feeder wanted

chapter 1

I'm a 20 year old 5'5" feedee/gainer/stuffer that weights 150lbs that is looking for a FA and feeder. I am not interested in the run-of-the-mill "this is just a fantasy for me" type of feeder. I want a dedicated feeder that will stuff and feed me to the point of stretching my belly, clothes and eventually burst out of my clothes.

The feeder must be proficient and have feeder skills that will coax me to eat and stuff myself with large quantities of fattening foods. The feeder must be committed to stuffing my belly to its limit and beyond, regardless of the pain I feel. As I said I want my body to grow and become massive. Your goal; in 2.5 years I want to grow so big that I fill my queen size bed and I do not want to stop expanding.

I want to be so enormous that just standing up is an extreme effort. I want you to make me so fat that waddling to my mobility scooter completely exhausts me.

You must take pride in your creation. You grew me to such enormous proportions and you must take me out and show me off. You will take me to buffet after buffet so everyone can marvel at how much I can eat. I want people to stare at my colossal body and I want to see the lust in their eyes as they desire to be with me.

You must all me to model my soft growing body for you. I want to watch and see how my expanding body turns you on. I will tease you with tight clothing, lingerie, and of course being totally nude. I am a natural tease and I can assure you this will become a routine we will both enjoy. I want my feeder to tell me how fat and sexy I am and that every point I gain makes me even more beautiful.

Belly rubs and massages are mandatory. My feeder will rub my belly, not only while you are feeding me, but also every night before we go to bed. You must rub baby oil all over my growing body to keep my skin soft and supple.

One more thing, eating and stuffing is an extreme turn on for me, so you must be willing to have sex every time you feed me.

If you're up to the challenge, write me.
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Nok 6 years
love this one
Pd500 7 years
Where do I sign up for this?