franks sissy past

chapter 1

(Hey, this was meant to be a flash back in my "jelly belly fitness camp" story. It started out as a few paragraphs but I kept adding to it. It's about franks pervy past.

Frank was always stealing his step mothers pantyhose. If she was throwing them out he would fish them out of the bags they were in. He would look for bras and panties too, his his main goal was the pantyhose. He loved to walk about the house in the pantyhose when everyone was out, feeling the soft feeling of the nylon on his legs. He would rub his thighs, legs, butt and groin as he walked about. He loved to bend over and slap his fat arse, feeling it jiggle in the pantyhose.
The pantyhose were always tight on him, as his step mother was much thinner than him. The tightness of the tights dug into his flabby waist making his huge belly and flabby love handles look even bigger. He loved pulling up the tights over his belly, feeling the waist band of the pantyhose stretch to its maximum across the middle of his belly. The feeling of the tight shiny nylon containing his fat belly felt awesome, he would slap, knead, jiggle and wobble the huge lump of nylon covered fat.
He loved how fat and girlie his legs looked, they were plump stocky legs and really big at the thigh. He could feel them jiggle in the pantyhose as he walked.
He owned five pairs at the moment. With the size of his legs and arse they ripped a lot, luckily his step mum was always buying big multipack boxes containing pantyhose of all sized do he had a constant supply. He didn't mean to take them as he only wanted to try them on, but every time he tried them on he got excited and leaked pre cum in them. He couldn't put them back after that as it left blotches on nylon. Once after peeing, he found a pair by chance in the cupboard. He was walking past when he saw them sitting on a pile of his mothers other clothes. They were gray and shiny, within seconds of seeing them they were in his hands. He held them up inspecting them, they looked brand new. His heart started thumping, his little dick growing in his pants.

"I can't, I've already taken four pairs in the last few months already, she's bount to notice they've gone missing. I bet she suspects something, but these are so new and tight looking. I.....i....I need them on, I'll just try them on for a minute, I'll keep my hands off my nob"

After about a minute of internal struggle, he had them on. He knew it was wrong but he couldn't help it, he was addicted to the feeling of having pantyhose on. He felt comfortable in them as he walked around with his pantyhose on and pulled up over his belly. His intentions were just to try them on for a few minutes, but he forgot he just peed. He had some pee left at the top of his penis and got a patch of wee on the pantyhose, he could feel the wetness of the pee on his legs as he walked. He couldn't see the patch due to his fat belly being in the way, he went through to the bathroom mirror to check the patch of wee.

"No! I forgot I just peed, I can't put them back now that would be horrible. But she going to notice there gone, she must have just bought them, what am I going to do, the patch is too big"

As he was thinking this his little willy got hard behind the pantyhose. The thought of getting caught was turning him on, what will she say when she notices there missing. Will she joke and ask if it was him, how would he react to that. But would it be a joke or a reference to how she knows he's stealing them. Would she be angry or disgusted, thinking about her fat son prancing around in her pantyhose with his flabby body jiggling about.

He would wear her bras too, his boy boobs were too fat for most of them and his fat poured out of the top of them, creating a huge flabby cleavage. He would shove his hands between them, the feeling of the warm flabby tit fat covering his hand felt great. His hands would eventually go to the sides of his bra covered breasts. He would jiggle his tits, watching his huge cleavage wobble around like jelly.

He was doing this the day his step mum caught him, sitting on his bed wobbling his fat boobs and wearing her gray pantyhose. This was a few weeks after he took them. His cleavage was jiggling wildly, the fat was bouncing and wobbling around, the cleavage line never stayed still, it was like a wobbly line most of the time. He was leaning back with his legs open, his back against the pillows on the bed. His little hard pecker was visibly sticking out of the pantyhose as he was leaning back, his belly lifted slightly higher that it would usually sit. He had the house to himself for the day, he never heard his mother enter the house as he was lost in the moment. He liked talking out loud about how he loved pantyhose and wearing women's clothing, he would talk about his fat belly while slapping it and jiggling it. If turned him on talking out loud about his fetishes, he felt nervous even though he was always alone when he did it. Speaking the words out loud seemed like a confession, telling the world he was a fat sissy.
As he was lost in the moment he never heard his mum walking up the stairs. She heard him talking but didn't understand what he was saying, it sounded like he was talking to someone.
Frank stopped jiggling his boy boobs, his left hand went to his bra covered boobs and tweeting his nipple through the material. His right hand went to his belly, he started to slap it hard, feeling all his blubber wobble and ripple.
As she walked up the stairs, franks mother started to hear a slapping sound coming from her sons too, the talking grew louder after the slapping started and she was high up enough to hear what was being said.

