she couldn’t have asked for a better customer to have broken that dry spell.

“Still hungry?” Faye hummed as she stacked the now empty pie tins.
Emma’s eyes widened as she didn’t even realise she had eaten that much, almost as if she was put under a spell of some kind. Clearly she had though, as berry stains decorated her face, fingers and down her dress. She was about to open her mouth but her stomach cut her off, growling once more. “I’ll be right back, then.” The baker left with a wink that made Emma’s cheeks blush.
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Karenjenk 2 years
and controlling
usually I like slower growth
but this was really good because of where it ended.
she is trapped and at the mercy of her captor