fridge of opis

chapter 1

Teddy was looking through his fridge for something to snack on when he heard a knock at his door. He walked across his kitchen and through his livingroom. He opens the door to see Amy smiling happily with a large apple pie in her hands. "Hey there Teddy, I was baking today and thought you'd like an apple pie, your favorite right?" She says pleasantly. Teddy smiles. "Yeah, thanks Amy." He says taking the pie. "Wanna come in and have some?" He ask. She shakes her head. "Oh I got some more baking to do, though I suggest you put it in the fridge though, its my granny's recipe and it tastw best cold." She suggest. "Will do!" Teddy says smiling, they say their goodbyes as she waddles off his porch. Before he shuts his door he see's Jamie and Emily waddling from their van carrying several bags of a food from a local burger joint. They wave and he returns the wave smiling. He closes his door shaking his head a bit. "Were they always so big?" He ask himself out loud. He just shrugs it off. "Must just be my imagination is all." He says putting the pie from Amy in his fridge. Theres a faint unnoticed glow from the fridge.
Teddy was a pretty fit and tall guy. At 6'4 and 200lbs of muscle it was safe to say he was a strong man. His shoulder wide with a thick neck and strong jaw and chin, crew cut blonde hair he could be your typical action movie hero from the 80s. His skin was gently tanned from his long runs.
As he walked to his weight room he noticed a bowl full of M&Ms. "When did I have these?" He ask out loud. He wasn't a a total health nut by no means enjoying sweets here and there but had no idea where or when had this bowl. Deciding to shrug it off he grabs a handful and eats them perking upa bit, they seemed sweeter and more flavorful than he remembered them being. He walks back over taking the bowl with him, snacking on them while doing a more relaxed work out than what he had planned on originally. After a hour he walked out of the room with a empty bowl and hungry for a late lunch. He opens up the fridge to see a large italian sub waiting for him, taking it without thinking about how it got in there. He happily eats it up grabbing some chips from the cabinat. He makes suprisingly short work of the large meal sitting back with a stuffed belly. "I need to watch it...other wise I'll end like Amy or Jamie and Emily." He says with a bit of a laugh.
Time goes on and a few weeks after Amy's visist Teddy continued to have food he had no memeroy of buying or recieving but simply shrugs it off figuring he just forgot. The weeks of sudden increase of fattening food an increased feeling of lethargy was starting to take its toll, his once washboard ab covered stomach was now covered in a layer of fat that held firmish for now. His pecs had softened up a bit but his arms and legs held their definition as he still was trying to work out, his butt pushing out a bit as he slowly but steadly put on the pounds. On his now light jogs he'd wave to Amy who he noticed seem to give him a rather long gaze as he passed but figured nothing of it. Amy on the other hand was very pleased with her work. "Sure its not as fast as it was with Jamie and Emily but its more fun to watch." She thought to herself.
Panting as he slowly walked into his kitchen after his jog. He opens the fridge pulling out a 1 liter of cola and a large slice of cake sitting at the table quickly gobbling up the sweet after workout snack. "Its no wonder I'm getting so fat..." He says with a rather unconcered tone. "Hmm what would be good for dinner?" He wonders aloud. He returns to the fridge looking to see his options spotting a bucket of fried chicken. "Hm must be left overs from last njght." He says grabbing it and pulling out a leg tearing into. "Mmm why is it cold left overs are so good?" He ask with a chuckle stripping the leg of its meat then grabbing the next peice. After a short while he finishes off the bucket, sitting back patting his bloated gut and lets out a burp face covered in crumbs that he lazily wipes away. He slowly gets up craddling his belly as he lumbers to his bedroom stripping off his jogging clothes looking at his rounding and softening form with a sigh. He pats his stuffed belly laying down dozing off for the night.
Months begin to pass now and Teddy has completely slipped into gluttonous hedonism and his figure shows it. His gut billows out aheah of him drooping down his belly folding in at the belly button making that little T shaped fold his lower belly having a slight inward dip in the center bellow his belly button. His pecs still help some shape but were starting to sag a bit like plush pillows. His upper arms were thick around like dinner plates sagging a little bit even with their large size thick forearms to match. His face had roundes out a bit looking soft now with a double chin his neck still farely visable do to the thick muscles under the thin layer of fat. His legs are thick like tires, holding the same miraculous firm look but would jiggle with his lumbering stride. His boxed shape but wobbled about close to the size of basketballs. He looked at himself in the mirror counting the purple stretch marks across his belly when he hears a knock at the door. He lumbers to the door mumbling to himself about how he's somehow 653lbs now in less than a year. He opens the door dressed only in huge basketball shorts. "Hey there Teddy!" Amy says chipperly holding a tray of peacan caramel brownies. "Hey Amy, baking day again?" Teddy ask chuckling. She nods. "Yep! Thought you'd like something chocolatey." She says handing him the tray. "Hm you're looking good Teddy, doing something new with your hair?" She ask him giggling a bit. He blushes a bit. "Um no...but thanks." He says smiling a bit. "Hmm when you finish off those brownies maybe stop by my place...for a post meal work out." She says winking waddling off. Teddy stares wide eyed before hurrying to his couch to stuff the brownies down. Amy waddles up to her pouch seeing Kim sit on hers watching Jamie and Emily in their front yard tanning and snacking biting her lip. "Hmm Kim is gonna be fun." She says then sees Teddy waddling over holding his stuffed gut. "Well... Fun after my workout first." She says purring.
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