full of potential

Chapter 1 - greg 1

Hope you guys like, I have no editor but will be happy for help. Enjoy.

Gerg heard the sweet high pitched giggle of a girl, he searched for the source of the sound turning to watch as the girl ate her meal.

She was lovely, petite and short with the hint of a tiny belly spilling over her jeans, a rainbow belly button ring winking at him from under her too tight pink crop top. She had short blonde hair with the ends dyed pink a pair of warm brown eyes pink eye shadow gracing the lids with long eyelashes. If were to hazard a guess about her height and weight it would be around 5ft and roughly 100 pounds.

She was chatting and eating with her friends, it was a good sized plate for someone so little. A pasta carbonara with chicken it had 2290 calories not to mention the bread sticks.

Greg would love to help her grow large and soft. Watch as her body fills out, where would the weight go? To her beginner belly? Would her breasts swell, or her thighs and ass plump up? He wanted to pin her and forced a tube down her throat as her body is forced to grow heavy with his gainer shake, unable to move under the weight of her gut. He settled for watching her devor her food and seeing her small belly grow and push against her jeans.

Most wouldn't notice the small change but to a feeder and a lover of large women it was obvious. Greg silently prayed that she would go for dessert when the waiter went to the girl's table. Shortly thereafter much to his pleasure not one but two desserts came to her table. A decadent oreo dream extreme cheesecake, one slice was 1630 calories, and a toasted marshmallow s'mores galore cheesecake witch was 1550 calories. He watched with glee as she savored the rich desserts her belly swollen from all the food. She licked the fork clean and then her plump pink lips. That was a total of about 5470 calories that he knew of. To maintain her current weight she should have to consume about 1600 calories daily she had over 3 times that amount.

Greg was impressed and aroused by the girl. Greg was quite sad to see her leave knowing the chances of seeing her again were slim to none. He left the cheesecake factory to head back home saving the memory of the soft blonde for latter.
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Karenjenk 4 years
i like how you added a calorie count to some of the food and how much she was eating. I work with numbers and figures a lot and it just makes it better... for me anyway