for your own good

  By Esme

chapter 1

“This really is for your own good you know,” Urzul said. The orc’s large hand gingerly massaging the taut belly of her fiancé. Petra winced and groaned, her own hands continuing to rub gentle circles on her flanks in an attempt to ease the pressure. The orc lifted the box of éclairs once more, tenderly resting it on the curve of the human’s belly and growing audibly excited as she continued "See, there's only two left!" Her remark was met with short, laboured breaths and a pout. Unfazed by the lack of reply she put the box back down on the bed and lifted one of the pastries to Petra’s lips. “Are you ready for one more?” the human was about to protest until she caught sight of the enthusiastic beam on her lover’s face and she opened wide to accept the treat.

Bite by laborious bite Petra finished the éclair. The final mouthful of cream and pastry was followed by pained moans as the woman’s head lolled back, spilling her hair across the pillows. Ever so gently, Urzul slid beside Petra, lifting the woman carefully onto her lap. She was starting to get heavy, almost 50 pounds up since they’d gotten engaged, though this was hardly a burden for the orc. Wrapping one arm around her chest, she brought the other around her waist delicately as Urzul kissed Petra's forehead lovingly. “You’re doing so well, my love,” she whispered, following up with another tender kiss she continued “One more left… do you want a rest beforehand?” The human nodded weakly against the other woman’s collar bone.

Urzul made sure to support the limp body of her lover as she tried to soothe the tightness in her stomach. This continued for a time, the expert massage of the orc’s strong fingers and the shower of praise and adoration helping Petra’s stomach churn through enough of the 5 éclairs and large helpings of stew that had been packed into it. Without warning the human burped loudly, her face flushing in embarrassment, the orc responded with laughter and reached for the éclair wafting it under Petra’s nose. “I think that means you are ready for a little more. Now be a good girl and open wide for me.” The woman winced and refused to comply for a couple of seconds before Urzul gripped her belly more roughly. Petra hissed in pain, her jaw relaxed and lips parted. “Gooood,” the orc murmured and pinched off the end of the éclair. Carefully she hooked a finger into Petra’s mouth and teased it open before depositing the small piece of éclair on her tongue. The human chewed slowly and deliberately before swallowing.

Leaning to the side Urzul picked up the glass of milk on the bedside table and lifted it to her lover’s lips, allowing her a small sip. Carefully Urzul let her drink some more before putting the glass back and continuing to feed her small pieces of pastry torn from the éclair, all while rubbing her midsection. With about half of the dessert left Petra started whimpering and pressing lightly on her swollen belly, each accompanied by a short hiss of pain. The woman offered her another morsel, but she pressed her lips together and shook her head. “No more,” she groaned. Dropping the éclair back in the box the orc pushed it aside and offered Petra another sip of milk, but she refused that too.

Ever so gently Urzul leant her lover forwards, resulting in another whimper as the human’s stomach pressed against her thighs. Unhooking Petra’s bra, she peeled it down her arms and tossed it aside. Before she let Petra lay back against her she ran her finger across the red mark on her fiancé’s back, they had to go shopping soon if the human kept growing like she was. The orc helped her lover lean back against her and now with both hands massaged the painfully swollen orb spilling into the woman’s lap. Urzul kissed Petra’s neck, causing the woman to shiver slightly, her mouth lifting slightly to the human’s ears as she nibbled carefully, mindful of her tusks “I’m so so proud of you darling.” Petra’s eyes had closed but Urzul knew by her breathing that she was still awake and listening. “You’ve been eating so well for me lately.” She kissed her neck again. “You’re fattening up so nicely too, we’re definitely going to have to have another shopping trip at this rate. These gorgeous hips of yours have been really straining your pants lately and your bras are getting super tight. But this belly” The orc moaned and pressed it lightly “it’s divine.” Her lips returned to her lover’s neck, kissing and biting it tenderly. “You’re actually an angel, you know that right? My beautiful, plump angel.” One of her hands left Petra’s belly and pinched the fat on the woman’s inner thigh, savouring the soft flesh. “My dearest, you have no idea how happy you doing this for me makes me.”

