furniture (poem)

chapter 1 - furniture


My beautiful lover has eaten too much,
her gut, always huge, now hurts to touch.
She tries to lie down, let dinner digest,
lies on her back with breathing compressed.
She turns herself over with a loud grunt
still under pressure, she moans on her front.
Now her huge butt is smashing her gut,
she cannot relax to sleep off the glut.

Then with no shame, she summons me:
“Come help me breathe and make me comfy.
I ate way too much, now I need a nap.
Prop me up over my belly, asap.”
My job is familiar, I’ve done it before.
But it’s a painful and difficult chore.

First, I straddle my lady’s right thigh,
lift her gut and love handles high,
push my left leg against her side.
Then release her flesh, let it spill wide.
Now grab her left hand, and count to three.
Heave her upward to lay across me.

My right thigh is pressed against her crotch,
My left thigh under her hip is squashed.
She’s not on her side and not on her front,
Suspended between, my hips take the brunt.
And – by design – her gut, enormous,
completely fills the hollow before us.

She knows for me the position’s painful,
“Give me ten minutes, I’ll make it gainful.”
Ten minutes later, my lady’s asleep.
I wriggle free and admire her heap.

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