female feedee x female feedee

Chapter 1 - fat girl fall

A pair of icy hands clasped together underneath Delilah's belly. She jumped slightly, causing her gut to jiggle incessantly.

"Why'd you do that? Your hands are so cold," she whined in protest as her feeder pressed a kiss to her shoulder.

Saoirse's lips curled into a smile as she nuzzled the spot between Delilah's neck and chest--where her collarbones used to be.

At this obvious display of glee, Delilah huffed defiantly.

"Let me make it up to you, babe," Saoirse murmured. The contrast of her warm breath on Delilah's neck and freezing cold hands--growing warmer by the minute--kneading around and under her gut made her shiver, goosebumps prickling all over her skin.

A long, low sigh rolled off of Delilah's tongue. She couldn't help it, she was already putty in Saoirse's slender hands (in more ways than one). Her girlfriend's thumbs slowly slid up until they ghosted over her plump waist, caressing the upper part of her belly in soothing circles.

"Fine, I guess you can use me as your personal heater. But just this once!"

The way Saoirse's fingers nearly halted in surprise, then gently dug into her flesh, increasing their rhythm, had Delilah biting her bottom lip to hold back a moan.

"And you have to buy me donuts later."

Saoirse's smile widened into a knowing smirk. "I think we can arrange that."
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