foodie to feedee to fat

Chapter 1

Warren was a 60 year old guy who had been a foodie all his life.
Faye, hiswife of 40 years was definitely not a foodie and considered food to be purely fuel to get her through the day. She did not understand Warren’s love affair with food and certainly voiced her opinion if Warren gained too much weight through this foodie obsession.
This resulted in Warren being at war with himself constantly. He loved his wife dearly but just wanted let go and eat all his favourite things without limits. Her snide remarks about his fat stomach usually ended with warren hitting the gym and dieting back to an acceptable shape for his wife.
He actually liked working out but mainly because he could grow muscles
Unfortunately over the years the constant gaining and dieting had resulted in some weight sticking around and he was finding harder to loose weight.
One night Warren was surfing the internet when he stumbled across some self hypnosis sites. Initially thinking this may be able to help with some easy weight loss his inner feedee was drawn instead to the weight gain files.
Thinking the files wouldn’t work emboldened Warren to download a couple of free files and give them a go.
He waited for his wife to go to bed that night, put on his headphones and settled in to listen to one of the files this one had peaked his interest with the title “From foodie to feedee to fat”
The file started with a relaxation script and sounds. Warren woke 25 minutes later with a wonder at what had happened. He had no recollection other than the first couple of minutes of the file but was relaxed and refreshed.
Thinking nothing more about it he went to bed but woke in the middle of the night sweating profusely and with memory of a dream where he gorged until he could eat no more. This memory stirred a massive erection along with an insatiable hunger.
Trying to be as quiet as possible he went to the kitchen to see if he could quiet this hunger so he could return to bed.
When he’d got to the kitchen he opened the fridge and front and centre was the tray of leftover lasagna from 2 nights ago that he was hoping to portion out for lunches this week.
A small piece wouldn’t hurt he thought grabbing a plate and utensils.
The next thing he knew he was standing in front of the fridge with his stomach painfully full an empty lasagna tray as well as an empty cake box that had held a dozen brownies.
What just happened it seems I ate both the lasagna and the brownies while zoned out. How could that be.
Then he noticed the empty 2 litre bottle of custard in the door which he had been full as he had bought it to have with the brownies during the week.
My god what’s going on.
Feeling extremely sleepy he slowly walked back to bed and crashed in a food coma until morning.
The next morning he woke with a fulfilment and contentment he had never felt before and laying in bed he stroked his still full belly causing a massive erection. This was shattered when his wife stormed in demanding whatever happened to the brownies and custard knowing full well it was probably in his stomach.
However seeing his massive stomach and equally massive erection she stopped in her tracks and it was like switch had tripped in her head. She slowly approached the bed with a look of lust all over her face.
It was like an epiphany she was seeing his stomach and erection as one and the same and for some unknown reason she could not resist touching both.
Warren was in heaven or was this still a dream.
The blare of the alarm answered in the worse possible way.
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