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Chapter 1 - fullerton and kate a hate-love fling

I just recently read�Fullerton Academy�and it was�reaally good.�Alas as all good stories on the net Fullerton stands uncompleted and will probably remain so (that evil writer), as it was posted 9 years ago.

So I've decided to try to continue where it left f. You might notice some inconsistencies, as I am not the orignal writer and I am doing this without permission, my style and Kat's personality is also vert different (Bwahahaha). This being my second story ever I really don't expect it to be any good. But it would be a shame not to continue it.�If you do not read the original story you can still enjoy it as a normal WG BBW story.

This will be set right after chapter 11, Sport day (all chapters can be found googlin https://www.deviantart.com/onion88/gallery/2391217 2/Fullerton-Academy-Series). It concentrates on a character that Orion seemed to had abandoned, Katherine.

A little bit of inspiration (two ideas ) from the Thin College.�Warning Mature and Dark, Denial, Mutiple and Revenge, Smut.

The tournament released an unexpected pressure she did not know she was having, a pressure to prove her will against Fullerton to remain and be thin. Fullerton was� place or weirdness, a high school that only accepted 18 year old�girls and over. And was more accurately termed thusly a pre-College four year long academy. But there were other oddities and accidents or circumstance, confluences of and discords of atoms, as Democritus would have put it, that transpired here. Like lacrosse.

Katherine felt joyous.

Katherine had just demolished the senior team with lighting fast strokes of her lacrosse stick.

She glanced around her room under the covers of her bed. Till she got a couple of earmuffs she simply refused to�see��her chubby roommates. Like cows on a grazing field they always seemed to be snacking around, their greasy lips glistening with the decaying remains of a slaughter pigs, the dripping fat of unearthed brown knobs (potato chips), to complete the picture the room was adorned with the stingy smell of the genitals of ancient organisms (flowers).

Kat knew her stream of consciousness was somewhat melodramatic, very few people considered the fact that whenever someone sniffed a flower they were in fact rubbing their noses against the hermaphroditic gonads of the plant. Even fewer people sat with disgust when they saw a BBQ and concluded that intestine casings stuffed with gut, i.e. sausages, were really gross.

But for Kat, that like Boethius or some ascetic monk of the Tibet, she despised the implied indulgence. These grotesque facts, this way Katherine had of looking at the world, where she saw the innocent act of someone chewing on some delicious candy and where she was revolted with their actions, Kat knew that they were the only thing standing between her and her growing hunger.

On her first day she and all the students, both thin and fat had overindulged like pigs in the welcoming feast. The next day she felt appalled at her gluttonous r**s, her impalpable appetite.�

She felt a growing hunger and determined not to gain even a single pound, which she hadn't, she started looking at any form of food pleasure as anathema to all that was holy.

Her demons were the friends of her roommates. Liquorice sticks, strawberry�ice cream filled profiteroles, cheeseburgers with special sauce and french fries.

She saw Heather, Becky and company stuff their faces silly with these�temptations.�

But I know better,��she thought,�I know that food is sinful illusion, delusion warped in expectation, deception layered thick with pendulous disappointment. Growing love handles, paunches pressed tightly against extra large dresses.

She stared at Lauren, she who was busty but only a little rounder at the beginning of the year.�

Now her inflated tummy is�hollering for escape, like the damned pressing their faces against the veil of death, he belly paunch struggles to break free from its cotton/rayon confinement.

In their stead Kat did not see five eating girls, she saw five trapped people committing a sin against self-respect.

Is it not true,��she asked herself,�that their boobs are now misshapen?

Do�you not see their plump tights quivering with carnal joy?

Are their jowls not smiling with anticipation.

Kat broke from her reverie, from her mantra. This was her trick set 'gainst a sea of calories, her weapon for flat bellies. This was her escape, to� imagine in succint Dante-esque detail her roommates not as girls fattening up, but as growing women who were losing the battle of life.

But I am better�she thought.

Too bad that after her lacrosse match she felt exhausted. And that she had overindulged in dinner tonight. She rubbed her tight as drum belly.

Well this is only the second time I ate like a pig, don't I deserve a reward?�Katherine Watson glanced at her chubby companions.

