filling out

chapter 1

Rose walked into the studio as she did everyday. Her job as a plus size model was fun and being able to eat as much as she wanted was great. She hummed a tune to herself as she walked across the atrium with the sunlight behind her, showing off her curvy shadow. As she walked near the reception desk, she was stopped by her boss, Grace.
Grace was a small and frail-looking woman, being a stark contrast to the rest of the large and plump models at the studio. However her anger was twice that of anybody else there, being an efficient and calculating person.
"Hey Rose, take the week off. The studio's getting refurbished an stuff" she said checking a clipboard.
Rose was taken aback.
"Gee, are you sure?" She asked. She was genuinely looking forward to getting some shots and dressing up in all the lewd clothes the had there.
"Look, just go. Ever since those builders came in they've been driving me crazy. And you can take that time to fatten up, you know? You look as if you've lost weight."
Rose knew resistance was futile. Grace had made up her mind.
Leaving the studio feeling peeved, she called a taxi back home.
To Rose, it was a priority for her to keep up a schedule, feeling annoyed when plans were changed, or people canceled meet-ups and meals together.


She spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around, eating whatever was in the fridge. While it wasn't much, it was still work related.
After chomping through some leftover takeaway, she got a text from her sister, Vivian.
"hey, wanna stay at our place? Haven't seen you in ages! 😜"
"Well", she thought, "Not a bad idea." It had been, after all since she saw her.
While packing, Rose looked at some clothes in her wardrobe. Most of her dresses and denim was either too small or almost too small for her body. As she looked at her reflection in the mirror, she noticed her underwear getting too small for her thighs and belly. "Not bad, sexy thing, not bad." she said to herself.
As she examined herself further, she contemplated her journey to her size. While it was woven with sadness and loss, the results partially made up for it.
Her job was a big factor in getting this fat, and now she was one of the most popular girls in the studio's magazine. She rated 3rd out of the other models, only being outdone by a fatty named Scarlett and her friend, Lucy. Rose's pear shaped 180 pound body was almost no match for the 279 pound behemoth that Scarlett was and Lucy was close behind Scarlett at 266.
They all kept themselves plump with supplements and pills. These pill supplements everyone could keep their blood cholesterol at healthy levels and prevent other weight-related problems, and everyone at the agency used their appetite enhancers regularly. Rose packed some in her suitcase to keep herself hungry and to surprise everyone when she came back.
Rose finished packing her bags for tomorrow and had a hefty spag bol before going to bed.


Rose's alarm went off early in the morning. She started off her new day with an easy shower and breakfast of coco pops. Grabbing her suitcase and handbag, she headed out to pick up a taxi to the bus station. Soon after the 10:00 bus came by to bring her to Cherrywood. Cherrywood was a small town, on the outskirts of Bay City, where Rose's grew up and her sister's lived. It was pleasant and not too crowded.
"Today's gonna be a good day." Rose thought as the bus drove.
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