"Ohhh yeah, I'm an obese fat sissy. My fat belly is so big and soft. I can't believe I've let my self get this fat and jiggly. I love being a fatty, wearing this fat belly all the time, sticking out embarrassingly. Mmmmmmm ohhhhhhh yeah my dick feels great in these pantyhose. I never thought I'd ever get off like this, wearing pantyhose I stole of my mum with my fat belly hanging over the waist band while wearing one of her bras."

Frank spoke this out loud as he slapped his belly hard. His step mother heard all of it and saw about half as she peeked through the gap between the food and the frame. She had a full view of what her son was dong. Frank, thinking he was going to be alone all day, didn't shut his bedroom door completely. He continued to talk to himself while grabbing handful is of his fat and jiggling it.

"I want to get fatter and fatter till I'm a huge white blob. My tits are going to get huge and hang down onto my belly. I want to be fed until my belly can't hold any more. Ohhhhh I'm such a greedy fatty, all I want to do is fill my fat gut. I love how tight my pantyhose feels as I get fatter. I.........."

He stopped talking to himself immediately. As he was talking to himself his hand started to try and reach his pantyhose covered dick, his mother threw open his bed room door wide open and shouted.

"What the hell do you think your doing, this is disgusting. I knew you were taking my pantyhose, I let it go though, I wasn't wanting to embarrass you, but I didn't think you were doing stuff like this. Look at you, it's disgusting!"


H is step mother shouted at him, he panicked as she came in and tried to get up but he was too heavy, as he struggled his whole body wobbled, his huge belly sloshing around. He tried desperately to get up, there was a filled sized mirror on the all opposite the bed and he could see that everything was on display. The little winky lump behind the pantyhose was visible too, he wanted it to go down but getting caught like this by the person who's pantyhose he had on, plus the sight of him in the mirror writhing around kept his little willy hard.

"You really can't get up? Your such an obese pig. Such a dirty fat pig, I can't believe you. How did you end up like this?"

"I'm...sorry mum I didn't mean too.. I just .....I...I...."

"You just what? Wanted to get off on my pantyhose. Jeez boy, look at you getting out of breath trying to get up. I'm getting my camera."

"Nooooo you can't, please help me up, don't do this to me. I'm so sorry"

Frank blubbered out, he was crying now as he was still trying to get up but he was getting tired from the exertion. His body was stuck between the huge like of pillows he was leaning on. The more he struggled the more the pillows around him would separate, he ended up with his back on the bed and his top half surrounded by the pillows, two of the pillows wedged them self under his sides keeping him in place. His step mum arrived back with the camera.

"Haha are those pillows keeping you wedged there you fat perv. Now look at the camera and say fat sissy.

Frank continued to struggle as his step mum took a picture of him, sprawled out on his bed in a pair of pantyhose and a bra. His belly wobbled around too much for the camera and it turned out blurry when his mum checked the picture on the screen on the camera.

"Stop moving fatty, your belly is to wobbly and it's messing up the shot. Ohh wait what's this"

His mum said, she saw a small icon on the camera, it said "film"

"Haha it's ok fat boy, it's got a filming function. Yeah jelly belly struggle, give me a good show. I can't wait to show the family what you get up too hehe"

"NNNOOO please you can't. I'll never live it down. Dad will disown me, please mum why are you being like this?"

Frank sobbed out his words his eyes begging as he lay on the bed. His face was bright red and he felt sick, his body was slick with sweat.

"I'm being like this because dirty boys like you need punished. I mean this is pretty disgusting. Wait is that.... Eww it is, that's nasty yuk. Have you no shame fat boy?"

His mum saw the stains on the pantyhose and the wet patches of pre cum, she was horrified seeing him like this.

"Lets get a
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DikkeGert 6 years
I bet you have some cruel hot adventures for Frank in you rmind.
Becoming the fat pet pig of his family