gain to emphasize

Chapter 1 - gian to empathy

Gain to Empathy:

Morgan was a personal trainer and she was very tough on her over-weight clients. She did get results, if you can call torturing yourself under her tutelage to be thin, "results". Morgan had no empathy for her clients and that fact merely contributed to their loathing of her. The only reason she had any clients, was her record of "working them down" to their goal weight.

Morgan's reign of terror finally came to an end. Her best client, though her heaviest, Carolyn had a blow up with Morgan. Carolyn screamed, "I am done! I cannot stand your condescending attitude, your insults and cajoling, I would rather stay fat than put up with your bitchy attitude!" Carolyn stormed out of the health club where Morgan worked. It really caused a scene at the club, and there were more than one customer/client nodding in agreement with Carolyn' s statements.

It was not long, that the word got around, that Morgan was just too mean, and demeaning to work with. You were fine with her if you were already in great shape, but if you were over-weight or obese, you would be miserable working with Morgan. By the end of the month Morgan had only three paying clients.

"Morgan, may I have a word with you?" called Spencer, the owner/manager of the club. "Oh sure Spence, just a second." Replied Morgan. " Thinking, uh oh, this does not sound good." Morgan went to Spencer's office. "Morgan, close the door and have a seat please." She closed the door and sat down.

Spencer sighed, "Morgan I am going to have to let you go. I can't afford to keep you on with only a few clients." "But Spence, I can get some more soon I know I can. Just give me a few weeks, you will see." Replied a worried Morgan.

"No, I don't think you will be able to get anyone new. Especially after the blow up two weeks ago with Carolyn Faber, I'm afraid that your reputation has caught up with you." Stated Spencer, "I can give you four weeks severance, plus I will pay you for all of your training sessions."

Morgan started to protest, but Spencer had made up his mind. She fought back tears as she went to the locker room and cleaned out her locker. She kept thinking, "Dam that Carolyn, who does she think she is anyway, the big slob!"

One of the other trainers came in. "Oh Morgan, I'm sorry to hear you got let go." Said Jasmine. Morgan looked over at her, "Yeah, well I guess some of our clients can't stand what it takes to get in shape and lose the blubber." Snickered Morgan. Jasmine, just sighed, "Morgan you are pretty hard on your clients, you really can't empathize with them at all, can you." "Dam right!" replied Morgan. "They get fat and then they are too soft to work it off and they blame me for being too hard on them."

Morgan slammed her locker and bundled up her gear and started to walk out. "Morgan, you really should try to see their situations and not be so hard, not everyone is blessed with a high metabolism like you." Said Jasmine, as Morgan stormed out.

Morgan did have a pretty good metabolism, but she was getting past her mid-twenties and it was harder to stay in shape. But Morgan was in denial about her metabolic strength. She also now had nowhere to work out. She could not afford a health club membership anymore.

Morgan was still upset as she got closer to her condo complex. She thought," I really don't want to cook or go out. I really feel like some comfort food for a change." She pulled into the McDonald's drive up and looked over the menu board. She decided on a big "Mac", large fries, a chocolate shake and a sundae. She pulled up paid and proceeded to the pick up window. The plump window girl handed her, the order, "I wish I good eat like this and have a figure like yours." She said. Morgan just gave her a condescending look, "Yeah, dream on!" and drove off.

Morgan went home, still in her work out clothes she sat down and pounded the rich, heavy, greasy fast food. Now bloated and lethargic she just went in to her bed room striped off the work out gear and pulled on a nightie and matching bikini panty and went to bed bloated and full.

The next morning a friend, Melody called, a former trainer, and asked Morgan out to breakfast. They met at a VI near Morgan's condo. Morgan was surprised the once totally buff Melody had "filled out". Melody had gained weight around fifteen pounds, but she still looked in pretty good shape to everyone, but a work out nut like Morgan. Melody said, "My treat Morgan, so order whatever you want." Morgan ordered a pancake special with an egg, sausage and bacon. Thinking, well Melody will buy me my big meal of the day. I won't have to spend any money to eat today. Melody was surprised that Morgan ordered such a large breakfast. She usually ordered toast, juice or maybe coffee.

They chatted Morgan told Melody about getting fired at the health club. Melody was not surprised, this was the third club Morgan had worked at and her reputation for being mean was well known to all in the fitness industry, owner, managers and consumers. Melody promised to keep her ears open to any openings in the business.

Morgan kept looking for work, but, as everyone knew, she had a reputation and no one would hire her. Morgan had not gained any weight, but she was not working out at all. Her muscle tone was now a little flabby, her thigh jiggled and so did her once tight ass. She was getting worried about being able to keep her condo. The severance money had run out and she was just getting by on credit cards and some un-employment. Since her income was derived from commissions and tips, so un-reported she did qualify for as much un-employment benefits as she needed. Morgan scoured the employment listing finding nothing she could do. Finally one Monday morning she found an add for help and a bakery. She thought, "Gee a bakery, I would have to be really careful there, even with my good metabolism. But I really need a job and the hourly rate here looks pretty good. She called and the owner liked her on the phone and said to come by for an interview. Morgan went right over, met Joe the owner, who was huge over three hundred pounds. Morgan had to bite her tongue not to make a snide remark. The other's, all women or girls were also quite plump, some even obese. Morgan thought, "Not a good sign, but maybe I could get in shape." Morgan got the job and started the next morning.

She arrived a four thirty. Joe was there getting the dough ready and the deep fryer and ovens warmed up. The place did smell awesome! Morgan changed into a white nylon dress with snaps down the front, it did form pretty well to Morgan's figure. She liked that because it made look skinny next to her co-workers.

She met them, Janie, young and now tending toward getting fat; Elaine, who is fat; Jenifer, also plump and gaining and Jill, young, plump and gaining too. Morgan was kind of cool to everyone, which annoyed her co-workers to no end. She was a good worker, which they all appreciated.

After three weeks, Morgan was working in front waiting on customers and flaunting her figure, which so far she had resisted temptation. Her co-workers were get sick and tired of Morgan's condescending attitude and began to conspire.
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