fighting the fat

Chapter 1 - The injury

Payton moaned as he lay unconscious on the stretcher. A powerful kick by his opponent twisted his knee out of place, and an illegal blow to the head after he was already down sealed the deal.

Faithful girlfriend Ursula by his side, he was rushed to the hospital in the middle of a fight.

"Is he gonna be okay?" she asked the nurse who was ushering her out of the back of the ER.
The nurse said nothing, and left Ursula standing at the threshold of the ER waiting room. Ursula sighed tearfully, her messy bun even messier after rushing into the ring and running after the EMTs. She sat down heavily in a waiting room chair and hunched over crying.

"You can see him now," the nurse from earlier said, beckoning Ursula towards Payton's hospital bed. She gasped, staring at her severely injured boyfriend, and slowly walked to his side. She was struck by the sight of all the hospital machines beeping, lights flashing, and her usually sturdy boyfriend laying helplessly in the bed. Ursula quietly pulled up a chair and sat next to him, holding on to him. His big hands enveloped hers the same way they always had, and he was still warm. It was scary, she thought, to see him in such a state. She swallowed hard and prayed for his safety.


"I guess Ursula will be taking on the breadwinner role now!" Margaret, a heavy set older woman, chirped as she pulled a delicious-smelling casserole from the oven.
Margaret's home was warm and comfortable, and felt much like a cozy B&B. Warm, earth tones created a calming atmosphere as the ever-present aroma of something baking lingered in the air.

"Ma, come on," Payton chided. "I'm not down for the count yet!"
Payton's sisters Cassandra and Lily shared a knowing glance. Lily wore clothes that looked as if they would burst off her, while Cassandra dressed just slightly more modest for her body type, which could truly only be described as "extra large".
Ursula chuckled. "Perhaps! I'm so glad we could come over before I left, Margaret. I love your casseroles!"
Ursula and Payton's figures showed the vast difference between their lifestyles- one living in comfort and ease, and the other rather hardcore.

"Oh!" Margaret blushed. "Thank you, dear. You are ALWAYS welcome!"

Lily and Cassandra rose from their seats to assist their mother in setting up dinner.

"Now, this has to rest for at least 10 minutes..."

Payton turned to Ursula as best he could, given his condition and wheelchair.
"Thanks for driving me over," he said, sounding regretful. "I hate that I dragged you into this..."
"Shut up," Ursula said through gritted teeth. "I like your mom. Stop acting so self-pitying, you're fine."
"Okay," he replied sadly.
Ursula rolled her eyes.

Payton watched his girlfriend devour his mother's casserole as if it were the best thing she'd ever tasted. She happily gulped it down with a swig of sweet tea and a biscuit.
In truth, he was more sad about her leaving for 6 weeks than he was about his injury.
"6 weeks is a long time," he thought, poking at his dinner. "What if she leaves me by then...?"
"What's wrong, honey?" Margaret asked him.
"I'm gonna miss my girlfriend," he sad, his voice quivering a bit.
Cassandra and Lily both emitted a quiet "awww" sound.
"I'll text you, call you, and video chat with you. It's not like I'll be gone that long," she tried to reassure him. She didn't really understand why he was upset. She'd gone on what seemed like hundreds of trips before.

Ursula leaned down to hug Payton. Her athletic form left him feeling slightly breathless as she pulled away- he'd miss her gorgeous body and optimism.
"Thanks for everything!" She said before leaving out the front door.

"Well then! Ready for dessert?" Margaret asked cheerfully.
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Wow I like how this sounds so far! More please. Actually more of all your stories please! 😻