from robust to rotund: cassidy's story

chapter 1: introduction

“Man, look at that body,” I murmured to myself as I gazed over to Cassidy in silent admiration. I adore every one of her sexy traits; from her gorgeous eyes and alluring black hair to her thick ass and busty tits, everything about Cassidy makes me go crazy. The one thing that makes her perfect is how she carries her scant excess pudge so confidently. She is not fat, she’s fit as a matter of fact but one could call her slightly fluffy. She still has perfect proportions, though a smidgen of extra flab sits upon her waist along with a tad of cellulite on her otherwise muscular thighs. It’s noticeable, and probably genetic. Despite that, she still wears crop tops and booty shorts, and with an ass like hers, it’s fucking mesmerizing. Most people don't know that I'm into bigger girls, especially Latina ones. Once again, not to call Cassidy fat or anything, but she could be with a bit of work...
“Wait, what!” I thought to myself as I broke out of my trance-like state. A tall somewhat muscular guy walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her torso, playfully grabbing her incredible tits and startling her. Think of Todd Alquist off Breaking Bad; this guy looks nearly identical to him.
“You gotta be kidding me, she has a boyfriend!?” This time I blurted my thoughts out loud and my buddy Patrick overheard sitting right next to me on the foyer bench.
“I see you spotted Erik Tenorman, the guy’s a douche. I hear they fight all the time; bound to break up soon. Don’t worry big man you’ll get your shot.” Patrick articulated with a sly grin. I awkwardly laughed in reply as I was almost certain they overheard us.
“It’s only your second week at this school; everyone knows they don’t get along well, and that being said you already have more girl attention than I had during my four years here. Why do you care so much Kain, there are plenty of other hot bitches to fuck.”
“I know, but there’s something about HER that draws me so much,” I replied meekly, too embarrassed to share the real reason. What Patrick said is true though, I get the attention from many lovely ladies. I mean, what can I say? I’m a sexy ***er. With my perfect physique and chiseled features, what girl could resist me? Not to sound egotistical or anything.
“She in any of your classes, Kain?” Patrick asked.
“Nah, I wish. I only know her because she posted up with us once at McDonald’s. I’ve never seen a bitch hungrier, on God.” I responded with a chuckle.
“Well, I mean she’s an athlete just like you. One of the best soccer players on the girl’s team, she works out hella often. That oughta make a girl eat, just look at that ass on her.” Stated Patrick, and along with a pat on the back, he stood up and dissipated into the busy school foyer.
I looked over to Cassidy and Erik, and I could tell Cassidy truly wasn't that into him. Erik’s expression was bright and cheery, while Cassidy’s gorgeous face just looked indifferent and bored. She stood there on her phone while her boyfriend gave her ass a solid squeeze resulting in an exasperated eye roll from Cassidy. His passion obviously wasn't shared mutually, so maybe I stood a chance after all. The bell rang, and just like that I was off to my next class. I settled in my seat, and to my surprise, one of Cassidy’s best friends Lan came over to me and sat down in the empty desk beside me. Now Lan is kind of a big girl, also cute as fuck. Have you ever seen an Asian pear before, because Lan perfectly fits the characteristics of one. Her head rests upon petit shoulders, but as you go down she gets wider and wider. Her flabby gut accentuated by her skin tight shirt gently rested on her thunder thighs as she beamed at me with her pearly smile and bright blue eyes. It's adorable.
“I didn't know you had this class Kain, that's awesome!” She exclaimed, before opening up a candy bar. Classic Lan.
“Yeah, I’ve been in biology ever since I came here, since when do you take this class Lan.” I replied.
“Eh, I just found chemistry to be not my thing. I’m more of a nature girl.” She giggled scoffing down her treat.
“I hear you're into Cas. You guys would make such a cute couple, oh my God! I fucking hate her dick boyfriend, he always calls me ‘the great pumpkin’. Like oh my God, that's so fucking rude, you don't just make fun of someone with weight issues like that!” Lan remarked angrily.
“I know, I hear they're gonna break up soon. Patrick told me.” I replied.
“Erik used to be such a nice guy, but he’s changed over the past year. They’ve been dating for a while now, so I’m not surprised he’s revealed his true colors. Cass simply just isn't into him like she used to be, ‘cause he's a dick. Cas put on a tiny bit of weight as well, she’s still a great athlete but I bet she just eats to deal with Erik. Fucking degenerate.” Lan explained, while still munching on her candy bar.
“If Cassidy isn't into him, then why hasn't she broken up with him yet? I mean, how have they lasted so long together?” I inquired. Lan shrugged.
“Beats me.” She muttered, with crumbs falling from her puffy lips.
The day went on, and nothing much happened. I finished up my remaining classes and headed home. I kept wondering why Cassidy still stays with Erik. I’ve never actually met the guy but from what I hear he's kind of an asshole, and I think Cassidy definitely deserves someone better. Someone who would spoil her rotten.
That night as I was laying in bed, my phone’s ringtone echoed throughout my room; Lan was FaceTiming me. I groggily yawned as I picked up only to be greeted by Lan’s smiling chubby face.
“Hey Lan, wha-” I was instantly cut off.
“OH MY GOD YOU ARE NOT GONNA BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED EARLIER TODAY!” She shouted spontaneously, and her bubbly expression quickly morphed into one of hatred.
“What happened Lan?” I said, trying to humor her. I just wanted to sleep.
“Okay so today in the foyer I accidently bumped into Erik, and he fucking called me a ***ing cow, then he knocked my books down from my hands! He did this in front of everyone, I was so embarrassed! So I slapped the shit outta him and everyone cheered me on! I never felt so gratified before!” Lan exclaimed, while her cheeks started to turn a tomatoey red. She was probably embarrassed to tell me that.
“Wow, good for you Lan! What did Erik do though when you slapped him?” I replied, now genuinely interested in the conversation.
“He didn't exactly take it well. He just called me a stupid whore and told me to watch myself before he stormed off. I told Cass, and she was disgusted. She told me she plans to break up with him, but she just doesn't know when. She wants to wait for the perfect time to avoid hurting him, she obviously still has some sort of feelings for this asshole for whatever reason.”
“Hm, well I don't get it. Listen, great for you for standing up for yourself but I have to get some sleep now, goodnight,” I said, subsequently hanging up.
“Fuck yes,” I drearly mumbled to myself. Now it’s time to make my move.
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Chubbychickl... 2 years
I dunno...seems like Lan's the better match here!
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You keep fooling me into thinking you have added a chapter with apparently small edits. I hope a real chapter is coming soon!