formerly annoying neighbors

chapter 1

Katie and I were to say the least overweight. I’m sure some people would call us obese, but who cares what they think. Katie’s family were all fat or obese, her mom and sisters were all big and they didn’t mind being overweight, obese of fat, whatever you wanted to call them. I had been in good shape for a long time, but after retiring from the military and their strict weight standards I had really let myself go.

Our neighbors were the opposite of us. They were both painfully skinny (at least to us) their two daughters too, were very thin. They were totally into organic eating, they weren’t vegans, which I found surprising, nor were they vegetarians. They were fairly friendly toward us, but usually suggested food and recipes, which Katie and I didn’t really care for or about.

One day we saw the “For Sale” sign on their house. The next time I got a chance to talk to Dave, the husband, he told me he and Heather had purchased a dairy farm and were moving there to do organic dairy products. Dave was trying not to stare at my forty eight inch waist bulging out from under my too tight t-shirt. I said, “Dave that sounds wonderful for you two and the girls, please stay in touch with us.” “Oh sure Nat we will, we still have family in the area.” We shook hands and said our goodbyes.

I didn’t think about them too much until our door bell rang late one Saturday morning. It was Dave and Heather and the girls. Fortunately I was decent, our habit of not wearing much around the house, mainly for comfort, but a bit of a turn on when you’re both fat. I opened the door, “Hey guys it great to see you again.” Dave replied, “Great to see you again Nat. I hope we are not interrupting anything.” “No not at all, Katie will be pleased to see you too.”

They came in, I immediately notice they all were heavier, not fat certainly, but just a little more “filled out”. Heather now actually had hips, and some boobs, she was so skinny before always running etc. Dave looked heavier in the waist and thighs, though not fat, just fuller. Both of their girls too had filled out, again not fat, but far healthier looking than when they lived next door.

We chatted for an hour or so, they told about their farm and how well it was working out. They even brought us a couple pounds of butter which for big eaters of rich food, like Katie and I, this was a great gift. I was taken by the irony of Dave and Heather giving us butter, they used to gently admonish us to stay away from fat.

We finished up the butter in less than a week. It was very good, sweet, no salt and of course fattening. Katie and I continued in our lifestyle, eating too much, not enough exercise and sedentary. We weren’t trying to gain, but we certainly weren’t losing any weight either.

Two months later, the phone rang on a Saturday. I answered, it was Dave, they were in town to see family and asked if they could stop by. I said, “We’d love to see you guys Dave, I hope you brought more butter, just kidding.” Dave chuckled, “Nat, we did actually and some other treats for you guys too.”

Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang. I answered expecting to see Dave and Heather as they were a couple of months ago. I was shocked, they both had clearly gained more weight. Dave now had a bit of paunch, which jiggled too. Heather almost looked a few months pregnant, with a fuller waist, bigger booty and thicker thighs. They girls too were noticeably heavier, with rounder waists.

Katie surprised too, especially when they brought us several treats, five pounds of butter, a gallon of whole milk, a quart of cream, ice cream and cheese too. “Wow, you guys, thank you so much.” I said. Katie piped up, “Can you stay for dinner?” Heather looked at Dave absently patter her modest tummy bulge, “Katie and Nat we’d love to stay for dinner.”

We fixed burgers, bratwurst, with a heavy potato salad. We had to dinner buns which we served with their wonderful butter. I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised, but Dave and Heather really went to town on the food. They each had a couple of burgers and two or three bratwursts each, plus potato salad and several heavily butter buns. The girls too ate huge portions. We chatted they told how well the farm was doing. Several times during the conversation and eating, I notice Heather patting her tummy bulge and encouraging the girls to eat more. Dave was looking bloated but really enjoying the food.

We sat around after dinner and eating ice cream, which all four of them partook in. Around eight thirty, Heather said, “Dave, we should get going, I’m Nat and Katie are tried and want to get to bed.” We all hugged and said our goodbyes. I asked, “When will you guys be back in town?” Dave looked at Heather, She said, “Nat right around Thanksgiving.” “Please stop in and see us!” Heather patted her tummy again, “Oh we will Nat, thank you for the hospitality, we had a wonderful time.”
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