NO! The other thin girls in the year rely on me as an example!

Never again to drink frotheous ambrosia, lathered with heady mead. Never to set aquiver plates with burps of self-indulgence. I will never overeat again.

Kat removed the blanket from her head hoping her amazon earmuffs would come quickly, just so she could tune out the disgusting sound of five overweight and growing females munching and mulching.

It was so tempting to give in...

At this point she suspected the water might just be laced with appetite stimulants. It was not normal to crave so much food!

A bleep alerted her that the school was updating its class schedule. She stared at the glowing screen with rage and surprise.�


&q uot;Geeze Kat," said the rubenesque Lauren, "I was just asking whether you wanted to join us?"

Kat ignored L-tub and reread the school's memorandum. Apparently the senior team had been so truanced by her own that they were focusing on training them, while at the same time forgetting about her.

Kat had struggled all throughout the year to exercise. It was not easy as she was forbidden to exit the academy, running in the halls was punished with severe detentions, and with the pangs of hunger she developed whenever she heard her roommates eating habits she simply could not bring to exercise in her room.

So far her only defence against an expanding waistline was her iron self-control

How dare they? how dares she, that unspeakable heifer of a principal, dare to cancel all PE!

Despondent Katherine massaged her pained tummy, full with the feast she and her teammates had awarded themselves after defeating the senior lacrossers.

I will not give up. I will exercise in my thin friends room with them if I have to!

The next day was one of expectation. The nurse had called them all for monthly check up.

In her casual Saturday clothes she cut an imposing figure, fat travelling from her arms to her face, the same way molten metal sticks to solder.�

Blubbery,�Kat thought at seeing nurse Redheen

With a warm smile and a hefty oomph Redheen called Kat over. She seemed to give her a disapproving look, mixed with a glint of an undescribable emotion, something her primitive amygdala suggested was malice, but her rational mind dismissed at intesity.

"Hello Katherine! SO nice to see you!

"Hello, MIss Redheen" Kat muttered darkly. She honestly disliked the nurse, though she didn't remember why.

"Oh dear you look so malnourished!"

Yeah. Now she remembered why. If being nagged by your fat aunt for "not having meat on your bones" a phrase she always said when Kat visited her, being nag and preached into the adipose choir�of overindulgence was not joyride either.

"I have a scale in my room," Kat said and Miss Redheen look seemed to intensify all the more.

"And based on my height I have a healthy BMI."

"OH Kat!", Redheen condescendingly and joyously�replied. "Such inaccuracies! Have you not considered, pondered perhaps," she giggled at her fat joke, "that your might have grown taller?"

"Besides dear", she said stabbing her in the arm with an oily substance in her buttock, with a free contraceptive the school provided, "BMI is such nonsense! Why Medical Prosperity-"

At this point Kat tuned her out. She thought that only Youtube Gurus were the only charlatans in the nutritionist world, but now that Redheen had launched herself into another extensive diatribe about the medical journal Prosperity, a rag of a pseudo scientific�magazine in Kat's unspoken opinion, as it seemed to view anything lower that obesity as a serious ailment, she knew there was no escaping.

Meanwhile Nurse Redheen seemed to view her flat tummy with delirious contempt. Doused with anti-depressants, sedatives and birth control, the syringe she hand plunged in to Kat's buttock was a cocktail of drowsy weight gain. Stimulating appetites, and turning all overindulgence into thick fat.

BUT�only if she overeats! I thought she would give up for sure yesterday! The plain victory of her slender team over the seniors surely should have her relaxed and happy, not so uptight about her weight still!�Redheen cursed silently. As Kat started to doze off, in a room that seemed to be suspiciously filled with fiver other thin sleeping figures Redheen set to work.

Kat rebelled, and stirred.

A blanket seemed to to cover her, but not much else. She palpated around and rested her hands in a full belly.

She jolted a wake, feeling full but strangely hungry, well not strangely, she�always�felt hungry in Fullerton.

She examined herself and noticed that she looked as she had just eaten, a little bit stuffed.

On�her bedside was a pink and yellow note.

Dear Katherine Watson, by now you must fill incredibly confused, Kat read with anxiety.&
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