feeding finn

Chapter 1 - summer

They're great friends. Finn, James, and Anthony are amazing people. They help each other out when needed. Sometimes, they do things for their friends good. It's summer, and the three guys have been hanging out with each other basically all the time. They practically live at Anthony's house now! Enjoying some barbeque and beer, having a good time. Watching Tv, playing some video games, and just basically nothing productive. It was fun for them just being couch potatoes for a while. After like around to two days, Jake finally decided to go back to his place in the morning. He greeted Anthony in the kitchen and told him that he was going to go back home. As he left, Anthony had realized that he had a bunch of food leftover. He thought all the guys were going to stay for a while, probably a whole summer! None of them had any plans, and Anthony was going to try and convince his friends to stay for the summer, but it was really early in the morning, and Anthony didn't drink his coffee yet, so he really didn't know what was going on.
"Good Morning," said Finn. Finn came into the kitchen.
"Morning Finn..." said Anthony. He took a good look at Jake. Something was different about Finn, but Anthony couldn't tell what it was right off the bat, but he liked it. He looked at Finn's stomach and there it was. Finn was wearing a really tight shirt, one of Anthony's (He must have borrowed it), and looked pretty big. Anthony sorta just stared at it for a little.
Finn started to blush, "Yeah... I know... I've gained a few pounds Anthony..."
"It's alright Finn... I don't mind it at all. Not one bit!" Anthony smiled.
"Really? You're not... Anthony, do you like me this size?" Finn asked.
Anthony hesitated. He didn't know what to say. He didn't want to hurt his best friend's feelings... but he would love to give his opinion out. "No..." He said. Finn looked a little sad. "I'd like it a lot better if it was a lot bigger!" Anthony finished.
Finn smiled. "Really buddy! Wow! I was embarrassed to tell you that I really enjoy fat! I wanna get really big! Please help me Anthony!" Finn begged.
Anthony still had a grin on his face. "Of course I'll help you buddy! I have enough food for the rest of the summer. I'll make you huge in no time! I promise."
Finn was in for a treat!
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AshBear 5 years
Loved reading this! Did you do a sequel with Anthony? I'm dying to find out how that goes!