first time in the us

chapter 1

As many europeans, Annette dreamed with traveling around the world and discovering different cultures. As the end of her senior year of high school arrived she started planning her following year; her gap year. She was going to travel to America, starting in the US, and then heading down to Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru and finally Argentina.
Annette was a petite french girl, she was never short, just really thin. She was average height but her weight made her look smaller than she was, she was actually really attractive since she had pretty round boobs, slim body and long legs. Her face was beautiful, one of those faces you can't stop looking at. She had big green eyes, fair white skin and nice black hair. As most french girls she had that sense of fashion and style, she could pull a pair of jeans from her wardrobe, a white shirt and some sandals and look just like if she had spent hours choosing the perfect outfit. She usually never wore too much make up, just some mascara and some blusher. One thing she usually really spent time doing was her hair, she would straight it or curly it every morning in order to look nicer and more attractive.

- Take care honey, we are going to miss you so much... call us every week at least and look after yourself - Her mum said while crying
-Okay mum... you have already said that like a thousand times... I will be okay- Annette said while walking towards the airport control
She had been waiting for this moment for at least 3 years and she was more than exited to take that plane and head to her first stop... New York!
After 8 hours sitting in that uncomfortable seat the plane landed and Annette took her first step into this new country. It was her first day in the city, she had rented an apartment for a couple of weeks since she wanted to see the city further that just the statue of liberty and the skycrapers. She wanted to check out the stores, go to different restaurants, try the food... TASTE THE CITY!
Since she was really tired she went straight to her apartment to rest and eat something, and since one of the easiest things to do to get food is order it, she called Domino's Pizza and ordered a medium size pizza. It arrived to her door in less than 15 minutes, it smelled like melted cheese and peperonni and being as hungry as she was she ate it all in less than 20 minutes. She then went to sleep with her stomach full of pizza and her eating desire in peace.
Annette had always been a big eater but growing up in france, where most meals come with a big salad, portion sizes are small and most of their food is really healthy, she managed to stay really small. She has always thought that this was just her size, and that it didn't matter what she ate, she was always going to have a nice slim body.

2 Day:
Annette woke up feeling heavier, she had slept for 10 hours without waking up and she was energize to go out and meet the city. She, as always, got ready pretty quick, took a pair of shorts, a white t-shirt and a thin jacket to cover herself a bit, then headed to the bathroom where she straighten her hair and did her easy make up. She was ready and hungry to have some breakfast. She went out of her apartment in Harlem and right in front of it there was doughnut place that caught her eye. She went in and got a couple of doughnut with chocolate glaze and peanut butter, also graved a coffee with heavy milk and cream on top.
After eating it inside the cafe, she started walking around, not really thinking about where she was going, just trying to find more interesting places around. She spent the morning going into cafes and ordering something to try, going to thrift stores and trying clothes and taking pictures to send home. It was lunch time and she was already exhausted from walking around so she entered in an american restaurant that seemed okay. She sat and started going through the menu. She was not really hungry when she entered since she had eaten 4 doughnuts and a waffle in 3 different cafes, but as soon as she stared seeing other people's food and looking at the menu, her mouth was watering and her stomach roaring.
- Hello miss, what would you like to order today? - the waitress asked
-Umm.... let me think... Everything sounds so good...
-Well you can order more than just one thing if you want to
- Yeah... I think I will get the double cheese burger with king sized fries, and with cheese on top... And...
-Oh, Anything else? - the waitress asked as she kept talking
- And... can I have mac and cheese also?
-Sure! Anything to drink?
- Yes sure... ummm... Can I have an oreo shake and some coke?
- Yeah, I will be right back
The food arrived pretty quick and Annette was shocked, the portion size was way bigger than in France, maybe like 4 times what it would have been in her home town but she was so hungry that she stopped thinking and started eating, the food was so tasty she could not help herself but keep eating even though she was full after 10 minutes eating. She ate it all and as soon as she took her last bite she noticed that her belly bloated and her jeans felt tight around her. This had never happened to her before but it she didn't really think about it.
During the evening she went to couple tourist places and had lunch at a dollar pizza place near time's square. She then headed to her apartment and rested.

Day 7:
After a week of living the american life Annette was starting to show that her genetics were not going to do anything to keep her thin. Her belly didn't look as tight as it did just one week ago when she was leaving france, and her booty also looked a little fuller. It was not a big chance, not something someone would notice quick and not something she noticed. She was so busy going places, eating and running around that she had not taken a minute to look at her self in the mirror much.
She was starting to settle a routine; waking up in the morning, getting ready, going to the doughnut place in front of her house and getting 3 doughnuts ( not 2 anymore ) and her creamy coffee, then walk around different parts of the city, then have lunch, usually either a burger or hot dogs, or some american fast food, walking around for a couple more hours and then getting some snack at a convenience store, then rest at some park and last but not least have some pizza for dinner before heading back to her apartment.
She had discovered a lot of new foods that she not only liked... she loved! Like Arby's food as well as Tim hortons, Mac and cheese, Oreos, shakes ( specially the oreo shake and the peanut butter shake) and many more greasy food. Since her arrival, there had not been a day that she had eaten fruit or any kind of vegetables, not even salad.

Day 10:
Annette woke up feeling tired this time, she was not feeling like running around, so she decided to spend the day doing easy things. First, she went to have breakfast. She was feeling hungry so she took 4 doughnuts this time and her usual coffee. Later she took a taxi to get to Central Park were she sat in the grass for a couple of hours while reading. She had lunch at a nearby Mc Donald's and then went back to the park to walk around. At around 4 she bought some cone ice cream and kept walking. She was feeling really tired so she went early to have dinner since the only thing she was thinking about was having something to eat and not having to walk anymore. She had dinner at a buffet. When she went into the buffet she was not even hungry, she wanted to sit and rest for a while. So she took her first plate of food; meatball pasta with marinara sauce and a couple of sausages. She ate pretty quick. During this past days she had stated developing a new habit, she was starting to loose control when eating. As soon as she took one bite, she would eat and eat for way longer than she used to. After finishing she stood up, her jeans were already tight against her belly, took a new plate and grabbed some rice with noodles, fried chicken and pork. Once again, she ate as fast as you can imagine. She then stood up for the last time to grab more food, this time she wanted something sweet to finish her meal. She grabbed 3 waffles and added chocolate on top, sirup and whipped cream. Her jeans were so tight by the end of the last plate that her belly hurt so she decided to just unbutton them and rest for 10 minutes so she could leave the place without people staring at her bloated belly, even though, the woman sitting in the next table was already shocked at the amount of food that petite girl could eat and she was staring at her belly with disgust.
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