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Chapter 1 - [1] accidental stuffing

// Note: I'm not stopping "blind" anytime soon, I just wanted two different stories to work on ^_^ \\

Rebecca was about to start her senior year of high school, she only had a few days of the summer left. Before the summer she had a flat stomach and was the star of her school's dance club. However, during the especially hot (and because of this, lazy) summer, she had stopped practicing dance and going outside and instead spent her time playing video games and watching TV. She had also developed bad eating habits which, in combination with zero exercise, caused her to develop a layer of chub on her tummy. As she binged through a Netflix series her tummy began to growl, she was constantly nagged by her mother to go outside and stop snacking all the time, especially before dinner. She checked the time and groaned, it was only half an hour until dinner time. She ignored her belly and resumed her show.

Rebecca's tummy continued to roar, begging for a snack. Rebecca felt sharp jabs of hunger and gave up on waiting until dinner. She sneaked into the kitchen and cursed under her breath when she saw her mom by the oven. Fortunately, Rebecca's little sister began to call her mom, and after she left the room, Rebecca tiptoed to the nearest cupboard and grabbed the first bag of potato chips she could find. Hearing footsteps close by, she darted through the other door and retreated to her bedroom. She giggled as she turned on her own TV and continued to watch Netflix. The act of disobeying her mother was thrilling, she ripped open the family sized bag of potato chips (hey, it was the closest bag to her) and crammed big handfuls into her mouth. She made loud "mmm" sounds so she increased the volume of her show, drowning out any noises which would arouse her mom's suspicion.

As Rebecca felt for more potato chips, she realised the bag was empty. She had only meant to eat a small amount to tide herself over... "Mom's gonna kill me if she finds out," she groaned, patting her now satisfied stomach and was surprised at how soft it was. She hadn't realised the consequence of a few months of stuffing her face and sitting on her ass. She couldn't help staring at it, rubbing it, playing with it. She was mesmerised by its squishiness, its stretchiness... "What am I doing?" She thought, "I'm surely not enjoying having this? I'll make sure I lose it when I'm back at school," she said unconvincingly to herself. Before she could finish her thought, her mom called her for dinner.

"I'm so stupid," Rebecca thought as she plastered a fake smile on her face at the dinner table. Her stomach was practically full but she knew her mother would be suspicious if she didn't eat much. Rebecca was known to have a good appetite. She nervously sipped her soda, waiting for her food to be served. She gulped when her mother placed a big, steaming meal in front of her. Sure, it was what she normally ate, but that's when she didn't have a big bag of potato chips already in her digestive system. Slowly picking up her cutlery, Rebecca started cutting her steak. Steak was one of Rebecca's favorite foods. "It's gonna make mom even more suspicious if I don't eat it all," she thought. She began to chew on a bit of steak and was amazed at how delicious it was. It gave her a boost of hunger, she began to cut and chew the big slab of meat faster, wolfing down every last bite. She let out a loud burp, which her mom took as a compliment, luckily. She scooped all her peas up and stuffed them all into her mouth. She felt her belly getting full. Really full. But she still had french fries to eat...

Soda helped Rebecca a great deal in eating her meal, she was on her fourth can and took a large gulp of it for every french fry she consumed. It made it easier to swallow, and her belly began to get packed full. She could feel herself bloating up. She panted as quietly as she could as she forced the remaining fries into her gut. She sighed in relief, she finished!
"There's more steak left Becca," her mom said sweetly, "You always like seconds when it's steak!"
Rebecca froze, what should she do? She was stuffed up to her gills, her belly had slipped under her shirt slightly and her forehead was beading with sweat, but she couldn't give the game away, not after all of this... She looked down at her bloated belly and was surprised at how big it looked, it heaved up and down with every breath she took and felt soft yet firm to the touch. What would it look like with another bit of steak forced into it?
"Yes please mom," she said confidently. She didn't know why she was so fascinated with seeing her belly bloat up, but she had an urge she couldn't help but satisfy.

As the girl choked down bite after bite of the delicious meat, she kept looking down at her tummy and was shocked by how big it was every time. Her belly was completely out of room, so it had to stretch to make room. She moaned softly and breathed heavily as she stabbed the last piece of steak with her fork and lifted it to her mouth. Her belly was in agonising pain and she felt like she would throw up after another bite. She couldn't do it. At least, that's what she told herself as she quickly popped the juicy steak down her throat before she could do anything about it. She finished.
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Muffintopmanor 4 years
This is just DaysDays Sasha saga. Accidental stuffing with chips then dinner, pizza night babysitting, burger stuffing with best friend, its the same story lol
Cacadudopus 4 years
This is so good, hope you continue with it.
EmilyMoon 4 years
Aw thank you so much!! x