feeding her right

chapter 1

You always liked feeding people, but never so much as her. When you first met her, she was barely a hundred pounds soaking wet, all stick-like arms and legs, flat tummy, and defined cheekbones. She was one of those girls who followed all the Instagram diet fads - gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, fat free, free range, organic, vegan. Bowls of thinly sliced carrots, crisp lettuce, cherry tomatoes cut in half, the thinnest slices of cucumber, shredded cabbage, and - the fattiest indulgence she allowed herself, she confessed to you one day - a sprinkling of sunflower seeds over the top.

The first time you saw the meals she ate day in and day out, you made the decision that you were going to feed her better, to feed her right. You wanted to see her face round out a little, to get those apple-red cheeks only someone who was well fed would get. See the way her sharp angles would soften up, that little pouch in her belly begin to develop and press into her teeny tiny tops. See her rear really fill up the back of her shorts, and strain against the fabric.

You started inviting her over for lunch, then later to dinner. You kept lunches subtle, mostly adhering to her healthy eating ways. You know that you have to start off slow, that if you start to bring out the meals you really want her to eat, the ones that will have her plump and soft, she'll be scared off and never come back. So you sit down and plan, researching what kinds of healthy foods are really fattening, how to make creamy salad dressings, which of those fancy cheeses are the ones that you should avoid.

You ease her in with a pasta made from zucchini that has a rich cream sauce. You watch with pleasure as she happily slurps it up, leaving a smudge of sauce at the corner of her mouth. You smile with satisfaction, and continue to plan what meals you are going to feed her. You could claim naivety about the fatty nature of certain cheeses and avocados, but it never comes to that. Your attempts at cooking wholesome foods just for her endeared you to her, and so she happily eats the meals thick with cheeses, salad creams, and thick slices of avocado. You even made an attempt at making desserts just for her! She smiles at you as she eats the bowl of yoghurt with nuts and honey you surprised her with the one evening.

She unbuttons your pants in the kitchen later that evening once you've tidied up. She looks so pretty on her knees, you think, pulling your cock out and sucking it into her mouth. You grip her by the hair, forcing her mouth further and further down on your cock, feeling her gag and choke slightly around the shaft. She licks and suck at you, and when you're a second away from cumming, you pull her head down with both hands, forcing your cock straight down her throat, pumping in once, twice before cumming straight down her throat. You hold her head there for a beat longer, to make sure that she'd swallowed up every last drop.

As she's leaving later that evening, you make a mental note to research how fattening cum can be.

(Authors note: this is my first official venture into feeder/feedee! I'm pretty damn excited about it, and I'm keen to hear back about it!)
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AndiFive 4 years
please continue as soon as possible, this story has a lot of potential.