Petra was motionless for a few moments before she panted her reply, voice low and strained. “You get so excited about every pound, every roll, every meal. You get this…” She shifted uncomfortably and grunted “this adorable gleam in your eyes.” Both of the orc’s hands returned to her belly, shushing her gently and trying to soothe the tension. “Don’t shush me.” She tried to sulk but was too tired and sore. “I just…I love when you get that way. So passionate, so excited, so alive. It’s beautiful.” They sat together in silence, the only sound being Petra’s heavy breaths, bodies pressed against each other just enjoying the moment. Urzul eventually asked “Do you think I could move you?” The human didn’t respond immediately, trying to make it last a little longer, before murmuring “If you are gentle”.

The orc slowly lifted the human off her lap, stretching out her legs now that the weight had been lifted from her. Standing, she quickly discarded her own underwear, and slid her arms under Petra. The muscles bunched as she lifted her lover up, supporting her hips and upper back with powerful arms. “Still okay?” she asked cautiously. The human nodded in return and nestled her head in Urzul’s shoulder as she was carried into the bathroom and lowered gently into the tub. Climbing in after her, the orc knelt between her fiancé's legs and slid her panties down her hips. She lifted Petra's legs slightly to help them pass, then dropped them outside of the bath and turned on the water. She held her hand under it for a moment, checking the temperature and making sure it would be comfortable for her lover's strained belly.

Eventually, after the steaming water cooled down to a dull warmth, Urzul finally removed her hands from her lover’s stomach. The heat, time, and constant massage had proved enough to soothe the pain of Petra’s overfull belly. The orc’s hands reached under her partner’s shoulders, lifting her upright, then sitting the woman in her lap once again, though this time face to face and bloated belly to hard abs. “Feeling better?” she asked, running a hand around to one of Petra’s love handles. The human nodded. “Want to pick up where we left off?” The human nodded again and the orc grinned.

Her other hand snuck down onto her partner’s broad hips and grabbed a handful of the doughy ass. “Human women are just so delicate. If we were going to be married, I really had to fatten you up, it would really be such a shame to break a pretty thing like you.” She shook the love handle roughly, sending a ripple across her lover’s belly. “You need padding; something to protect you if I get a little rough. I know you used to be a skinny little thing, but you’re much safer with each extra pound I put on you. It really is for your own good that you let me feed you. Now… do you want to finish your pudding?” Petra’s blush melted Urzul’s cool demeanour, and she could not stop herself from giggling. Before letting her reply she pinched one of the human’s chubby cheeks and said “Honestly you have the cutest blush I think I have ever seen. Come on, let's get you dry, and we can see about that last éclair. You really were so close to finishing.”

Back in bed, Urzul propped Petra up on a stack of pillows and curled up next to her, the box in one hand and the last half of the éclair in the other. “Aaaaah” she prompted; Petra stuck out her tongue but opened wide. The orc pushed the pastry into her mouth, forcing her to take a large bite, smearing a little of the cream on her lover’s lips as she withdrew. After swallowing, Petra was given another large mouthful of the éclair. Now with one left, Urzul straddled her lover’s lap and carefully wiped the cream off her lips with a finger, forcing the human to lick them clean, before she finally pushed the end of the éclair past her lips. Once Petra swallowed the orc let out an excited squeal and hugged her tightly. “I can’t believe you ate so much! I’m super super proud of you hun.” Hugging back, though more gently, Petra smiled, exhausted but satisfied. “And that’s why I do it,” she whispered into Urzul’s ear. “Your reaction is just the most precious thi--” The orc silenced her with a kiss.

They kissed again and again, the minutes starting to blur together as they lost themselves in each other. Eventually Urzul ran her hand down her lover’s back, fingers tracing over each roll, as they worked down to Petra’s hips, then around and to the front. Right as they began to slide between the human’s naked thighs they were stopped, Petra’s small, dainty hand gripping the orc’s wrist. “Not now, love…. I’m too tired…. Sorry,” she murmured, speech punctuated by yawns. Urzul withdrew her hand and pulled her lover in close. “Don’t apologise for that, you don’t have to say sorry for not being ready.” She squeezed her shoulder gently. “You wanna go to bed?” Petra nodded after yawning again. Urzul responded by spreading the pillows back out and pulling Petra in against her, spooning her with a ha
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JustARat 2 years
I really love your stories! Very sweet and i adore the fantastic elements, I'd love to read more from you!
Atelia 2 years
Super cute. Well done!
LitMistress 2 years
What a charming relationship. These two clearly care for each other and it makes it a fun read. Can't wait for you to write more!