finding her kink

Chapter 1

Harry had always wondered what went on in his girlfriend's mind late at night. After she thought he'd gone to sleep after satisfying him, he knew she would pleasure herself silently, toe curling sensations he hadn't caused.
And that bothered him.

He remembered when they first started dating and he'd asked her if she'd had any kinks, she immediately told him no, but he noted the way her cheeks turned red, a yes she tried hard to hide.
And try he did, to find out what is was without being invasive, but bringing up roleplay and run of the mill bdsm didn't do much for her when he tried spicing things up, of course she was game to try these things for him
but this was about her. Cara was love of his life and watching her get turned on was what turned him on, and lately he couldn't help but feel like something was missing.

It was their 2nd anniversary and he'd cooked her a proper French dinner, she marveled at all the platters around, far too much food for just the two of them, and the wine, he'd gone above and beyond in research and preparation
picking a different wine for each course. He figured after good food wine and sex, he would try and get her to open up about her fantasies.

By course three Cara was already delightfully tipsy as she bit into the sea bass he called Bar au beurre blanc, "God this is phenomenal Harry, I don't know how you do it." She sunk into her chair and held her tummy in her hands,
a small food baby growing there. Harry lovingly tapped on her stomach, "Make sure to save some room in there, we've got four courses left." She was as red as a tomato and he feared he hurt her feelings with the comment, as he was about to apologize he stopped himself and watched the way she squirmed in her chair, covering her stomach with a napkin and avoided eye contact. The same unreadable expression of shame, embarrassment and lust as that first
time he asked her about kinks two years ago when he'd asked her about any potential fetishes.

She was turned on, it was a working theory, one he didn't test again that night in case he was an idiot who was wrong about all this, and Cara just showed her embarrassment in a deliciously adorable way.
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