feedee feeder valentines holiday

Chapter 1

Sally rolled over in bed and glanced at the alarm clock. It was early, but Ned, her husband was already up. Sally smiled to herself, thinking, “I wonder what eating activities does Ned have planned for me today?” Just then Sally plump tummy growled, it was nearly breakfast time and she was used to a large breakfast. Sally patted her tummy under the sheets, getting just a little aroused feeling how round and plump her belly had become in just six weeks since moving in with Ned.

Ned came in the bed room wearing a pair of bikini cut briefs. Showing his own “plump tummy”. Ned’s choice of underwear was just one of the reasons that Sally was so attracted to him. She loved the way he “showed off” his own thickening body. She hated guys who covered up their own dietary indiscretions by wearing boxers and “swim trunks”. While they insist their wives or girl friends weary skimpy bikinis that hide nothing.

Ned reached under the covers and tickled Sally on her belly, causing her to giggle. “Hey babe, time to get up, a big day ahead of us, lots of errands to run and places to go!” said Ned. Now patting Sally’s round bottom.

Ned thought to himself, “This will be a lot bigger and softer after today.”

Sally got up marveling at how tight her bikini felt and how her body now jiggled as she walked into take a shower. She showered quickly, dried off and started to choose a sexy and tight outfit to wear, on what she new would be a big eating day. Sally pulled on tight nylon, black bikini panties, a black bra, low cut, too tight jeans and a midriff barring t-shirt. She patted the cute little roll of fat bulging over the waist band of the tight jean, knowing that it would drive Ned crazy! Knowing that she would be getting totally stuffed today, she put a shift house dress in her purse to change into something more comfortable when she got really, really full.

Ned was downstairs, holding open the door to the garage for Sally. “Hurry dear, I want to get a good table at the café.” As Sally walked past him, he patted her round bottom straining her jeans. Sally giggled, “Watch out, the seams could burst any moment!”

Ned laughed, “I wish!”

Ned and Sally were seated at the café, the wait staff new them well, especially since Sally had moved in with Ned. It was Ned’s favorite “feeding” place. Ned scanned the menu looking for Sally’s favorite bingeing treats.

Ned ordered Sally a huge breakfast, stuffed French toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage, scrabbled eggs with cheese, a glass of whole milk and a large glass of orange juice.

Sally dutifully dug into the feast stuffing herself with the rich breakfast foods, smiling and giggling at Ned as she shoved mouthful after mouthful into herself.

Ned watched his ballooning little girlfriend gleefully stuffing herself, getting aroused himself with every bit she took. He thought to himself, “She is so amazing, I never thought I would find a hot girlfriend who wants to get FAT!”

Sally thought, “God I love to stuff myself, I am so glad I found a guy who shares my over eating, bingeing fantasies, he can’t keep his eyes off of me when I am binging!”

Sally burped, “URP, ‘cuse me, URP, Ned honey can you reach under and unsnap my jean, I don’t want them to rip and they are cutting into my tummy!” “Sure Babe,” replied Ned, putting down his own fork he reached under the table to Sally bloated belly and gently unsnapped the offending jeans, poking Sally bulging tummy.

Ned thought, “Oh my Gawd this is a fantasy come true, I am actually unsnapping a girls’ pants because she is getting so bloated stuffing herself!”

A half hour later, Ned paid the check and helped is bloated little creation to her feet. Sally tummy was noticeably bulging under the strain of her feast. The t-shirt rode up on her belly and her it pushed down the unsnapped waist band of her already low cut jeans. Sally deliberately stuck out her belly as she walked out of the café. Several of the other patrons glanced up looked at the bloated girl with her belly sticking out walk out of the café. Sally giggled and winked at a couple of the waitresses she knew, patting her belly.
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Fanedfox 12 years
fooman2008 and Hikaru Yami, by user name on deviantart is the same: fanedfox.deviantart.com, thanks for the comments! Ned Fox
Fanedfox 12 years
Kamina; Yes this is on my deviantart account. It also maybe on "Dimenisions". I allow the "observer" to post any of my stories as he sees fit. This is an older story of mine and I have improved my discriptions in later work. Thanks for the comment. Ned Fox
Kamina 12 years
Did you post this elsewhere as well; I'd swear I've read this before is all as far as saying that. Otherwise, great plot but if you just improved the quality of the descriptives of it and condenced some of the sections that were all part of the same deal then it'd be better.