food for fatties

Chapter 1 - part 1

Part One - Paul
I think my family were only a little surprised to
meet my girlfriend, Fiona. I’ve always had a preference for big girls and never hid it. All the girls I’d previously brought to meet my family had been plus sized verging on fat. But Fiona was in a different league, very, very fat. Clinically, if not morbidly obese.

To be honest I never expected to fall for a girl as huge as Fiona. When I say huge I only mean in girth, she is only 5 foot 2 inches tall but weighs 465 pounds, over 33 stone. She has shoulder length chestnut brown hair, big brown eyes and a constant grin.

It was wonderful luck that we met in the bar that night as she rarely goes out but it was her sister’s birthday. As my mates know if my preference for big girls they’re always wanting to know my limits of attraction. If there’s a fat girl in a bar that they find repulsive they will ask if she’s too fat for me.

‘Look at the size of her!’ ‘Bet she’s too big even for Paul to fancy?’ ‘Well Paul would you? Could you? Ugh!’ I usually tell them to *** and stop it but there was something about Fiona that made me say ‘I could, I would and I will!’ Before walking over to chat to her.

I guessed Fiona weighed twice as much as the heaviest girl I’d dated. There was nothing about her that isn’t fat. She has no discernible neck or jawline, these have disappeared under a jiggly roll of fat that only just allows a little chin to protrude.

Her shoulders curve down to the biggest, pillowy, flabby upper arms I’ve ever seen. These bulge sexily over dimples where her elbows are. She rarely wears any tops with sleeves as a. she can’t fit her huge arms into them and b. she loves to show them off.

From the side her thick bulging rolls of back fat protrude almost as much backwards as her big round boobs do at the front. Her bra lifts her breasts but creates extra bulges in her back fat.

Fiona is the first woman I’ve dated who actually has a butt shelf, she always wears clothes that accentuate it. Usually and that night she had on a pair of black leggings with some sort of silver and gold glitter woven through.

The leggings were massive and pulled high to disappear in between her butt shelf and her lower back roll. At the front they stretched tightly over her enormous gut. The material was taut over the crease between her upper and lower belly.

Another first for me, I’d never dated a girl with a double belly. Her sleeveless top was covered in large floppy frills that softened the line of her bust and crown of her belly.

She smiled as she saw me approaching. Corny but I said ‘can I buy you a drink?’ She laughed and said ‘I’ve never heard that one before. Sorry, we’re only here for one. Dinner for my sister’s birthday. But if you give me your number I might let you buy me one another time?’

We swapped numbers and I chinked my glass against hers and left her to her friends. ‘Blown out by a blob!’ laughed my friend. ‘Eye of the beholder!’ I replied and we both laughed.

Half an hour later I got a text:
‘No escape now! Short fat Fiona in case you’ve forgotten’
‘How could I ?’
‘Thought you might have once you’d won your bet’
‘What bet?’
‘Chat up the fattest girl in the bar?’
‘No bet - think you’re gorgeous, want to get to know you x’
‘Lol! Only joking. Hope you think the same without beer goggles!’

“That isn’t Blob Girl from the last bar is it?’ asked my mate. ‘It might be’ I said. ‘Paul!’ he sighed ‘she’s fucking huge! I thought some of your old girlfriends were big but….’ ‘Look I don’t tell you who to hook up with think it’s time you did the same!’ ‘Ok but look at those two’ he said pointing over at 2 stick insects in mini dresses.

‘I suppose they’re pretty enough but no curves!’ ‘Oh come on! Those pert little bums and legs up to the their armpits!’ ‘Always said each to their own’ ‘yes but I bet those 2 put together aren’t as heavy as your blob girl!’ ‘And your point is?’

‘Come on let’s talk to some real girls’ he said and pulled me with him to the two girls. They were pleasant enough but just not my type. I kept thinking about Fiona and the size of her. Have my standards of beauty changed? Have I always been attracted to obese girls? Have I been fooling myself all these years with chubby & plump girls? Looking at these two girls I could find nothing sexually attractive about their bodies at all. Not their long legs, pert breasts or tight bums.

I yearned for Fiona’s thick, cellulite covered legs, her big, juicy boobs, her massive, blubbery bottom, her jiggly, lardy belly, her bulging rolls of back fat, her huge, flabby upper arms (thicker than these girls thighs!). ‘Back in the room!’ said John, nudging me. I shook my head ‘sorry’. ‘We’re going for a dance, you coming?’ he asked. ‘No, you go’ I said and watched as the girls pulled him onto the dance floor.

I imagined dancing with Fiona, watching her jiggle her fat, shake her massive arse, panting & working up a sweat by hardly moving. My god I fancy this girl more than any I’ve ever done before?! ‘Quick question?’ came a text from Fiona (I’d now labelled her contact details as ‘Blob Girl’, which for some reason made me breath faster when I saw it come up on my phone screen).

‘Bit tipsy - too much prosecco - should I have a dessert even though I know there’s a chocolate birthday cake?’
‘Why not, it’s a special occasion?’
‘Good answer! But tiramisu or Black Forest gateau?’
‘Whichever will leave enough room for cake’

At that time I didn’t know how much Fiona weighed, I was guessing around 25 stone, 350 pounds. I had never met a woman over 275 pounds so had no experience of what someone of that weight would look like.

I got myself another drink and waved to John dancing with his two skinny girls. Fifteen minutes later I got a text from ‘Blob Girl’:
‘Couldn’t decide so had both, second slice of chocolate cake now!’
‘Yup, how do you think I maintain my figure!’
‘Big boned? Thyroid?’
‘ROFL! A very polite comment! I’m just a big greedy piggy!’

I could feel myself blushing and getting aroused. The irony of getting excited by texts with a girl over twice my body weight when 2 girls that 95 percent of the male (& probably female) population would think were sexy was not lost on
me. Was this ‘sexting’, no dirty talk or sex talk really just discussing what a massively fat girl might or might not be eating?! Looking at the 2 girls dancing with John I wondered if they would be able to turn me on by texting me their dinner menu? I chuckled to myself and texted Fiona:
‘Only 2 slices of cake?lol!’
‘How could you know after so little time that I’d already be on my third!’
‘As you said - greedy piggy! X’
‘Oink oink! xx’
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