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Chapter 1 here's Johnny

My name is Johnny, and this is my story. A tale of love, lust, lard, and probably other words that start with L. I am a pretty ordinary person. I. 26 years old. I am six feet tall, I weigh 170 pounds, I have brown hair and eyes. I am ordinary in every way but one. I like fat girls. Like, a lot. I can’t look at a skinny woman for long without fantasizing about how she would look gaining and gaining. I love obsessing about how fat looks, whether its on her breasts, butt (the “normal” one’s) belly, thighs, hips, arms, legs, side, or back, I love it. I love how it looks, and how it feels. I love the concept mentally. I just want more fat on every woman I see, I don’t even care if she’s already heavy. There is always room for more.
This has ended a few relationships of mine. Four consecutive ones in fact. Time after time I would be dating somebody for months on end only for my unusual desires to end it. The first time was Sally, she was the image of traditional beauty. She was tall, blonde, and skinny, with giant breasts and a huge butt. She was frisky too, and kinky. She always wanted to experiment. One day she asked me what I wanted. I had always entertained her desires. She wanted to try a kink? We tried it immediately. She wanted to whip me, she did. She wanted me to degrade her? Done. Even to hit her, that one was hard. So, when she asked me about anything weird I wanted to do I told her gladly and openly. Perhaps too openly. I told her everything I felt and wanted. All of my desires, all of my fantasies, I laid my heart bare for her without a second thought. Perhaps I laid it on a little thick. Maybe I rambled too much. I certainly should have at least watched her facial expressions more closely. I probably would have gotten a hint that she was disgusted by my desires. She left immediately, and dumped me over the phone the next day.
The next girlfriend dropped me for similar reasons, then I tried something I still feel guilty about and fattened up a girlfriend without telling her. Six months and forty pounds later she found out, and put a red mark on the side of my face. In hindsight, I deserved it. I probably deserved worse after that I decided to just tell the next woman I dated on our first date. If she dumped me then and there, at least I wouldn’t have wasted any time. Well, at least I didn’t waste much time.
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Supercode 6 months
Great story! It sounds like everyone lived happily ever (fatter) after!
Sutherngent96 7 months