fetish dating game

chapter 1

"Hello and welcome to fetish dating! The show where like-minded and positively barmy men and women find attraction through their shared fantasies" The female host began on the late night tv show.

"This week it's the turn of J to find out if it's love at first lick - that's right folks , it's one of those ones tonight! We remind viewers that this programme contains scenes of a very sexual nature... and you also might want your sick bucket!"

"As we lost Kate from the last show, please say hi to Laura, our 28 yo dentist from London!"

The small studio audience clapped as a particularly tall, slim-but -curvy, blonde walked to her seat, making up the final 10th place.

"So girls, now that your ready let's roll the video ."

" Hi my names J, I'm 26 from London and I love to rim... which means to give oral to the .. anal region"

The video ended .

"So girls , you know the drill , having seen J and heard his fetish ... how many of you are still interested, baring in mind if you say yes the next stage! "

4 of the girls immediately pressed a buzzer and their spot lights turned off - leaving 6.

"Wow 6 girls remaining ! Last time we had this fetish we had no takers ! Jen, as you were one of those girls who said no last time , why the yes now?

"Well the guy before wasn't my type, J looks quite cute. If he likes that I'm pretty open minded , better him than me though ! "

"Haha good honesty! " said the host, "Laura, as the newbie, why did you accept ?"

"I just really like having my ***ed! Any excuse, and yes he is kinda cute!"

"well what can I say , other than let's go fetish dating !"

The host continued...

"Now you girls are our regulars because you're of course very attractive and open minded . However , as usual we like to bring in a wildcard - a woman who is into the fetish hopefully as much or more than the guy! So let's bring out Cara !"

A big girl stepped onto the stage that was good looking but very big...

"Say hi to Cara everybody , she loves this fetish , and has agreed to fulfil one of the Extras J let us know about before the show...wanna let us know what that is?"

"Well .. a lot of girls might worry about being completely clean down there beforehand - let's just say am the opposite ! "

" I told you you might need your sick buckets folks - no offence Cata of course "

"Not at all , it's a fetish for a reason"

" join us the after the break where we see who's ass J likes the taste of best . Undoubtedly it will be Cara! Yikes!"

As the show went to a break the host brought the girls over to where J was. She showed them a special seat they could sit down on above J's face. One of the production women was testing it with trousers on and gave them the thumbs up . J's body was hidden under fake floor boards so just the face under the chair was visible .

As the host resumed the show Cara could feel the sweat and dirt between her bumcheeks and literally couldn't wait - it was getting uncomfortable.

Unfortunately she'd be going last !

J watched as the first ass descended on top him, the chair was designed almost too well as the cheeks spread apart, forcing the musty asshole against his face - he had little option but to taste anyway! It was a fantasy come true and he licked deeply with the butt cheeks pushed round his face.

It was 2 minutes per woman and they would shorten it down in the edit .

If the woman stayed there for the full 2 minutes then that was taken as her decision of continued interest .

His jaw was aching by the time it got to the fifth girl who was also a little sweaty and let out a little wet fart which made the audience laugh - and him rock hard .

The 6th girl was Jen who he really fancied from the show with dark hair and a big ass . He was surprised at how hairy the ass was and he was pretty sure he ended licking up off a small bit of old toilet paper from her ass . She moaned a bit in pleasure as he realised she was fingering herself at the same time . He nearly came.

He wished she didn't have to stand back up but his face was aching a little bit .

He dreaded the next part though , only because he didn't know what she would look like . Big fat thighs suddenly stood above him and he guessed that might be case .. what can only be described as a horridly slimy asshole forced itself upon him.

He licked and consumed the stench and bile of it. Sweat dirt and shit all mixed together he imagined and tried not to gag as he got harder .....
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