fulfilling desires

Chapter 1 - she

I love to watch you eat. I can spend hours observing your round face with this amazingly wobbling triple chin. I get wet seeing beads of sweat forming on your cute red face! And I love the expression shown in your eyes while I feed you! The mixture of excitement and fear I can see in there! The arousal caused by the filling of your fat, so fat belly and the fear of how all this will end one day! We both know how it will end and I for my part looking forward to it! I have worked for this goal since three years and I've made all necessary arrangements a long time ago! You, on the other hand, still struggle with your fate, well knowing that you can't avoid what's coming for you! You had years to get accustomed to the fact that you finally will end up as my incredible fat and immobile piggy! But still you struggle, as I can clearly see! But, as we both know as well, your fight will be futile, because you're a slave of your desires.
I know all about your desires. I was the one who created them and I'm the one who is in control of them. I'm the person you love and hate at the same time.
You love me, because I care for you, because I feed that nearly insatiable belly I created and I do all to ease your pain once your stomach is filled to the brim. Admittedly, I'm not sure if you're still in love with me; or if it's only your desire which keeps you with me; but I know you loved me. I know it because I used that love to twist your normal desire for my body into the yearning of being filled to the max before fulfilling your sexual craving. I formed that fattening longing in you so that you can also satisfy my passion, my desire for an allover soft and helpless fat body in my hands! But if it's still love or only your desire, since three years you come to me every Friday evening! Every Friday you're mine for fulfilling desires, both our desires. And soon, very soon now there will be THE Friday evening, the night after you finally won't be able to get home!
And you hate me; because you're well aware off that I'm the one responsible for your extremely obese condition. I was the person who let you on that way to obesity; I was the one who over the last three years added nearly 300 pounds to your formerly 165 pound body! I can see this hate as much as I can see how much you hate yourself for being a helpless slave of your appetite for food and for my body.
Right now I look at you while you're savoring then first course of the fifteen I have ordered for you on this evening. I'm a very good host, ordering all the food for you at the best restaurants in town. Of course I see to it that only the most rich and fattening dishes are served to you, but there was never and never will be fast food for my beloved fat darling. I watch you enjoying the food and I know there will be no struggle today. You will eat and eat until your stomach is so full that it hurts despite the knowledge of what will soon happen to you. I know it will be soon, I have seen how much effort it took for you only to leave the backseat of the cab! I saw it on the exhaustion caused by the few steps leading up to my houses entrance. Only a few more pounds and your legs won't carry you any longer! I barely can wait until then, I was patient for the most of the last three years! As soon as you're at this goal, as soon as you are in the special room I prepared for you month ago, as soon as you're completely helpless in my possession I will be able to fulfill my greatest desire! But we're not there by now, and while I watch your cheeks and chins jiggling my mind wanders back about three years.

It was 6 month after my well-deserved (and rewarding) divorce from a cheating and abusing (but stinking rich) husband. With thirty two and a few million dollars in my bank accounts I finally had decided that I don't want to subdue my greatest desire any longer. Since I was a teeny I had liked to watch fat man and women eating, I liked the soft feeling of their fat rolls. I had spent a lot of time at the All You Can Eat Buffet in my hometown, watching people stuff themselves. It even went that far that I dated the fattest boy in my class, but the evening turned out to be a total disaster! I had invited him into the AYCEB and had him eat until he had to open his belt and waistband. After this extended dinner we went to my parent's house, which luckily was empty because they both where on a business trip where I had planned to seduce the fat pig. But after a few beers and other drinks he passed out at my parents couch. Nevertheless I stripped him to fondle with his flabby body until he woke up and throw all over me!! It's not necessary to mention that we never spoke a word with each other again. So, here I was now, thirteen years and an unhappy marriage later, with much more experience and confidence, willing to make my greatest dream come true! I recall your eyes wandering up and down my body as soon as I entered the bar. Well aware of what you were seeing, a curvy but well- proportioned shape with double Ds, wide hips and a nicely rounded butt , I immediately started to seduce you. As I remember, you proved to be an easy prey! 24 years old single, freshly graduated software engineer and except a few encounters with the other sex refreshingly innocent! That you had a home office job as well only made the things much easier! There would be no co-workers seeing you at an office every day, starting to gossip about the upcoming change of your slender body. It took me not to long to entwine you in some pleasant chitchat while having a couple of cocktails. A few seductive smiles, some soft touches at the right time and place and some timid bending of my torso to give you some 'deeper' insight was all what it needed to bring you completely under my spell. Once we started our relationship I began to lead your way to become the man of my deepest desire. I invited you every Friday into one of the best restaurants, taking care of that your portions were always bigger than usual and have you eating up each time. When I visited your place I always carried my 'sleepover' bag, which was mostly filled with sweet treats. I had started nudging you in the right direction by indicating that it really makes me hot watching you eat and feeding you small treats during a prolonged sensual prelude. I had told you at the beginning of our relationship that I would lead you into a different life, a life formed by desires! I did not tell you at this time what kind of desires I had in mind, but you would find out soon enough. So I continued to shape up your desires into the form I wished them to be. Training you to mix up sexual excitement and eating was only the beginning. It was so easy! You literally did all what I pointed out it would make me happy. My caretaking was soon showing on your expanding belly. You slowly started to pile up the pounds, almost fifteen in the first six month. It was at this time when you began to realize what I meant when I said I would guide you into a new way of life...

Your head is now covered with beads of sweat. I see you have finished all but the dessert. Ten huge main courses swallowed into your incredibly extended stomach. I see your paunch stretching the fabric of your shirt and I know the waistband of your trousers must be painfully cutting into your fat belly. I bend down to open your shirt and to free that impressive big potbelly from his restraint. It takes me some effort to open the button of your trousers, the pressure on it is really high, but as soon as I succeed I get rewarded by the full sight of your huge and filled up belly! It covers the whole lap, forcing your thick legs slightly apart. I can't see it, but I know there's a rock hard and throbbing dick beneath all these delightful layers of fat. I know this, because it was me who formed that intermixture of filling your belly to the maximum and pure sexual arousal. I lower the back of your chair until you nearly lay flat on your spine. Your labored breathing eases a little bit and you moan in pleasure as soon as I start to rub your enormously bloated gut. I stroke and rub that fat paunch, seeing and hearing the effect of my doing. My hands wandering up and down that beautiful fat body, from the huge moobs down to this remarkable token of arousal between your legs! Cradling and fondling all those fat rolls stirs up a tingling in my lower belly and I feel the moisture between my thighs....
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GrowingLoveH... 8 years
How did I miss such a wonderful story! Nicely done!
Sokotron 8 years
more please ! cant wait for next chapter!
FrecherTyp 8 years
my god ness that was great so many of my special likings combined in such a sexy longoing story and naughty little observations mhmmm.... that was really great i would love to meet such a wicked little cooking girl ^^

hehe and her sense for science is
Raido 8 years
What an arousing story.. got my blood pumping
FrecherTyp 8 years
mhmm...^^ such anice idea to mix this shake with alcohol ;-)

and this is an interesting story i am curious about to read more ^^